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Twenty Minute Train Rides

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Summary: 20 minute stories most about Faith, but also a few others along the way... Now with art...

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered > Ficlet Collections(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR154312,58902543,38928 Dec 0512 Sep 11No

Disclaimers Abound

Some of these stories were written on my commute to school which oddly enough is 20 minutes. But I like keeping files organized, so I decided to put all my 20 minute stories together here. Plus I like the title.

I'm starting to add banners to the chapters, it will take a while though. Disclaimer for the banners: All the pictures I found via Google, the textures are either my own or I found on free stock sites.

I own nothing, if I did I wouldn't be here now would I?

If I don't note otherwise all stories take place after season 7.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking