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Orion's FFA Entries and Other Short Works

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Summary: As the title says. Includes crossovers with HP, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, and others. Newest: Xander's Family Tree crossover.

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So, Little Vampire . . .

Title: So, Little Vampire . . .


Author: Orion


Rating: FR13


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Castlevania, nor Hellsing.  Puck was created by Shakespeare.  One name was taken from the bible and his story expanded from the original context for the purpose of this fic – he is meant to be an original idea and thus no infringement on other authors who have created characters with the same name is intended.



This was originally posted by me at FFN.  I did not steal this from OrionTheHunter, for I am him.  It has also been edited.




The train moved quickly, passing one farm field after another.  In a private compartment, Xander Harris was sitting listening a woman tell her story with a stoic expression on his face.


“And so,” she concluded, “your birth father was born to hunt vampires, as the son of Lady Elizabeth Hellsing and Sir Harold Bellmont.


Noticing that Xander’s expression hadn’t changed, the woman wondered if he was in shock, or if he really understood.


“I understand that this might be hard to accept . . . “


“Oh, no, I get it.” Xander interrupted the woman.  “I was always the normal one.  I have fought vampires since high school, and I was the normal one.  I fought alongside three slayers; two of whom are alive because of me.  I have fought alongside two witches, one of whom almost ended the world, but I talked her out of it.  I fought against a goddess, and the First Evil barely tried to play his mind games with me, while he was constantly attacking the others of my group.  I even guarded the key, and I was the normal one.”


There was a moment’s pause before he continued.


“I am the normal one, and know that you are not ‘just a messenger’ like you claim, but are really a demon, specifically a No Life Queen, your sire was at least eight or nine centuries old, and if it weren’t for some serious magic, you would be trying to kill me rather than recruit me to fight against the darkness.”


The woman could now only gape at him.  He was right, of course.  A few years earlier, she would not have been a No Life Queen, and back then she would not have any interest in killing him.  At that time she was still trying to hold on to her humanity.


“And, as I said, I already knew about my father, and the two families that joined in him.  But you didn’t know that.  And you know why?”


He didn’t wait for her to answer.


“Because you made the same assumption that everyone else does.  You assume that I am normal, or in your case that I am the one that thinks I am normal.  Well, guess what.  I am not normal.  Sure my father’s parents were special, but do you have any idea who my mother’s parents were?


She didn’t, but didn’t need to bother to tell him that.  He knew she didn’t know.


“I’ll give you a hint.  My mother’s father is one of the children of Avalon.  He is known to be a bit of a troublemaker.  There was this story with donkeys . . . I think Shakespeare wrote about it?


The woman didn’t know what to say, couldn’t do anything but stammer as she realized who he was talking about.


“P. . . puh . . . Puck”?


Xander smirked at her.


“Yup, and if you think that is impressive . . . guess whom my mother’s mother was.”


Not knowing who could possibly be more impressive than Puck, and having not been given any clues, she could only just look at the young man with her jaw dropped.


“Her name was Muriel, and she was vampire.”


If the woman were human, and could place the name, she would have fainted.  Instead the No Life Queen sitting in the compartment with him went into a state of shock.  Muriel was not just a vampire.  She was the only daughter of the being more recently known as Dagon, for millennia before, was known as Cain, the first Hell God.


Xander Harris, whom everyone thought to be the ordinary one, was really anything but.  Through his father, he was the human heir to not one but two of the most powerful and wealthy families ever to exist.  Through his mother’s father, and a decree by his great grandfather Oberon, he was the heir of Avalon and all it’s power should his great grandfather ever step down as King of the Fey, or be destroyed.  Possibly the most shocking, however, was that Xander was a Hell God.  One that combined with the other blood lines was the most powerful being to walk the earth in two thousand years.


“So, little vampire.  Do you still want me to join your cause?”




Well, it is not new, but I felt it time to post another short here.  Hope you enjoyed it.  This came from me thinking about “what if Xander was really rather powerful, but having power with an origin other that the ever over-used Halloween or Possession”.  Not that many of those aren’t good, but I think that they tend to be a bit of a catch all.







The End?

You have reached the end of "Orion's FFA Entries and Other Short Works" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jul 06.

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