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Buffy On the Galactica

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Summary: Buffy is resurrected from being dead by Willow and Tara. Athena and Hades send her to another dimension: Buffy/Lee, Buffy/Zarak, and Kara/Samual Anders. Crossover with the New Battlestar Galactica.

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Chapter One

Buffy On The Galactica.
Story by Cleopatra
Based on Battlestar Galactica 2003 with Starbuck as a female
Warning: Kara is pregnant in the story
Disclaimer: Characters are property of Joss Whedon and the creators of the new Battlestar Galactica. Only the plot is mine.

The night was dark as Willow and Tara made their way back through the graveyard to Buffy's still unfilled grave. The service had been held just hours before, at sunset, so as to allow the non-breathing attendees to be present without bursting into flame. As a result, the grave workers were not present afterwards to fill in the rest of the grave, as they were far to smart to work in a graveyard after dark, at least not one in Sunnydale.

The two witches had been awoken a short time before by a truly unusual dream, both because they had shared it, and it had left behind a reminder - a spell written on a scroll which they knew had to be read over the grave of their departed friend, in order to save another dimension from the devastation a single vampire, sucked through one of the portals opened when Glory tired to use the key, would bring on an unsuspecting civilization.

That they also knew it would offer their departed friend another chance at life, albiet absent from their sides, was a bonus.

Finally, they came to a stop at the foot of Buffy's grave. Looking down into the hole they could see the dirt covered shape which was their friend's coffin.

Carefully opening the scroll, the two witches began to chanting out the words written on it

Elsewhere, Buffy waited with two of the Lords of Kobol, two Gods from al alternate reality, who had approached her in Heaven, explaining how their people were facing a dual threat, not only were they being perused by an enemy of their own creation, the machine intelligence Cylons, but also now faced an internal threat, namely the Vampire who had ended up on the Galactica after falling through a portal, and the several childer he had already made.

Feeling guilty for not having stopped Glory before she opened the portals in the first place, Buffy agreed to help, and so was waiting for her body to be transferred and reanimated, so she could re-inhabit it.

In the graveyard, the chanting reached a crescendo, and suddenly a portal appeared at the bottom of the grave, and the coffin carrying Buffy's mortal remains fell through it, leaving only an empty square hole in the dirt behind it.

Tara then led a crying Willow back to their home.

The portal opened in a storage room onboard the Galactica. The coffin, with Buffy inside fell through it and landed with a Thump on the metal deck. As the glow of the portal faded, the lid of the coffin was pushed open from the inside, and Buffy carefully emerged from the interior.

Looking around, she saw some bins with clothing in them, and following the instructions she had received while waiting in Heaven, she swiftly changed into the colonial attire, so as to blend in much better. She knew her presence would not remain undetected long while onboard the Galactica, but she needed to get to the med-lab if she was to succeed in stopping the Vampires. After that, she could help as she could against the Cylons. But first, she needed to prove her credentials before anyone could think to question them.

Making her way to the med-lab, following the mental map of the ship which was a part of the information package the Lords of Kobol had provided her with in order that she may accomplish her goals and help save their people; she did her best to avoid any crewmembers whose paths she may cross.

Finally, she arrived, and approached the lead medical officer. "Doctor, I have an unusual request" she said, speaking Colonial for the first time in her life, and doing so flawlessly due to the new information in her brain.

"What can I help you with, Miss?"

"This is going to sound strange, but I am dead. At the moment I am literally a mystically animated corpse, and I need you to verify the fact that I am indeed clinically dead, then take some blood and tissues samples, and finally restart my heart. If I remain like this for too long, I will end up little more than a Zombie. But it was decided by the ones who sent me to leave me dead until you could check me out as a way to help prove my claims."

The doctor had no idea what to make of this absurd claim, however he reached out and grasped her wrist to check on her pulse. And was amazed when all he felt was a cold appendage with no apparent blood flow within it.

Now thoroughly mystified, and fearing that his patient may be some sort of Cylon plant, he lead her over to an MRI machine, for a more detailed internal scan, while casually signaling for Ship's Security.

Over the next hour or two, it was determined that indeed the mobile young lady, who appeared in no Colonial databases, was indeed dead. What's more, her blood had been replaced with a fluidic compound which would act as a preservative, but certainly would not have supported life. After performing a full transfusion to remove the fluid and replace it with normal blood, the Doctor did as requested and defribulated her, and then jumped back as a glow suddenly surrounded her body.

As the glow faded, the woman sat up, and rubbed her skin, "Wow. That tingled. But it also healed all the damage. Dr. I think you should do another series of scans again. When you compare them you should see the differences between when I was dead and now."

Indeed, a few hours later and the Dr. had to agree that the woman before him was not only alive again, but remarkably healthy. Every bruised organ, broken bone, indeed, every scar on or in her body was gone as though it had never been there in the first place. All that remained was a perfectly healthy young lady.

"Could you arrange for me to see the Commander now? I have a lot to tell him."

Adama, who had been appraised of the unusual situation agreed to her request, and after having a security officer and his son accompany her to his office, he met with the woman to find out who she was and how she got on his ship.

"My name is Buffy Summers. I come from Earth, and was sent here by the Lords of Kobol to help you with a pair of problems." she began.

"Earth?" Adama asked, glancing at his son, Apollo.

"Yes. But not the one from this dimension. I am what is known as a Slayer, from another reality, parallel to your own. I and the others who preceded and who will follow me there exist to fight supernatural threats, such as creatures called Vampires."

"Vampires." Apollo asked, with confusion evident in his voice.

"Yes. They are people who have been killed by another Vampire, then their body is inhabited by a demon, which animates it, similarly to how I was when I went to your Med Bay. That is part of why I went there as I did - to provide scientific proof that it was possible for a dead body to be animated. Although in my case there was no actual Demon involved, just my own soul along with some help from both the Slayer Spirit and the two Gods who sent me."

Adama took that opportunity to ask, "And why exactly did they send you?"

Buffy felt a Vampire coming up behind her, and decided that this was the time for her last bit of proof, "I was sent because a few days ago a Vampire escaped from my dimension and came here to yours. If left unchecked, they will destroy you before the Cylons could have any hope of finishing you off. They sent me here to kill them before they can gain a foothold, then after they are destroyed to help you fend off the Cylons, detect their infiltrators, and lead you to this dimension's Earth."

"How can we know what you are saying is the truth.?" Apollo asked.

"Because," Buffy said, reaching behind her and grabbing the newly arrived Vampire, dressed as another of the Security Detail, "I have a Vampire right here."

The Security officer vamped out, his demonic face becoming visible to all as Buffy summoned the Stake the Lords of Cobol provided for her.

Looking at the Vampire she said, "You Vampire, are still dealing with the Slayer, not that easy to kill, here, do you vampires ever get the point? No!” With that Buffy slammed the stake home, and the struggling vampire turned to dust.

Adama and Apollo just stared at the drifting dust as the glistening mystical crystalline stake in Buffy's hand vanished again into thin air.

Buffy turns again to face both Apollo and Adama and sees them still staring at the settling dust. Buffy taking this opportunity sweeps her below shoulder length blonde hair into a low bun with a mysterious object.

When she turns around Adama and Apollo are both looking at her. "So who are the two Kobol Gods that sent you?" Adama asked.

Buffy smiles softly. "Athena and Hades are the ones who sent me here."

Before Adama can reply President Laura Roslin enters his office. "Commander, I am here to request a flight to Caprica and to request that you son, Zarak, Kara, and Buffy be allowed to come with me."

Adama glances at the President before turning his gaze to his son. "Of course Madam President, they may go."

The next day they arrive on Caprica. When they walk off Anders is standing waiting as if he knew they had been coming.

"So you kept your promise?" Anders asked.

Kara smiled softly as she walked over to him. "Of course I did, did you really think I would leave the father of my child here?"

Anders stares slightly in shock at her before he pulls her to him and kisses her passionately.

Apollo on the other hand turned to Buffy; he had no idea how to tell her his feelings at all.

"Buffy," Apollo said. "I really don't know how you are going to take this but I'm in love with you, really in love with you."

Buffy smiles softly "I know you love me, and I already return the feelings." Apollo smiled softly when he heard this.

Apollo then pulled Buffy into his arms and kissed her passionately, which Buffy had no problem returning.

Adama glanced at his son and smiled softly, he knew he had fallen in love with Buffy, but had no idea it was that much in love.

The next day Apollo and Buffy wake up together after the previous night. Apollo automatically groans thinking of his father and what Adama would think of this relationship.

Both of them get dressed and walk downstairs to see Adama. They walk into his room and Adama looks up slightly.

"Father, I'm in love with Buffy...” Apollo said.

Adama looked at his son somewhat smiling and frowning at the same time. "I already know that son, from the display of affection yesterday afternoon it was a little obvious.

The next evening Buffy who is already dressed to leave on her patrol is interrupted by Apollo who insists on going with her. Buffy glares softly at him but agrees.

She starts patrolling and runs into several vampires. They all glared at her until she produces the mystical crystalline stake and they all charged her. Within five minute all the vampires are floating dust in the wind.

After deal with the vamps Buffy turns to face Apollo who is all but staring at her, Buffy never even broke a single sweat dealing with them for some reason and it was a way to lure them as well.

The next morning Adama calls his son to his Caprica office. When Apollo arrives he is surprised to see Kara, Anders, Zarak, and President Roslin there as well. "Son, did you know that Zarak is also in love with the slayer?"

Apollo looks at his father in both shock and disbelief. "No, I mean how can he be? Both Buffy and me share the same feelings for each other."

Adama looked at his son in sympathy before motioning for Apollo to turn around. Behind him surprisingly stands Buffy, who of course looks as radiant as she did the night before, but something was different about her.

Buffy's eyes were glowing a greenish color and no one knew why (Primal Slayer and Buffy are one in the same). Apollo stares in shock at Buffy, this seem like the less hostile version of her.

Buffy looked at him before saying anything at all. "I see that Buffy failed to inform you that she is partially impossible to kill because of me." The Primal Slayer said

Apollo hearing this was about to reply but could not as the Buffy completely changed. Her then blonde hair change to almost deep night black and her eyes became a glowing red. The voice that came out sounded like Buffy but held more hostility than her or the Primal Slayer (think Hecate.)

"Contrary to what the Primal Slayer thinks, Buffy and the rest of the slayers are descendants of myself, hence they are impossible to kill." Hecate said. She paused slightly not knowing how to continue.

Hecate smiled softly then said: "Even more than that, she knows everything about what she is doing, and not to be underestimated at all."

Hecate closed her eyes, and when she opened the Buffy had again taken over. She slightly swayed on her feet but did not fall.
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