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The Passing Storm

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Summary: The bizarre ‘electrical storm’ in the Gift sets off Asgard sensors, prompting SG-1 to investigate. As the “Scoobies” try to find the necessary ingredients to successfully resurrect Buffy, SG-1 moves closer and closer to uncovering their secrets.

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Author’s Notes: Sorry about the drag in terms of this story, I was rereading a few chapters just a little while ago and felt that I could make this story so much better than it was which means I am interested in continuing the story.

This story takes place shortly after the events of Disclosure, where General Hammond informs the ambassadors of China, France and Great Britain of the existence of the Stargate, and Thor arrives to provide support to the General Hammond and announces his support of the Stargate Command. For Buffy, this story takes place several short weeks before “Bargaining”.

On with the story...

It was a quiet day at Stargate Command, located several levels beneath the North American Aerospace Defense Command at the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, or as quiet as it can get when there are no impending alien attacks from orbit, or invasions through the Stargate. With there only being a few teams off world, one peacefully negotiating for naquadah on P2F-758, there was an archeological team investigating Ancient Ruins on P3Z-967 complete with SG-8 as a security detail, the SGC seemed to be breathing easy for the moment.

The SGC’s flagship team was scattered about the base, Colonel Jonathan O’Neill was playing a game boy in his office all the while trying to avoid one Senior Master Sergeant Walter Harriman. Jack didn’t fear Sgt Harriman, so much as want to avoid the paperwork that Sgt Harriman seemed to bring in copious amounts. So being the smart Colonel that he was, he sat under his desk, hidden from sight, happily playing Mortal Kombat.

Major Samantha Carter was in her lab, which was full of various computers, Alien technology that she was attempting to understand before it was shipped off to Area 51, and several long running projects and experiments that she was running. Sam was running a simulation of the potential power output of an upgraded Naquadah generator, capable of providing an exponential increase in output production. Frustration marred her face as the simulation indicated that an overload was imminent. Sighing Sam stopped the simulation and began to check over her calculations once more.

Jonas Quinn and Teal’c were in the gym, boxing. Well, not so much boxing, more of a thrashing session. For the five minutes that they were engaged in this round, and the thirty minutes overall, Jonas had yet to score even a single jab, let alone a punch with any power behind it. As Teal’c blocked Jonas’s next jab, Teal’c landed a single blow to the chest, which only served to put Jonas on his ass for the umpteenth time. Jonas stood once more, shook his head, flexed his arms, and assumed a basic stance once more. Teal’c seemed a bit smug as the match continued, kind of like an older brother is with a younger brother.

General George Hammond appeared in the control room of the SGC in a dazzling beam of light. There were two gate technicians posted in the control room, and Sgt Harriman was not present. Probably chasing down a wayward Colonel, General Hammond thought as he surveyed the room. The two airmen in the room noticed General Hammond and stood in unison.

“Good afternoon sir,” they said in unison as they smartly saluted the General.

“Carry on” the General replied, dismissing the airmen. “I need SG-1 in the briefing room in twenty minutes.” General Hammond informed the airmen, before he turned and entered his office to change out of his dress uniform.

“SG-1, report to the briefing room” echoed through the halls of the SGC, being announced through the SGC’s loud speaker system.


Sam, who was still in her lab, instantly grabbed a few folders and her research on the Naquadah generator that she was still working on, and made a beeline for the briefing room as she had been ordered. As she passed Colonel O’Neill’s office, she poked her head in the door looking for a sign of the Colonel.

“Sir” she called into the room, knowing full well that the Colonel was avoiding a certain airman, and was probably hiding in the office playing his gameboy with headphones on.

Hearing no response, Sam walked further into his office before she called out once more, “Sir!”

A thump and a few growled words preceded Jack’s head coming into view.

“What can I do for you Carter?” Jack asked.

“Just making sure that you got word that we are needed in the briefing room, Sir” Sam replied.

More grumbles were Jack’s response before he stood up and stretched the kinks out of his back.

“Be there in a minute.” Jack responded as he continued to stretch.


Jonas and Teal’c arrived at the briefing room within minutes of Sam, who was already engrossed in her notes on the Naquadah generator.

“Hi!” Jonas greeted cheerfully.

Sam looked up from her notes and smiled at Jonas.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Jonas inquired.

“Not anymore than you do” Sam replied. “Sgt Matherson told me that General Hammond wanted us here.”

“He’s back…Sweet!” Jack exclaimed as he walked into the briefing room.

As the members of SG-1 took their seats around the table, each fell into their own little world, Sam once more looked over her notes, trying to understand why the Naquadah generator was not working properly, Jack sat and began fiddling with a folder and a paper cup that was conveniently on the table, Teal’c sat stoically waiting for General Hammond to arrive and Jonas, well Jonas bounced around his seat like an excited third grader as he read over a print out from the about a weird electrical storm that occurred in a small California town.

General Hammond walked into the room briskly and assessed the inhabitants of the room. General Hammond walked to the head of the table making his presence known to the members of SG-1. All four of them rose from their seats; two stood at attention and saluted the General, while the two non Air Force members of SG-1 simply stood.

A chorus of “Good Afternoon sir,” rang through the air.

“Carry on, carry on” the General announced.

“Sir, welcome back…” Carter began, pausing for a moment she continued “how was the meeting in Washington sir?”

“The usual Major, however it is what happened after the meeting that’s important.”

A confused look crossed Jonas’s face before he asked “after the meeting sir?”

“Yes, Thor described an anomaly that was potentially threatening on an extinction level of dangerous.”

“Extinction level sir?” Jack asked incredulously, before he continued “on Earth?”

“Yes, on Earth, but the ramifications would have spread well beyond Earth Colonel.” General Hammond gravely informed the members of SG-1.

“Sir, respectfully, what level of extinction are we talking about here, species, planetary, solar system?” Sam asked.

“I can’t say for certain Major, you are going to have to ask Thor when he arrives.” The General responded.

It was at that moment Thor and his chair arrived in the room in a beam of light, as well as a loud humming noise.

“Thor, old buddy how is everything?” Jack said as he greeted the Asgard.

“I am well at the moment O’Neill.” Thor responded, before he greeted the rest of the room. “Major Carter, Teal’c, Jonas Quinn, greetings.

“Unfortunately it is not a social call that has brought me here today” Thor continued.

“Something about something else going extinct right?” Jack asked.

“Not something in the trivial sense.” Thor stated. “The Asgard have long monitored this world, and many others, and an anomaly that we have never encountered before has occurred. At roughly 0520 on April 11th by your reckoning, an anomaly affecting the Magnetic field of your planet, as well as the stability of the dimensional walls and gravitational forces of your planet. Our sensors indicated that had the anomaly not been halted, all life on your planet would have been destroyed. It is our belief that the anomaly would have continued to spread until it had encompassed your solar system in short order, before continuing outward at an exponential rate consuming everything in its path.”

“Are you saying that this anomaly could have destroyed the universe?” Jonas asked, awe coloring his words.

“Yes.” Thor simply replied.

“Do you know where this happened?” Jack asked a bit shocked.

“Our sensors could not penetrate the anomaly to pinpoint the exact location of the anomaly; however we were able to conclude that the event occurred in the same hemisphere as the Stargate.”

Jonas rubbed his temples trying to grasp the severity of the situation; a quick glance down at the printed article however caught his attention.

“What time did you say the event occurred again?” Jonas asked with a slight bit of trepidation in his voice.

Thor produced a crystal and pushed a control on his chair. The crystal displayed the Earth, and rotated until it was above the conference room table. A large disturbance began pulsating over North America, closer to the west coast. The anomaly distorted the image of the planet to the point that it was unrecognizable, before quickly collapsing on itself.

“The anomaly began at approximately 0520 of your hours, and lasted several moments before it ceased completely.” Thor explained.

“Do you know something Jonas?” General Hammond asked.

“The weather channel and a few other sources were talking about a strange electrical storm in a town in southern California, which fits exactly within the timeframe of the event.”

“What?!” Jack asked as he jumped out of his seat, making a grab for the article in front of Jonas.

“Freak electrical storm over Sunnydale, California.” Jack read aloud for the benefit of everyone present.

“Thor, do you have any idea what could have caused the anomaly?” Sam asked, trying to remain rational.

“The Asgard have never encountered such an occurrence in all of their history.

“It is believed that the Ancients might have created a technology that would have been used as a weapon capable of destroying a planet by collapsing the dimensional walls, as they are the only race that has ever managed to create a device capable of sending a person to an alternate dimension.”

“You mean the Quantum Mirror?” Sam inquired, understanding the principles of what Thor was saying.

“Precisely, the technology needed to create a bridge to alternate dimensions is many years ahead of the Asgard’s capabilities.

“Let alone a means to channel the energies of that bridge, utilizing them as a means to destroy a planet.”

“SG-1, I want you to investigate this disturbance. Find whatever technology created this disturbance and quarantine it.”

“Sir there might not be a way to quarantine the technology…” Sam began, “if the NID were to receive word of such a technology it would never be safe anywhere here on Earth.”

“And we cannot let such a technology fall into the hands of the Goa’uld!” Teal’c solemnly stated.

“This technology would not be safe even with the Asgard, as the replicators will eventually escape the time dilation field.” Thor announced.

All seemed shocked by that statement.

“Is there a way to destroy the technology?” Jonas asked.

“Rig up enough C4 and yeah, that should do the trick.” Jack responded with a smug look.

“Sorry sir that might not work…” Sam stated. “…the explosion might trigger another event like the event on May 5th.”

“I agree with Major Carter” Thor solemnly said.

Sam smiled as a thought came to her. “We could jettison it in space near a black hole.”

“And how are we supposed to do that Carter?” Jack asked sarcastically.

“The Asgard would happily lend assistance in that department.” Thor said, effectively cutting off any argument that might be made.

“SG-1, find the technology that created the anomaly and return it to the SGC.

“Thor is there a way that we can contact the Asgard once we have found this technology?” General Hammond asked.

“I shall land my ship on your moon, and be ready to receive SG-1 and the technology when they return.” Thor stated.

“Very well, SG-1 you have your orders.” General Hammond stated as he stood. “Dismissed.”

With that final statement SG-1 cleared out of the briefing room and Thor disappeared in a beam of light.

“God speed SG-1” General Hammond said quietly.
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