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A Slayer and a Popular girl

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Summary: A BtVS/Popular crossover; takes place after seasons 2 of both BtVS and Popular.

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Television > PopularDmitriFR1811,915031,09630 Dec 0530 Dec 05No
A Slayer and a Popular girl - part 1.

A BtVS/Popular crossover.

Faith, Kakistos, Mr. Trick and other vampires belong to Joss Whedon; Nicole belongs to WB.

Nicole Julien was in a panic. That alone could qualify as the top-half contestant in “10 events that never happen”, but the fact that Nicole Julien was in a panic because she had attempted murder made it a clear winner; and the fact that that murder was apparently successful, blew it clear off the chart.
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), Nicole had no time to contemplate this: she was too busy driving away, driving away who-knows-where – towards San Francisco… or Oakland… or even Tiburon, for all she cared. She just needed to get away.
Suddenly, as it occasionally happens with those things, the car fuel ran out; the motor coughed and died. This caused Nicole to stop panicking and start looking around: she was lost. The surrounding neighborhood has clearly seen better days – long ago as well; in fact it appeared to be dead – no people, nor animals, nor birds and bugs. Nothing and no one. And, with the darkening sky overhead, the resemblance to a modern-day necropolis was almost complete.
Nicole grew worried. The last thing she needed was to get lost. So – already confused and unbalanced – she rushed into the nearest unlocked door, where she promptly slipped and slid downstairs into the darkened basement yelping loudly all the way…

When Nicole finally managed to catch her breath and looked around, she realized that the basement that she had fallen-in was not as dark as a basement in an abandoned building should be. There were torches. They were stuck erratically, here and there, but they were present, and they were lit, though dimly, and their flickering light deepened the darkness rather than dispersed it.
And the smell! It was a sharp, metallic smell that for some subconscious reason made Nicole afraid. Very afraid.
“Hey, are you conscious, kid?”
“Yeah!” Nicole shouted back, before she realized that it wasn’t smart at all.
“Great. Can you look around for a bucket of water and pull it over here? It’ll be a really good thing.”
Deciding to do no such thing and rather walk away before the stranger in the darkness could do something to her, Nicole started to back away. Needless to say, she back away straight into the aforementioned bucket and it clanged. Loudly.
“Good, kid. Now bring it over here!”
There was a pause, as Nicole frantically thought what to do next, instead.
“Kid,” the voice’s timbre didn’t change, “if you don’t hurry, the owners of this neat little setting will be back, and they’ll do things to both of us that you never wanted imagine – am I making myself clear?”
“Yes, well-“ Nicole paused and looked around. The wooden torches, the odd smell, the plain wrong feeling of this place did fail to inspire confidence in her. And, casting a mental eye over herself, she quickly decided that surviving on her own this event might be a bit of a stretch, and so she grasped the bucket of water and began to pull in the direction of the voice.
It seemed like hours, but was probably less than thirty minutes, before Nicole found the speaker. To her surprise, it was a black-haired girl about her age, or possibly one or two years older. To her horror, the girl was chained to a high point on the wall by her wrists, stuck in a very uncomfortable position.
“Ah, there’s the water!” the girl said brightly. “Thanks, comrade!”
“Don’t mention it,” Nicole said, feeling oddly shy. “Ah, there’s no ladle, but-“
“There’s no need – it is close enough.”
With those words the girl’s legs shot-out, wrapped around the heavy bucket, and lifted it towards her mouth. For a few amazing seconds Nicole just stared at the girl preformed an anatomical (and acrobatical) impossibility… and then the girl dropped the empty bucket, and with a single jerk of her hands, arms, and shoulders, ripped-out the chain. “That’s more like it!” she said, now actually smiling. “Now let’s get you out of here, comrade.”
“Uh, the name’s Nicole.”
“Cool. Mine’s Faith. Now let’s discover these stairs.”
“I think they’re to our right.”
“Good thinking, Nic. I think so too.”
“It’s Nicole!”

To Nicole’s greater surprise, the stairs were found to their right. However, when she slid down them the first time, she had picked up quite the momentum and thus had skid quite some distance away from them – and they did look quite steep. “I don’t suppose you can carry me up there?” Nicole muttered.
“Maybe later, Nic.”
“It’s Nic- urp!” Faith’s hand grasped the other’s girl mouth shut.
“Not so loud,” Faith hissed. “We’re escaping, remember?”
“That’s where you’re wrong, Slayer!” rumbled a deep, deep voice. “There’s no escape, this time.”
Slowly, both girls looked around, and Nicole felt like fainting. Looming above them was a giant of a man with a twisted, one-eyed face.
Faith visibly stiffened and positioned herself between Nicole and the giant. “Nic,” she hissed loudly, “run.”
And then she punched the giant into the solar plexus.
And the giant laughed in that thundering voice.
And then he picked Faith up and run towards the opposite wall, intent to bash her against it.
Nicole, unfortunately, had her own problems, as a tall, Afro-American man in a garishly purple business suit and the same distorted face that the one-eyed giant had. “Well-well, what have we here?” he leaned towards Nicole with a predatory look in his yellow eyes. “A snack?”
“You – stay away from me!” Nicole yelled, and flailed her arms.
With a serpentine quickness, Mr. Trick caught her by the wrists, and that would’ve been the end of it all, but… for a small silver bracelet of Nicole’s. It came into contact with Mr. Trick’s flesh – and that flesh began to burn.
“Aargh!” Mr. Trick yelled, throwing Nicole away and running towards the bucket of water to put out his burning hand – only to find it empty: Faith drank every last drop – and the fire was spreading.
Mr. Trick’s eyes widened by a significant percentage. “Oh boy.”

But meanwhile Faith did not have time to smirk at Mr. Trick’s misfortune as she’d do normally: Kakistos has all but smashed her into a torch on the wall. A burning torch, that is, so Faith was literally fighting for her life more than ever, with a fire on one side and snarling vampire on the other. And despite all her Slayer strength, Kakistos was winning. Again.
“I’m going to break you in half, Slayer!”
Faith stayed silent, as every last ounce of her strength went to prevent that from happening. That, and pray for a miracle – a miracle that Kakistos’ own concentration would break, just for a minute.

Even much, much time later Nicole never knew why she ran towards the giant man and not towards the stairs. Maybe it was a subconscious suspicion that she would never make it on her own, or maybe it was something else. At that moment nothing of the above mattered; all that mattered was that Nicole ran up to Kakistos, who was too engrossed in his sadistic glee to notice anything, and slammed her bracelet into his side. That sudden stab of icy cold pain caused the ancient vampire to yelp in fear and fling Nicole away like a gnat, but it also broke his concentration – just for a minute or so – but it was enough for Faith. The Vampire Slayer’s grip on the vampire shifted, as did her stance, and she not-so-neatly half-flipped Kakistos open-mouth-first onto the burning torch. Instantly, that antediluvian flesh of his caught fire and erupted in it…
Before the shocked eyes of Nicole, and not-so-shocked eyes of Faith, the giant burned into ash in a matter of seconds.

“Nic?” Faith’s voice resonated in Nicole’s ears. “You healthy?”
“Right. Come on; let’s get you out of here.”
Effortlessly, feeling as if months of hardship had fallen off her back just like that, Faith bodily picked-up the other girl and began her trip out of the basement.

By the time they reached the actual street, Nicole was feeling once more like her ordinary self. “What the Hell has happened down there?”
“Nothing,” Faith said. “And Nic – thanks for help. Now we must part our ways.”
“Firstly it’s Nicole, and secondly, I myself am in trouble.”
“Oh? How?”
“Well, there’s this girl, and we had a fight, and I snapped, and I kind-of drove her down with my car…” Nicole mumbled.
Faith’s eyes widened. “Oh my, that’s harsh! Still, what’s done is done, so let’s check the initial damage.”
The two girls went towards Nicole’s car.

…Their names were Sergei, Nick, and Helen, and they were trackers; glorified bloodhounds, really, often mocked by other vampires – when their dread master was not around.
And now he was gone. Needless to say, if Sergei, Nick, and Helen were normal vampires, they would just run away from the revenge-seeking Slayer as far as possible. But they were not. The curse of Ghuuna had altered them physically as well as mentally, making them even more insane than the average vampire already was.
And they had smelled fresh blood on the fender of that car.
And they knew that their master was gone.
And then they took off – just as Faith and Nicole were returning to the street.

“So. Where are the hints that you’ve hit that girl?” Faith asked, even as she and Nicole examined the car front to back, especially the front. “Looks clean to me – smells clean to me.”
“I don’t know!” Nicole snapped, feeling confused more than ever. “Maybe one of them freaks has licked it off or something.”
Faith stiffened. Freaks… vampires were freaks to begin with – undead, demonic spirits trapped in human corpses, hated not just by the “good guys”, but by the rest of the “bad guys”, including demons. The feeling, of course, was reciprocated – the vampires would attack and do their best to kill pretty much anything that didn’t look too powerful or scary – they just preferred to feed on humans. And, of course, there was the infighting. Vampires even hated each other, maybe even more so than anyone else...
“Uh, Faith-girl?” Nicole began to grow uncomfortable. “I was being sarcastic, you know?”
“Yeah, I know,” Faith admitted, looking gloomier by the second. “I, however, am not when I’m telling you to go home – now.”
“I – can’t! My car is out of fuel!
“So – walk.”
“It’s too far and I’m scared,” Nicole admitted. “Plus I did hit and run Brook down. I need help!”
Faith groaned. “That’s why a Slayer is supposed to be alone, save for her Watcher,” she said to no one in particular.
“Hah?” Nicole felt confused once again. “What are you talking about?”
“Shut-up, and let’s go home.”
“Good,” Nicole’s face lit-up.
“And while we’re doing this – you’re going to tell me the whole story as to how you got here.”
“Dang,” the glow on Nicole’s face died down. Then she looked around the empty streets around her and Faith and nodded consent.
“Good,” Faith nodded approvingly. “We’ve reached an agreement – then let’s go.”
As the two went down the street, Nicole looked at Faith and muttered to herself: “This is going to be a weird relationship.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Slayer and a Popular girl" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 05.

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