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Don't Quit Your Day Job

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Summary: In all the mystical craziness that makes up Anita Blake’s social life, we often forget that she has a day job… a very odd, creepy, day job.

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Anita Blake > GeneraldulcineaFR1353,20901015,42229 Dec 0511 May 06Yes

20 Minutes with Faith

start- 12:56

“Anita, your six o’clock is here.”
Anita hit the speakerphone button. “I don’t have a six o’clock.”
“Bert added it this afternoon.”
“Lovely.” Anita sighed; yet another date she’d be late for. It was a good thing Micah was so forgiving.
“Should I show Mr. Forrester in?”
“Mr. Forrester?”
“Yes, ma’am. Do you want me to bring him to your office?”
“Sure, you do that. And while you’re at it, Mary, can you schedule me some time with Bert tomorrow?”
Anita double-checked her guns and was half tempted to hide under the table, just to have that extra element of surprise, but realized if Edward really wanted to get a jump on her, he would have by now. It wasn’t his mode of operations to attack at work… of course, with Edward there never was a predictable pattern to his actions.
Before Anita had decided whether to the barricade her office, the door opened. “Anita, Ted Forrester and guest are here to see you.”
“Ms. Blake, a pleasure to meet you.” Edward shook Anita’s hand, for Mary's sake. Anita wondered if something had shaken Edward so badly that his acting skills had slipped. Most people meeting her for the first time would say Miss Blake; ‘Ted Forrester’ shouldn’t have known better. As soon as the secretary had gone back to the front desk, his friendly bounty-hunter mask fell.
“So what brings you to St. Louis?” Anita stared at the girl in the doorway. She didn’t have to watch Edward to know he was dangerous.
“I’ve gotten a job offer.”
“I’m not sure I can ride back-up.”
“Different type of job. This is more of a long-term post.”
“Really?” Anita couldn’t see Edward working long-term anywhere.
“I’ll be working for a non-profit.”
“You’re just full of surprises, ‘Ted’. They can actually meet your price?”
“Yup, but the contract has a few conditions.”
“Let’s hear it.”
“Anita, meet Faith.” Edward finally pointed to the girl who had been lurking in the doorway. The women’s eyes met and neither offered to shake hands.
“Faith is an employee of this non-profit.”
“And which non-profit is that?” Anita couldn’t imagine any do-gooder organization voluntarily hiring someone wearing that much black leather… except for maybe the furry coalition.
“You haven’t heard of it. It’s British.” The girl answered with a smirk.
“Faith here needs a crash course on executing vampires… legally.” Edward’s shy smile indicated that the real story was far more interesting than what they were willing to tell.
“And she’s here because…?”
“Bert’s such a nice guy…”
“He thinks it would be a nice idea to work with the community, educational outreach if you will. Faith here is interested in a summer internship at Animators, Inc.”
“You got the talent?” Anita still couldn’t decide whether the girl was a danger or a fraud.
“Oh yeah, I got mad skills.” Faith smirked.
“Well, now that you two have met, my job here is done. Her organization will pay you for her room and board. I’ll pick her up in June.”
“Wait, what do you mean room and board?”
“You’ve got space to spare, Blake. I’ve seen your pad.”
“Hey! I’ve got roommates to consider.”
“Don’t worry. Faith likes cats, don’t ya, Faith?”
“Oh yeah, I got no problem with showing claws.” Faith replied, settling into one of the desk chairs.”
“Edward, you can’t just drop her off and expect me to accommodate. Life is complicated.”
“No, it’s simple. You owe me more than one. Consider this a payment. Catch you later.” Edward left without looking back.
Anita growled at the retreating figure. She finally turned her attention to her new problem when the girl blurted out, “Yo, what’s up with all the penguins?”

end- 1:17pm
A/N: I've never tried writing Faith or Edward before, so I thought I'd give it a spin... Now I think this might actually be a thread worth continuing in a longer story. The trouble is, I've already got too many stories in progress and no time to write. Does anybody out there want to continue with this story?

The End

You have reached the end of "Don't Quit Your Day Job". This story is complete.

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