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Summary: Halfrek helps a little boy in pain.

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Harry Potter > General > DramaWillowFireheartFR71440043,10227 Dec 0527 Dec 05Yes

Spoilers- HP- HBP
BTVS- Just little things about a certain vengeance demon
Disclaimer- I lay claim to none of these characters.
Note- I started this on Christmas Eve. Writing on Christmas Eve: some call me obsessed, I prefer the term dedicated.
Note2- All information is taken from chapter 13, ‘The Secret Riddle,’ of HBP

Young Tom Riddle pressed his damp head to his thin pillow. He pulled the clean, grey blanket over his shoulder and scowled fiercely into the darkness.

That stupid Billy Stubbs, flaunting his stupid pet. What good was a rabbit unless it was for eating? It just twitched it’s stupid whiskers and ate. It’s not like it did anything. But still Eric Whalley and Dennis Bishop were fascinated with the pest.

Orphans weren’t allowed to have pets, not here. They were lucky to get their own rooms, even though the rooms were bare and dull and the beds were hard and narrow. He even fed the thing scraps from his dinner when he thought no one was looking.  But still Mrs. Cole did nothing to stop Billy.

Tom’s fingers clenched around the blanket. She was always watching him, those sharp features screwing up as she thought, her skinning hands rubbing against her apron and smelling of Gin. He knew what she thought of him.

And little Amy Benson. She was just as bad as the others. Looking down her nose at him. Dismissing him. Like she was better than him, with her messy hair, scuffed shoes, pug nose and that nasally whine. How could she be superior to him?

One day he’d show them, all of them, everyone like them. He was special. He was superior. They’d all be sorry, sorry they ever pushed him, pinched him, called him names; suspected and accused him. One day.

But one day wasn’t soon enough. He needed to show them now, needed them to pay now.

Tom trembled with barely suppressed rage.

But how?

“I wish,” he said, teeth clenched, “I wish I could make them sorry now.”

Halfrek stepped out of the shadows, a smile gracing her demonic features. This child’s pain and rage had drawn her here like a siren’s song. He was powerful this one, a wizard.


A wizard filled with pain, rage, power and righteous indignation. Oh, this boy was going to go far. The havoc this boy would cause; D’Hoffryn would be pleased.

And what better way to cause some havoc than magic in the hands of the young and emotional?

A few tugs here and there on the bond that held his magic in check, and hey, presto!

“Wish granted.”



The End

You have reached the end of "Granted". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking