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Not Quite Heaven

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Summary: Buffy's dive off the tower into Glory's portal has her falling through the Chaapa'ai and leading the people she finds to freedom. What happens when she meets SG1 and has the possibility of returning to the home she left behind.*Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillkimbclarFR183036,65527297249,7981 Jan 063 Sep 07No

Oh, How I Hate Research!

A/N: Sorry it's been so long since this fic was last updated. My muse just doesn't seem to be with me on this. Hope you enjoy! The action of this chapter is simultaneous to the previous dealing with Ethan, Rack and their spell.

CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT – Oh, How I Hate Research

~.~ Magic Box – Late Afternoon~.~

Buffy had a horrible headache. She’d spent the last four hours going over the Slayer dream she’d had the night before and subsequent research related to the dream. She’d forgotten how much she hated research. ‘Really, somebody up there must hate me,’ she thought to herself as she turned the pages of the dusty tome before her.

Oddly enough her time on Ravenna had made her a better researcher. All of the records kept by her people had been written in what she now knew was Latin. Latin it seemed was the preferred language for Giles’ dusty books. God why had she admitted she knew the language. If she’d only kept her mouth shut maybe she and Jack could have snuck back to the hotel for a little nooky. Buffy giggled to herself, ‘Nooky, wonder where that thought came from.’

Then she looked over at Jack and she knew exactly where the thought came from. She took in his lean frame and thoughts of the form hidden by his black t-shirt and grey cargo pants caused her eyes to glaze over and her mouth to go dry. God, how she wanted him. Now she just had to think of a way to get them out of there. She knew she could get Dawn to watch Bronwyn so there was no problem there. Bronwyn was in love with her aunt and she’d loved the previous night’s slumber party so much that she was already begging for another. So all Buffy had to do was find a legitimate reason to get them out of the Magic Box.

From across the room Angel watched Buffy covertly, growling lowly under his breath. He hadn’t had a chance to speak to her alone since she’d suddenly returned to Sunnydale and he knew that if he could just get her alone he could make her remember that he was her soul mate not Colonel O’Neill. He really didn’t like Jack O’Neill. If he’d taken the time to analyze his feelings he would have realized that he was feeling extremely jealous. But Angel was not one for introspection. His only thought was, ‘Mine.’ He was not as far removed from his demon as he liked to think.

Spike watched Angel as he watched Buffy. He’d have to warn her about Angelus. Unlike his grandsire he knew that his demon was restrained by the soul not eradicated. Angel liked to deny it but Angelus was always there and right now the demon was clawing its way to the surface in an attempt to reclaim the woman he thought belonged to him. As Spike continued to watch he heard Angel’s low growls. ‘Yep, better have that talk wit’ the Slayer sooner over later. Damn git’s about to bust,’ Spike thought rolling his eyes at his grandsire’s antics.

Buffy herself was oblivious to Angel’s jealous possessive growls. She was more concerned about getting the hell out of the Magic Box. Casually she glanced around the room and out the front window of the shop noticing for the first time that the sun was descending below the horizon.

“Patrol!” she squeaked out.

Everyone in the shop looked up at the Slayer’s squeak.

Giles raised an eyebrow at his former charge. For all the fact she’d grown-up in her absence she still retained some of her more annoying, at least to him, traits. She’d hated research before she’d disappeared and it seemed that hadn’t changed. He’d also noticed the way she’d been eyeing her Colonel. Oh yes, Rupert Giles was no fool. He knew exactly where his slayer’s mind was and it wasn’t with the research currently being conducted.

Giles was willing to make allowances however. She had diligently researched for hours, impressing even him with her knowledge of Latin. Smiling he met Buffy’s eyes. “Ah, yes. It is sundown. Perhaps if you and Jack made a sweep of the cemeteries.”

Buffy’s face lit up and she bestowed a huge, appreciative smile on her watcher. “Great! We’ll do that. Patrol,” she babbled turning toward Jack. “Let’s go. Evil to slay.”

Jack stood and moved with Buffy toward the back to gather weapons for patrol. As they walked out of the room Buffy pulled a cell phone Jack had given her out of her pocket and dialed Dawn’s number.

“Dawnie? It’s me,” she announced when her sister answered the call.

Listening for a few moments Buffy laughed at Dawn’s comments on her daughter’s antics. “I’m glad to hear you two are having such a good time. But, I think all that sugar is going to come back and bite you on the ass. Hey, I need a favor. Can you take Bronwyn again tonight?”

Buffy listened for a few moments and then Jack noticed her face turn a bright shade of red, “Dawn, your mind is in the gutter. In fact we’re just about to patrol,” she paused again to listen. “No, it’s certainly not to early. It’ll be dark in a few minutes.” Buffy’s blush faded slightly but her cheeks were still tinted a becoming shade of pink. “Fine, you’re right. We’re going to patrol and then I plan to drag Jack back to the hotel so we can shag like bunnies. Are you satisfied?”

At Buffy’s comment Jack got a suggestive gleam in his eyes and moved behind Buffy where she stood in front of the weapon’s cabinet. He pulled her flush against his body and began to stroke his hands teasingly down her body.

Buffy’s voice trembled as she tried to finish her conversation with her sister, “Do you have everything you need for Bronwyn? Okay! Can I talk to her.”

Buffy moaned softly, turned her head and glared up and Jack. “Stop it! I can’t think when you do that!” she chastised him with no real anger in her voice.

She then focused back on the phone, “Hey baby! Are you being a good girl for Auntie Dawn?” She paused listening to her daughter’s excited ramblings, “I’m glad you’re having fun baby. You do? Okay, here he is.”

Buffy put the phone in Jack’s hand, “She wants to say hi to you.”

Jack’s smile went from seductive to a wide grin in an instant, “Hey munchkin! I miss you to. Tomorrow. Have fun!” Jack paused for a moment listening to the small child and at her words his gaze softened and in a voice full of emotion he responded to her child-like declaration, “I love you to.”

Jack handed the phone back to Buffy and she talked with her daughter a few more moments before saying her own I love you’s and goodbye’s. Buffy turned glittering eyes to Jack, “My daughter’s becoming very attached to you.”

Jack pulled Buffy into his arms, “I’m becoming very attached to her and her mother.”

Buffy smiled, “Well, I can safely say that the mother in question is becoming very attached to you as well.”

Jack’s heart was soaring as he looked at the petite woman in his arms. Everything he’d ever wanted was within his grasp and he was determined that nothing. No prophecy. No evil chaos wizard. Nothing, was going to take it from him. With those thoughts running through his head he pulled Buffy into a searing kiss.

“So how long does patrolling actually have to last,” he asked with seductive grin after reluctantly ending the kiss.

Buffy laughed, “Not long. Not long at all.”
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