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Orion's FFA Entries and Other Short Works

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Summary: As the title says. Includes crossovers with HP, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, and others. Newest: Xander's Family Tree crossover.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

New Friend

Title: New Friend

Author: Orion

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Cordelia Chase, or the worlds in which they exist. No infringement is intended and no profit will be made.

Keywords: Harry Potter, Cordelia Chase, Friendship


She knew what she was getting into when she chose this assignment. That was one of the perks of being a favorite of the Powers. Not only did she get to know what the jobs entailed, but she could pick which ones she wanted.

This was not her normal job, not in the least. Usually she was just a messenger, directly giving one of the Powers’ champions a message, or less directly helping some individual through a particularly hard time. Normally it was in and out, job done in a day or two, max.

This one, however, she knew she was in for the long haul. She had seen what was in store for this child. Not helping him through that would be enough to keep her from being able to look herself in the eye when looking at a mirror. But no, that wasn’t all. She had seen what he was living through now: the mental and physical abuse heaped onto him by his so called family.

He would figure out exactly what she was someday. Or maybe she would tell him. But for now, she was simply Cordy, the imaginary friend of a three year old orphan named Harry Potter.


AN: Please Review. Tell me it's good, tell me it's bad. Tell me about your last vacation if you must, just please review and tell me something. Thank you.
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