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Summary: What did Daniel Jackson do while learning how to use his power? Of course he had to get into some situations that were interesting to say the least....

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Stargate > General > Theme: HumorthesithspawnFR1323,1421156,22023 Dec 0519 Jul 06Yes

Daniel meets the Scoobies


Stargate SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Stargate.

Author’s Notes: I do not know the kind of powers they gave him in the show, what he is capable of here is my own invention. Thanks for all the reviews. Please Read, Enjoy and Review. Other chapters for this fic are available at but they are not Buffy crossovers so I won't be unloading them here. Also if you want Daniel to go and meet someone, then tell me I’m to take requests(as long as I know who you’re talking about)

Summary: What did Dr. Daniel Jackson do after he Ascended, while he was learning to use his new powers. Of course, he has to get into some situations that are…interesting.

It was a cold winter night in Cleveland, Ohio. In the new center of the Watchers and Slayers Council, many people were going about their business. The day had been particularly uneventful, with no prophecies or signs of impeding doom.

The quietness of the day had encouraged the original members of the Scooby Gang. It was a rare occasion nowadays that all the members of the original Scooby gang to be gathered in one place without an impending apocalypse and so they had decided to hold their semi-regular poker game, in one of the more private underground rooms.

And so Rupert Giles, Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, and Xander Harris were sitting around a table.

They were playing, chatting, and joking idly about the long years since the collapse of Sunnydale and the First’s defeat. Of how the world had so changed much since their early days, of they had changed over the years, how they re-found their equilibrium as a group after the First had messed with them so.

The hairs on the back of Buffy and Willow’s necks began to stand up. Willow could feel something powerful approaching. She began to look around for the source of the power, but there was nothing to see.

“Come on Wills, either you’re in or you’re out, stop stalling,” Xander said lightly to her.

“What?” confused she turned back to the game to discover it was her turn to bet, they were all looking at her expectantly.

“In or out Will?” Buffy prodded.

“Yes please, do attempt to decide sometime this centaury,” Giles quipped.

“I’m not stalling-” began Willow defending herself.

“Well it sure looks like it to me,” Xander said disagreeing.

Buffy then added, “I gotta go with Xand on this on.”

The creature felt closer now, much closer, as in about to appear closer, “Guys, I don’t know how to tell you this but we’re about to have a visitor. An uninvited one at that,” Willow clarified.

“Is it evil?” Buffy asked quickly.

Willow reached out with her senses, “Doesn’t feel that way but you never know-this is the Hellmouth after all.”

Suddenly a white glowing light began seeping into the room, the light grew in intensity, and a large white ball of light appeared about the poker table. It had many white tentacles that slowly moved as trees do when there is a light wind in the air.

As they watched, this ball of energy slowly lowered to the floor and gradually began to change shape. Once it was finished, there stood a thirtyish looking blonde blue-eyed man, who just happened to be standing in the middle of the table. Not on top of the table-he was standing in the table. Half his body was present above the table and the rest of him continued under the table, Xander had checked quickly after the man’s appearance.

The man looked around him and then smiled sheepishly, then stepped out from the table. He opened his mouth to speak but Buffy held up her hand to stop him.

“Look buddy, I don’t know who you are…or what you are but I’m only going to ask this once. Are you evil?” Buffy asked.

“No, I’m Daniel…”the man began.

She cut him off again, “Do you intend to unleash hell on Earth?”

The man frowned, “Of course not, I’m…”

She did it again, “Do you intend in any way, shape or form cause hardship and/or enslave the human race?”

The man looked appalled, “Absolutely not, I’m…”

“Are you a messenger of the PTBs?”

Daniel frowned, “The who?”

“I’ll take that as a no,” said Buffy.

“Then can you keep it down we’re trying to have a friendly game of poker?” Xander asked politely of the man as they all turned back to their game and began ignoring him.

They started betting again then upping the ante, this continued for several minutes while Daniel just stood there utterly flabbergasted. Who where these people? Usually when he showed up somewhere by accident it provoked a major reaction out of any people that saw him, hell the last place he’d been they’d opened fire before he even opened his mouth and said anything.

There were four people in the room, two females, and two males. Both women appeared in their late twenties to early thirties. One of the women was blonde with blue eyes and the other was a redhead also with green eyes, they seemed to be trying to annoy the older man that sat with them. The older man looked to be in his late forties with glasses and dark hair and a British accent. The last male was oddly familiar, he was also rather distinctive, he had one brown eye and was wearing an eye patch over the other one.

Finally it was too much for him, “You’re all just going to sit there? You’re not going to ask me anything?” he demanded, “You’re not even curious as to why I’m here?”

They all looked at him in surprise. Then they exchanged glances, and then they all shrugged nonchalantly, as one eye answered Daniel, “Not really no.”

Daniel looked at them in disbelief, “You’re not even the least bit curious as to why I’m here?” These people couldn’t be for real!

A thoughtful look crossed the older man’s face, “Well now that you mention it, why are you here?”

Daniel opened his mouth to answer, then his face reddened as he realized how lame his answer was going to sound, “Actually, I’m…lost.”

They all looked at him once then burst out laughing.

They continued to laugh as Daniel stood their unable to do anything but listen to them laugh, though even he had to admit, that he’d walked right into that one-he’d leapt into it actually. Daniel was truly happy that Jack wasn’t here to see this.

After several minutes of uninterrupted laughter, the younger managed to say while clutching his stomach, “And you’re supposed to be some type of higher being right?”

Daniel sighed and nodding reluctantly. His answer only succeeded in intensifying their laughter even more. This was definitely not one of his finer moments, not by a long shot.

Finally the group laughed themselves out and the blonde girl said, “I got to say as higher beings go…you’re not that impressive.”

Daniel winced.

The one eyed man quipped with a smile, “Though anytime you’re in the neighborhood, fell free to stop by…we could always use a good laugh.”

Daniel winced again.

No today was simply not Daniel’s day.

Suddenly Daniel recognized the one eyed man and he blurted out quickly, “You’re Xander Harris.”

Xander frowned at him, “How’d you know? Am I famous or something?”

Daniel found that he now had the complete undivided attention of the four people in the room, “Well actually, you are…sort of. And that means you’re Willow Rosenberg, the White witch, and you’re Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that makes you the Watcher Rupert Giles,” he mused.

Surprise blossomed on Xander’s face at this comment, “Really? What for? My dry-walling skills or my demon-attracting ability?”

Daniel shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, “Well, actually its ‘cause…’cause lot of the higher ups believe you’re their play thing, you know they like to make you life interesting and that sort of thing…” Daniel trailed off.

Maybe he shouldn’t have been so candid with him.

Xander looked at Daniel with a blank expression on his face before turning to his friends, “See I sooo told you so. Pay up. You each owe me a thousand dollars!” he suddenly cried out vindicated and not the least bit perturbed. His friends all looked at him in shock.

Then again maybe he can handle it.

Xander turned back to Daniel, “So is it just me that they mess with or do it other dimensions as well?”

Might as well go for broke, “Ah, well actually its pretty much in every dimension I’ve been to,” Daniel confessed.

“Come on gave me an example of something really outrageous,” demanded Xander.

Daniel thought about it for a moment, “Well you remember Halloween? The time you all became your costumes?”

“Yeah that was an interesting night, though soldier boy did come in handy later,” Xander conceded, “That was their doing?”

The others watched in rapt silence as Xander spoke with lost higher being unable to believe that he was being so blasé about it all.

“Well actually you dodged the bullet that night, you just went as a normal soldier. In a lot of other dimensions you went as other beings,” Daniel explained, “Technically you all did,” he added including them all.

“You’re kidding that was dodging the bullet?” asked Buffy incredulous.

“In a couple of dimensions the costumes were themed, like superheroes, one time you all went as members as the X-men and in another as members of the Justice League,” Daniel explained.

Xander looked at him disbelief, “That would have been so cool,” he said in awe.

“That was just one of the nicer examples,” Daniel admitted, “There were also some really scary examples…you know this one time you went as a…C’tan.”

Xander’s eye practically jumped out of its sockets in surprise and horror, “A C’tan? Please tell me you’re joking!”

“What’s a C’tan?” asked Giles in confusion.

“It’s something that makes a dozen Glory's look absolutely insignificant-and let’s just leave it at that,” Xander said quickly, horrifying his friends at the thought of such a being.

Daniel continued, “Another time you went as Sephiroth-”

“Gee, from Star God to demented One Winged Angel, it’s a step in the right direction…but not by much-makes one Glory seem insignificant, I’ll explain later,” Xander said quickly before the others could interrupt again.

“Yeah well you’re going to like this on even less, one time you went as Daimon Hellstorm…after he killed his father,” Daniel continued to through shocks at Xander.

Xander just stared at him, “Are you trying to kill me? Enough with the shocks already! Christ! I went as the Satan?” he said in unadulterated disbelief.

This time his friends knew who they were talking about, “Satan?” said Giles in astonishment, “I’ve never heard him referred to by that name before!”

“G-man, Hellstorm was the Antichrist who then went on to kill his father and took all his powers,” Xander explained, “Man we really did dodge the bullet that Halloween.”

“I just want to point out that in a lot of these instances there were after effects to the chaos spell,” Daniel simply said.

Xander looked at him with a growing horror, “What sort of aftereffects?” he wanted to know.

“Well in this one dimension, you went as the Immortal God Emperor of Man from Warhammer 40,000. When the spell ended…you were still had all God Emperor’s powers-”

“WHAT!” Buffy and Willow screeched. Xander could only stare dumbly at Daniel in disbelief.

“Funny thing about that dimension, or at least I found it funny, you taught these two alien species, the Goa’uld and Ori, that masquerading as gods was a very bad thing to do…especially in the face of the real thing,” Daniel said with a smile.

Giles who had been listening, carefully said, “Are you saying that Ethan’s spell transformed Xander, albeit accidentally, into a god?”

“Yes, and a very powerful one at that,” Daniel clarified.

“Bloody hell…” Giles took his glasses off and started cleaning with a very disturbed look on his face. The Great GOD, Xander Harris! Giles shuddered just thinking about it.

Daniel looked at the assembled groups reactions. Maybe he had gone a little far, “Hey listen, it’s been nice meeting you, but I’ve got some people waiting for me,” Daniel said quickly.

When no one answered him, he quickly changed back into a glowing squid and rapidly left this dimension behind. He left behind him four very stunned people.

Xander finally came out of his shock, many ideas filled his mind…and many possibilities, “Hey G-man, I don’t suppose you happen to know what spell Ethan was using that night?”

Author’s Notes: Hope u like this. Please Read, Enjoy and Review. He he, what do think Xander’s going to do?;)
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