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Not Quite Heaven

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Summary: Buffy's dive off the tower into Glory's portal has her falling through the Chaapa'ai and leading the people she finds to freedom. What happens when she meets SG1 and has the possibility of returning to the home she left behind.*Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillkimbclarFR183036,65527297249,8011 Jan 063 Sep 07No

Goodbye Memory, Hello Prophecy

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not BTVS. Not Stargate. I do sometimes wish I owned Richard Dean Anderson.

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE – Goodbye Memory, Hello Prophecy

Hotel – Jack’s Room

Buffy continued to sit with her head resting against Jack’s chest. She really tried to think of anything other than the fact he didn’t have a shirt on, ‘Damn it should be illegal for a man to have such a nice chest.’ Jack was all lean muscle. A fact that Buffy found herself very appreciative of, ‘Okay, Buffy let’s get on track the way Jack looks without a shirt is not why we came over here.’

Buffy gently pulled away until Jack’s hands rested on her shoulders. He gently massaged her shoulders easing the tension remaining from her dream.

Looking up into his eyes she began to speak, “Part of being the slayer means I get to have fun prophetic dreams. I haven’t really thought about them in years. I never had one on Ravenna so they just became a bad memory. But tonight – goodbye memory, hello prophecy.” Buffy’s last words were spoken with a bitter laugh.

“Well, Summers it’s nice to see you can keep a sense of humor about things,” said Jack his voiced laced with sarcasm.

“Yep, that’s me a laugh a minute. I so did not miss being prophecy girl,” Buffy sighed wearily.

“What do you mean prophecy girl?”

“Part of the fun of being the Chosen One, at least Earth’s Chosen One, is having various prophecies written about the latest big bad or…” Buffy voice dropped to almost a whisper.

Jack felt a lump in his throat as he listened to Buffy and almost didn’t ask the question but it seemed as if his mouth had a will of its own. “Or?”

Buffy took a deep breath and began to speak again in a quiet voice. “When I was sixteen there was a prophecy in a book called the Codex about a powerful vamp called the Master. I walked into the library one night to find Giles and Angel arguing over the prophecy. I’ll never forget that night. I think it was the first time I really realized what being the Slayer was all about,” Buffy’s voice broke slightly but she continued speaking.

“The prophecy said that I would be the one to free the Master. He would kill me and my death would free him. I was hysterical. All I could think was that I was sixteen years old and I didn’t want to die. I yelled at Giles, told him I quit and ran out of there as fast as could.”

Jack felt his heart clench at her words. It killed him to think about how her childhood had been spent fighting a war. A war she’d escaped and was now being drug back into.

Buffy continued her story, “I went home and was sitting in my room when my mom came in and showed the dress she’d bought me for the Spring Fling. All I could think was that I’d be dead so why did I need the dress. I could have put the dress on and gone to the dance but I just couldn’t. Instead I put it on and went back to the library for weapons. I found Giles about to leave to face the Master in my place. I knew when I saw him that I had to do my duty. Giles refused to let me go so I had to hit him over the head and knock him out. Poor Giles, he certainly spent a lot of time unconscious. I left and met the Anointed One who led me to the Master. I fought with everything I had but he got the better of me. Then he bit me and dropped me into a pool of water to drown.”

Buffy’s voice had a sad, far away quality to it as she spoke of her death. Jack took her face in his hands, “Hey, you obviously didn’t die since you’re sitting here with me.”

She cut him off quickly, “Jack, I did die. I fell into that pool and I drowned. The only thing that saved me was the fact that Xander and Angel followed me. Xander performed CPR. I was probably only dead a minute or two at most. But I still died and the Master was still free. The Codex was right but not completely. I got up and went back to the library to face the Master and killed him.”

“What does this have to do with the dream you had tonight?”

Buffy knew there was no gentle way to say it so she didn’t try to cushion the blow when she spoke. “The dream predicted my death, again.”

“What?!” Jack yelled out. “Oh, hell no. I didn’t find you just to lose you. There has to be away to stop it.”

Despite the circumstances a small smile played across Buffy’s lips at his words. ‘He’d found her and didn’t want to lose her. Well, I don’t want to be lost either. Funny, predictions of my death always make me want to grab on to what I want with both hands and I want Jack.’ Buffy smile widened at the realization.

Out loud she responded, “Jack, that’s why I told you the story about the Master. The prophecy was right. I did die. But, well, let’s just say it didn’t take. I plan to do my damndest to keep from dieing. I have so much to live for. Bronwyn, Dawn, my friends,” at this she paused and looked into his eyes, “and you.”

At her words Jack smiled. “Good, cause Summers I’m not letting you go,” and then he leaned down and proceeded to kiss her senseless.
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