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Don't Walk Away

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Summary: Dawn doesn't survive the closing of the Hellmouth and Buffy walks away, determined to keep the promise regarding Dawn's death. Someone watching Sunnydale offers her a chance to do something different, and she jumps at it.

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Phone Home


Summary: Dawn doesn't survive the Hellmouth's closing and Buffy walks away, determined to keep her promise regarding Dawn's death. Someone watching Sunnydale offers her a chance to do something different, and she jumps at the chance.

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Stargate SG1 belongs to Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright.

Timeline: SG1 somewhere in or around Season 4-5. I am not an SG1 expert, but had lots of help from two wonderful Betas - Amanda and Justasia.

Buffy sprang up, unfazed by the sword wound to her side. The Scythe in her hand was a blur of red, black and silver as it sliced through anything within its reach. She heard Spike screaming and turned to see if he was all right. Her mind couldn't grasp what she witnessed; the amulet around his neck beamed pure bright white.

She hurried over to him only to stop when she witnessed the light hit Dawn. Her little sister must have snuck down to help. A pale green cloud encircled her slender body. Buffy tried to get to Dawn, but some unseen force kept them separated; it forced Buffy to watch in horror as the young girl simply dissolved into a fine mist. A terrible roar of pain burst from the oldest Slayer's lips, then something snapped.

Even Faith was afraid to get too close to her sister Slayer. The other Slayers watched in amazement while Buffy danced a lethal, but beautiful dance of a Warrior of the Light. She was everywhere at once, each stroke was deadly and accurate. Only Faith and Spike fathomed the rage and anguish behind the way she fought, while the young girls only saw a hero.

"Get them out of here," Buffy's voice boomed causing the walls to shake.

Faith reluctantly did as she was asked, but her distress was etched clearly on her face.

Buffy went to Spike's side. She saw the tears streaming down his face, but she didn't have any left to cry. She lost everything to this town - Angel, her mom, and now Dawn. She wasn't about to lose Spike too. Light shot from the amulet turning the Turok-Han to dust. With a single-minded resolve, she snatched it from his neck. At that exact moment, Faith returned to ensure Buffy and Spike escaped, as well.

"Faith, help him out. He's too weak to do it on his own. I'll be right behind you."

The dark-haired Slayer didn't like the look in Buffy's eyes, but understood she couldn't do anything about it. She threw Spike over her shoulder in a fireman's carry before trotting back up the steps.

What lingered of Dawn's green mist swirled around Buffy, it hit the amulet exploding outward to eradicate everything in its path. Blood dripped from Buffy's fingers where the stone bit into her flesh. Crushing it in her fist, she discarded the broken pieces then hefted the Scythe onto her shoulder and slowly walked away. Buffy didn't notice the ground shaking beneath her feet, or the High School collapsing behind her with each step she took.

Large dark eyes observed the annihilation from a safe distance, focusing on one thing - Buffy Summers. Thor tried to decide the right time to approach this strange creature - the Slayer. He knew she was important to the Asgard, and the T'auri. The Asgard did not interfere directly, but this warrior could be the one person to aide the T'auri and turn the tides in the seemingly never-ending fight with the Goa'uld.

The school bus rolled along in stunned silence, with the exception of Willow's sobs. The new Slayers couldn't accept that their leader was dead. Robin waited as long as he could before driving away, stopping at a safe distance to watch the town sink into a giant crater.

"I can't believe you just left her there!" Xander screamed at Faith and Spike.

"Couldn't do much about it Whelp, seeing as how I was becoming a marshmallow at the time."

"B said go, and that's what I did. You didn't see her face. I think something inside her broke when Dawn died. Her eyes, they were just, I don't know how to describe them."

"Dead, they were dead," Spike answered wearily, his hands shook as they raked through his hair.

"So, she just gave up! Did she even try to get out? What about us?" Xander said spitefuly.

Before anyone could say or do anything, a fist flew causing Xander's head snapped back. "Ow," echoed in the bus. An amazed silence enveloped the interior like a cloud. No one could believe who threw the punch - Andrew.

"You shut up. You are a mean, stupid, one-eyed jerk. Dawn wasn't just her little sister, she was a part of Buffy, the only real thing she had and now she's gone. You are worse than a Klingon and twice as stupid."

Tears filled the little nerd's eyes before he collapsed in on himself. Buffy put him on the road to redemption, and Dawn was always nice to him telling him that the ordinary folks had to stick together.

"Shut up…" Xander started only to find himself face to face with a brassed off Slayer in leather pants.

"No, you shut up. Whatever B did or didn't do is her business. If I ever hear you bad mouth her again, having only one eye will be the least of your problems." She stomped to the front to sit behind Robin. "Head toward LA, I know somewhere we can stay."

Buffy stopped in front of a tiny creature, but didn't actually see him. "Do you desire the life you had, or would you like a new one?" His voice was soothing to her ears.

She laughed, but it was a harsh, cold sound. "I have no life. I've died three times, but this is the first time I feel dead."

"If I could provide a place where you could be what you are, provide what your body craves, would you accept?"

Buffy's eyes blinked, focusing on the man for the first time. He was only three foot tall, with grey skin, large brown eyes, and resembled ET, but not as cute. She knew he wasn't a demon, because he didn't cause a blip on her Slayer radar.

"What do you understand about what my body craves? Who are you and why are you here?"

"My name is Thor, and I am here to let you know you have ascended to what you were meant to become; what you were destined to become. Your body desires the fight, the dance with no one holding you back, or telling you what to do."

Buffy's green eyes darkened until they were practically black. If her friends saw her right then, they would be looking for veins and black hair, like Dark Willow.

"I've become someone with no family, no home, no town, no one!"

"You are wrong. One of your greatest strengths has been your friends, family, and feelings but they are also your greatest weaknesses. I offer you the opportunity to take the strength and throw away the weakness."

"Right, ET, what do you want from me? The truth this time." Her voice held no anger, no sarcasm, no feeling at all.

"There is a much bigger threat than the one you have been fighting. We have been observing and waiting to find one such as you to change the outcome of a war that has been waged for millennia. You are that warrior."

"I have given all I am planning on giving this world, I'm done," Buffy spat, showing emotion for the first time.

"No warrior, you misunderstand. I do not ask you to fight on this plane, but on that one."

He extended a gnarled, grayish finger pointing it skyward. Buffy looked up, then back down at the small creature's large eyes. Not having to be here where everything reminded her of what she'd lost appealed to her.

"Phone us home, ET."

It took a moment for Thor to understand she was accepting his offer, then in the blink of an eye, they were gone. She looked around the ship that was to become her home base. With all their advanced technology, in a few minutes they provided Buffy with the knowledge she required to communicate and identify enemies from allies.

She argued with Thor and the other Asgard for hours, until they finally realized she wouldn't give into their wishes. If they brought her here to help in this war then that was what she would do, but it would be her way.

Observing someone or something doesn't mean you understand it. The Asgard soon learned Buffy didn't play well with others. She led the war against the darkness for too many years to sit back and allow others to tell her how to start fighting now. Thor tried to help her comprehend her new powers and the delicate system that held the galaxies together.

"Warrior," Thor pleaded. "You must use caution in your dealings with the System Lords."

"Damn it! My name is Buffy. You guys sit up here with all your gadgets pulling strings, but don't ever do anything. That's why you came and got me. Well, I'm not just going to sit on my ass 'til you think adequate people have been killed or snaked. Either do what I asked, or I will find another way, even if I have to use this," she waved the Scythe at him, "to cut a hole through this tin can you're so proud of. I came here to fight a war and that's what I plan to do. Think I will change my name while I'm at it. Kali, seems appropriate don't you think." She nodded her head liking the sound of it. "Yes, let's send the goddess of death and destruction to kill the false gods."

Thor looked at her shocked. He couldn't stop the shiver that raced down his small spine. She'd changed drastically in the few months aboard the Daniel Jackson.

Each day her hair darkened until it was black as night. But, it was her eyes that had changed the most. Their once bright green orbs were now cold and hard. Thor wondered if they chose the right Guardian. Shrugging a small shoulder, he understood that only time would tell.

Buffy landed on the planet's surface with the grace of a large cat. Her dark hair blended with the dense jungle's shadows, as did the black body suit that fit her like a second skin. The only thing of color was the Scythe clasped firmly in her hand.

Closing her eyes, she allowed the sounds and tastes of this world to wash over her. Footsteps told Buffy soldiers patrolled five miles to her right. Straight ahead through the jungle several yards was fresh water and edible fruit.

"We have to hurry, Thymis. The patrols will be coming this way soon. Father warned us about getting caught. He said we could jeopardize everything."

A young girl argued with an older boy, who could only be her brother. The words barely left her mouth before a unit of Jaffa soldiers smashed though the vegetation, zats aimed at the two children. Meera shut her eyes, praying for a quick death rather than a life of slavery.

A blur of silver, red and black shot past the surprised boy. He grabbed his sister, pulling her away from the danger. They watched wide-eyed as a beast fought the soldiers. Blasts from weapons rang through the jungle, followed by breaking bones and screams. Suddenly, it was quiet.

Thymis took a step back, pulling Meera with him. The beast turned to look at them, causing a gasp to escape their lips. It was a woman; no more like a girl. Long, dark hair framed a golden face dominated by large emerald eyes. High cheekbones gave the face beauty, while full lips kept it approachable. They understood the girl had vanquished the unit of Jaffa, but looking at her it was hard to believe. She wasn't much bigger than Meera.

"I won't hurt you."

Buffy's voice came out in a harsh whisper. Gone were the former golden-haired Slayer's soft friendly tones. Her eyes no longer sparkled with laughter; they spoke of a grief no one should have to bear. Nothing remained of the woman known as Buffy Summers but her smooth golden skin and the Scythe, the weapon cast in secret by the Guardians. They were right, she was the Hellmouth's last Guardian, but they were wrong, too.

She didn't beat the First. It took everything from her and she no longer cared about Earth. The Slayer in her needed the fight, hungered for it. Her pain and fury required an outlet, which Thor supplied. She was here on some unknown planet fighting aliens who thought they were gods. Her lips turned up in a cruel smile. She'd show them how easy it was to kill gods.

Goosebumps ran across the children's skin, watching this 'woman.' Was she a new type of Goa'uld? Did she rescue them only to take them to a worse fate?

Buffy seemed to read their thoughts. "I'm not going to hurt you. Where do you live? We need to leave before another patrol heads this way."

"Who are you?" Thymis refused to move without knowing who had saved them.

"Call me Kali."

The cryptic answer did nothing to relieve the young boy's apprehension. Her head cocked to the side as she listened to sounds off in the distance. The Scythe vanished to its resting place.

Thymis and Meera found themselves hauled into strong arms. The next thing they knew, they were flying through the jungle. Leaves whipped by their faces. Meera shrieked, then closed her eyes when Buffy surged over a large ditch. Once they were far enough away from the threat, she set the children down on shaky legs. Buffy didn't say a word; she just stared at them with cold, emotionless, green eyes.

The children decided that although the unusual woman wasn't friendly, she wouldn't hurt them either. They started walking toward their home. Buffy followed several feet behind ensuring no other Jaffa patrols caught them unaware.
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