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Yukimura Keiko, Reikai Tantei… Vampire Slayer.

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Summary: When Willow does her spell, Keiko gets activated as a Slayer. 2 years later, Dawn is assigned as her watcher. Yusuke/Keiko, Dawn/? No warnings so far.

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Anime > YuYu HakushoVldFR1312,336181,57830 Dec 0530 Dec 05No
Title: Yukimura Keiko, Reikai Tantei… Vampire Slayer.

Author : Vld.

Rating : PG (so far).

Disclaimer: Any and all BTVS characters belong to Joss Whedon. The characters from Yu Yu Hakusho belong to Yoshihiro Togashi.

Pairings: Keiko/Yusuke, Dawn/? Possibly others.

Summary: Response to Sarhea’s BTVS/YYH challenge. Well, I think. I don’t know the exact terms of the challenge. Two years after the Hellmouth was closed, Dawn, now a full trained Watcher, is sent by the new Council to guide a newly discovered japanese Slayer, Yukimura Keiko, only to discover that the new Slayer is already involved in the good fight.

Timelines: Prologue is set a few weeks before Yusuke comes back from his training with Genkai (before the fight with the Shiseiju), during season 7 of Buffy. The story itself is set after Season 7 of buffy, season 5 of Angel, and the end of yu Yu Hakusho.

Author’s note: This is my first try at writing an anime fanfiction, so I ask for you indulgence if it doesn’t work well.

"..." talk
'...' thought


November 2002, Reikai:

'Boring, boring, boring…'

Koenma, interim ruler of the Reikai aka the Spirit World, son of Enma Daio, general pain in the ass, and actually buried under tons and tons of paperwork, was preying his superiors for some action, because he was, to use an euphemism, immensely bored!!! when his servant, and occasional victim, Georges, entered his office in a hurry, slamming the door in the wall.

“Koenma-sama!” shouted the blue ogre, causing his tortur… er, employer to jump a foot in the air then fall backwards out of his chair, sending all paperwork flying around in the process.

“BAKAYAROO GEORGES!” yelled the very irate, baby-looking, pacifier-sucking higher being. Grumbling under his breath about stupid gay servants with no respect for his work, the little immortal boy got back on his feet, back on his seat, tthen took a few moments to regain his composure.
“Now, Georges, what seems to be so important that you thought you could enter my office in such a hurry? Without having the decence to knock, might I add?”

Feeling a little bit of cold sweat run down his spine in fear of the punishment his childish master would surely raise on him, the purple-skinned demon got on his knees and bowed till his head touched the ground, begging for forgiveness.
“Koenma-sama, please forgive me! I would never have disturbed you in your duties if it wasn’t for a matter of great importance!” he said under Koenma’s glaring eyes.

Snorting with disdain, the demon’s boss put his elbows on his desk and his chin on his joined hands. “And what, pray tell, is that pressing matter?”

“NANII~” The spirits working around the Sanzu river all jumped in fright of the angry amplified voice and all turned around towards the reikai castle, miles away from them, only to see its roof shake under the noise’s decibels.

Jumping on his desk, the little boy raise a fist towards his assistant, his brow furrowed and billowing in a raised voice.
“Go fetch Botan at once! And find me any informations about the whereabouts of Kuwabara Kazuma!” The kid started to pace on his desk.

“Kuwa… Wouldn’t Yusuke-san be a more obvious choice?” asked the blond-haired demon with surprise coloring his voice.

“Yusuke is still training with Genkai! We can’t take that chance!” was the worried answer. “And what the hell are you still doing here?” came the following, angry question.

“A… HAI!” Georges exited the room at a run, the impressive doors slamming shut behind him with enough force to make Koenma’s desk shake under his feet and send him tumbling in his chair.

Tokyo, the same day:

'Who are these people?' Thought Keiko while running for her life. The robe-wearing men were chasing her since she had left school-ground to get back home, weird-looking knives shining in their hands.

The schoolgirl had her left hand pressing on her right arm where one of these guys had slashed at her, and her balance was suffering from it. To top it all off, she was lost, because she had had to take various turns without having time enough to think about where it would lead her.

Suddenly a tall businessman exiting the subway got in her way and without any possibility to avoid him, she bumped into him at full speed, both of them going down with the shock. Both the man’s suitcase and her schoolbag glided on the street’s ground.

Keiko got up as soon as she could and almost toppled over at the pain that reached her ankle. 'Oh just great!' The man she had bumped into started screaming.

“KONOYAROO! Watch where you’re going, you bakana onna!” shouted the irate red-in-the-face man.

“Gomen!” She bent her head with an apologetic expression on her face.

“I can’t believe it! You bloody teenagers! It’s a shame school has become so lax in how to give punishment, I tell you!” ranted the old man, not acknowledging that the girl wasn’t even listening to him anymore.

The schoolgirl didn’t answer, more preoccupied that she was by the men in robes that were getting closer. Ignoring the horrible pain in her leg, she started at a dead run and turned in the first street she could find… only to arrive in a dead end.

“No… nonono!” Looking frantically around her, she noticed a hidden door at the end of the alleyway, and run at it as fast as her injured ankle allowed her. Trying the doorknob, she felt her stomach get in a knot with the realisation it was closed.

“Chikusho!” It wasn’t really in Keiko’s character to swear like that, but the situation was really getting to her now. “Think, girl! Think!” Taking a look around, she kept talking to herself. “What would Yusuke do in my place?” The thought had barely popped up inside her mind when she let out a hysterical giggle. Yusuke would probably have welcomed the idea of a fight.

Noticing a ladder towering about five feet above her head, she tried jumping as high as she could to grasp it. To no avail.

'Maybe they won’t follow me here! Maybe they will run past the alley and won’t come back!' She thought while turning back towards the entrance. Her heart skipped a bit when she saw three of these guys standing right there, hoods covering there faces, and blades glinting in the dark.
“no…” she whimpered when they started coming towards her. Walking back towards the back of the alley, she tried begging for her life. “O-onegai! Leave me alone! I have done nothing to you! Please! I will do anything!” She stopped her scared babbling and let out another whimper when she felt a wall against her back.

The men kept walking toward her, and she slid down on the ground, finally letting go of her cool, tears and sobs now escaping her control. The three men raised their knives high above their heads, ready to strike, and she covered her head with her arms, screaming the only thing coming to her mind.

“DOORYAA!” she heard a manly yet highly pitched voice ring through the alley, followed by the sounds of fists meeting flesh.

“Keiko-chan! Daijobu?” sounded right next to her, as the noises of fighting died away.

“Oi, Yukimura!” A big hand fell on her shoulder and she shuddered, trying to cower even more. “None of that, Yukimura! It’s just me, Kuwabara!”

Slowly opening her eyes and lowering down her arms, she took in the sight of her fellow teenager, who was looking at her with concerns in his eyes, not even bothered in the slightest by the blood that was running down his face from a cut on his cheek.

“Kuwabara-kun?” she asked in a scared voice. Then with relief: “Kuwabara-kun!” she cried while throwing her arms around the red-haired boy’s neck.

“Iidaro Yukimura. I’m not about to let anybody hurt you anytime soon.” said the tall teenager while hugging the young girl.

“Maybe it would be a good idea to get away from here.” Hearing the familiar female voice, Keiko finally turned her head towards her.

“Botan-san?!” she asked with surprise written all over her face.

“Ohayô Keiko-chan! Don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright now!” She turned towards Kuwabara. “Let’s go.”
“Un!” Nodding his head, the young fighter stood up and turned around, lead the two girls out of the dead end. On his way, he took it on himself to kick one of the robed men in the head, effectively bringing down its hood. Letting out a shocked exclamation, he took in the eye-less features. “Na… nanda koreha ?”
“Bringers!” At her answer, he turned toward the Spirit Guide, and so did Keiko. “Please Kuwabara, take us down to your place! I’ll explain everything once there, okay?”
“Alright!” he answered with a nod. “Ikuzo!”

“So, let me get this straight. I actually have the potential to become some Killer, destined to fight the things that anybody knows are nothing more than myths?” Keiko asked once she and Kuwabara-kun had been explained what had happened no more than two hours ago, before taking a sip of the teacup Shizuru-san, Kuwabara-kun’s sister, had brought her earlier.
“Basically, yes. And the term is Slayer.” answered Botan. Somehow, she thought Yusuke’s friend took it rather well, all things considered.
“He… so Yukimura is some kind of super-hero?” The young man was playing with a baseball bat, while he sit on his bedroom’s chair.
“No she isn’t. At least not yet… and hopefully not ever.” The blue-haired girl surprisingly answered with a seriousness that was uncommon coming from her. “Slayers have a big tendency to die young and alone.”
“Right…” the schoolgirl said with calm. “And these… Bringers are after me because of that? Why?” she calmly asked. It would always be time to lose it later.
“We don’t know why. We don’t even know who they’re working for. For all we know, it could just be their national sport!” replied the Spirit guide with no small amount of frustration.
The young girl couldn’t stop a lone tear from running down her cheek and she turned away from the others so that they wouldn’t see it.
“Alright Yukimura?”
“Yes!” She wiped her face quickly before facing the others. “Please don’t tell Yusuke!”

May 2003, Kubikukuritoo (the Tournament Island):

“YUSUKE!” She screamed when she saw the large piece of roof that was falling on her.
“KEIKOOO!” “Yukimura!!!!” “Keiko-chan!” sounded near her, yet not close enough. Yusuke was nearly dead on his feet after his epic battle with Toguro, and the others didn’t fair any better. She knew she was gonna die. There was no way to avoid it now. Dropping down on her ass, she covered her head with both arms, hoping against all odds she would survive being squished like a bug, when she heard a voice in her head, one that wasn’t her own.

“Are you ready to be strong?”

Immediately she felt power coursing through her veins, and raised both her fists towards the falling rock. She screamed with fury when her fists impacted the large stone.

'One down, a hell of a lot more to kill'! thought Dawn Summers furiously while slashing at another Bringer. Her and Xander had been successful in taking care of themselves until now, but there opponents had managed to lure them away from the sunlit part where the two of them had stayed, and now there were a couple Turok-Hans coming up on them.

“Xander, watch out!” she shouted seeing one of the monstruous-looking vamps closing in on her surrogate brother. Unfortunately the carpenter was busy keeping a couple more Bringers at bay. She tried getting closer, but was cornered by another opponent who slashed at her, stomach. At the same time, the ugly thing caught the brown-haired man’s shoulder and spun him around while one of the man’s former opponents disarmed him.

Then it happened. Dawnie felt the pain at her stomach, and her friend about to get killed in front of her eyes. Pain turned to anger, an anger boiling in her veins, running like some uncontrollable electric current, looking for a way out. Then anger turned to power.

The teenager let out a bloodcurling scream, a scream so inhuman that everything and everybody around her seemed to stop. Then the lights began, green light, pale green light that grew on intensity every second. It stopped after only a few moments, until the young girl feinted in fact, but if she had been able to see everything, she would have noticed that apart from the one-eyed carpenter, there wasn’t anything moving around.

Keiko was running with the others, away from the stadium while it was crumpling on itself. It wasn’t easy carrying Yusuke on his back, especially with her hurt hands, but she still managed it. And didn’t give it a second thought, really. All the while she was thinking about what Botan had told her months ago.

‘The Slayer is a woman… no, a teenage girl, who has been gifted with enhanced strength and speed so that she could fight the forces of darkness. Each time one Slayer dies, another one is called and gifted with these powers.’

'And now it’s me. The Slayer is dead, and I have been chosen as well!' Thought the schoolgirl without stopping her run.

Bad thing about it was that didn’t really like violence. She never understood why Yusuke liked to get into fights so much, wondering what was so cool about hurting people and getting hurt yourself. Well, since she knew about Yusuke’s role as a Spirit Detective, she understood that sometimes violence was needed, but it didn’t mean she had to like that. And now she had been chosen to fight for a great cause… which would entail lots of violence for her.

She sighed. 'Jodandehanai!'

On the plus side, now she would be able to follow her stupid boyfriend (he is NOT my boyfriend! She mentally screamed) when he was asked to save the world.

Basically, what she thought could be explained in one word. 'Chikusho!'

End prologue


Bakayaro: In this case, it can be translated by ‘Bloody moron’ or something similar.
Nani: What?
Hai: Yes. In this case, “yes sir”
Konoyaro: Asshole.
Bakana onna: stupid girl.
Gomen: Sorry.
Chikusho: Fuck! (as in, Oh shit!)
Onegai: Please!
Daijobu: Are you okay?
Iidaro: It’s alright.
Ohayo: Good morning (I know I used it in the evening, please no comment!)
Nanda koreha: What the hell is that!
Ikuzo: Let’s go!
Jodandehanai: Not cool!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Yukimura Keiko, Reikai Tantei… Vampire Slayer." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 05.

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