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What's a girl to do?

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Summary: Buffy meets Thailog, they become friends and more during the fight with the Mayor.

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Chapter One

This is going to be my first atempt at writing a fanfiction. If it truely sucks you have only two people to blame. Me for writing it. Doc4 for spoiling me. The story Slayer's Knight by Doc4 is so far beyond awesome there are no words to describe it. It is the first and only Buffy/Thailog story I've read. After searching everywhere for Buffy/Gargolyes crossovers, and only coming up with a handfull of stories, and no other Buffy/Thailog stories I decided to write my own. I also dare anyone who wishes to try to write a Buffy/Thailog story as good as Doc4's story. You should all go read it. No, seriously go read it now I can wait.

Disclaimer: I own Buffy and Gargoyles. No I really do. Alright they aren't mine, but Thailog is. Wait don't sue, don't sue. I'll tell the truth. I don't own Thailog.




(For Buffy this takes place about four months before graduation. Faith never betrayed Buffy and never killed the deputy mayor. It was Cordelia, but they don't know that yet. The deputy mayor found out what the mayor was up to and was trying to warn Buffy when the Mayor had Cordelia kill him. Oh and the thing with Angel never happenned. Jenny came clean and told them about the curse. They decided not to risk it.)

(For Thailog this takes place just after he conforonts Goliath, Sevarius, and Xanatos on the oil rig. He escapes with the money and ends up hiding in Sunnydale.)

Thailog's pov

After gliding for the better part of the night Thailog finally reached the small town he had chosen to stay in. Spotting an old abandoned building he landed needing to rest his wings. As he sat down placing the briefcase of money beside him, he listened to the night. It had taken him nearly a month to reach the town.

Taking a deep breath Thailog closed his eyes and leaned against the wall behind him. 'It is not long to sunrise. I need to find place where nobody will find me. I can explore this town and find a place better suited to my needs tomorrow night.'

Hearing voices he carefully peeked over the edge of the building. On the street below were a couple of men and one girl. The first man was white. He was wearing a tan suit, had short brown hair, and looked like just your everyday ordinary kind of guy. Though it was obvious, he was the one calling the shots. The man behind him was black, he also had short hair, and was wearing a brown suit. The girl standing next to him was young, around 17 or 18. She was white, had long dark hair, and was wearing a sundress.

It apeared there was or would be some kind of deal going down. Wary of making any noise, he slowly leaned closer so that he could hear what was being said. It didn't take long for Thailog to figure out the white guy was named Mayor, and the black guy Trick, but they never once spoke the girl's name .

on the street

"Where is it?" demanded Mayor.

"It is on it's way, sir" Trick answered respectfully.

"It should've been here ten minutes ago. It is inpearative that I get that box before the slayer arrives. Do you know what will happen if that box falls into the wrong hands. Everything will be ruined, thats what will happen. All my plans depend on me having that box." Mayor ranted.

Just then a dark sedan pulled up. Two men climbed out, one carrying a big black box. Taking something from Mayor they handed the box to Trick, got back in their car, and drove off.

Up on the roof Thailog was thinking 'I bet that Slayer person, whoever that is, would be very interested in that box. As long as I'm in control it might be a good idea to have an ally in this town. If they become a problem I can always get rid of them. All I have to do is take the box from Mayor, find this slayer, and see what kind of deal I can get. If nothing else I'm sure Mayor here would be willing to give anything to get it back.'

That settled Thailog dived down, wings folded against his back. Snatching the box he spread his wings and rose into the air, using the wind currants to glide back to the top of the building. (AN: Like that scene in Gargoyles where Goliath kidnaps Sevarius.)

Picking up the briefcase Thailog lauched himself into the air to find a place to hide for the day. He knew Mayor would have all his men out looking for him. He was passing his fourth cemetary when he noticed it was almost sunrise. Landing he went into one of the crypts. He had just enough time to hide the box and briefcase before the sun rose.

Giles's pov

Giles was sitting at his desk looking through countless books for any info on what the Mayor could be doing. He was having absolutly no luck discovering the Mayors plans. Tiredly rubbing his eyes he lay the book down and chose another. There was a little more time before Buffy arrived. One of the books had to have something that could help them. 'I won't let Buffy down. I know there has to be something we can do to stop the Mayor, and I will find out what it is.' Giles focused of the book ignoring the sound of the door opening.

Buffy's pov

Buffy entered the Library looking around for Giles. 'Now where is he? There he is. I should of knowed to just look for a pile of books' She queitly walked over to stand behind him "Giles, I just came from Willy's."

Giles jumped drooping the book he was holding onto the desk. "Buffy, I didn't notice you come in. Did you get any information on the Mayors plans?"
"For a watcher, you weren't being very observant. According to Willy he's rounding up demons to go after something. Willy didn't know what it was. Just that it's big. It's new in town. It's not a human or demon. The Mayor can't go after it at night, it has to be during the day. That's about all the info I could get out of Willy." Buffy sat down in a nearby chair, waiting on Giles to determine their next move. She had a pretty good idea what that would be.

Giles was about to start talking again the library doors swung open, and Faith walked in. "I think we need to locate this thing the Mayor is looking for first. It could play a vital part in stopping him. If we can't use it against him, we can stop him from getting it. The mayor must need it for something if important he's enlisting the demons to help him find it. Stopping him from getting it could greatly help us."

Faith looked at Buffy and Giles. "Find what?"

Buffy grinned, "Don't know."

Faith grinned back. "Okay watcher we will go find we don't know what." She turned toward the door then stopped. "How do we know when we've found it? Or that we found the right thing."

"I think we'll know it when we find something we don't know." answered Buffy her grin widenning.

Faith smirked, "Hey, B this could be a good excuse to get a pet. You know 'We found him and we didn't know him so for all we know he could be what the Mayor's looking for. So can we keep him?' and all that?"

Buffy glanced briefly at Giles her own grin turning into a smirk. It was fun to tease him. "You know Faith your right."

"Buffy, Faith," Giles sighed hiding his smile, secretly amused, and thinking 'I shouldn't encourage them, who knows what they would come up with. "We shouldn't waste time."

Buffy stood up. "OK, Faith we're looking for something big, not human or demon, new in town, and the Mayor can only get it during the day. There's three hours til sunset, so I think we should split up, search the cemetaries first, then move on to the warehouses. If we haven't found it by sunset we report back here, then go on patrol and see if we can get any info on its where abouts. We can pick up the search tomarrow if we don't find it. That OK with you Giles?" She finished. Picking up a crossbow, sword, and stakes she followed Faith to the door.

"That will be fine." he agreed. "Oh and Buffy, Faith if you really want a pet you just have to ask." he couldn't resist adding, before they were out the door.

(I'm not going to go into detail on faith's search cause she doesn't find any thing important.)

with Faith

Faith came across two demons but neither knew anything. After killing the last one she noticed it was almost sunset so she headed back to the library to meet buffy.

with Buffy

Buffy looked at her watch. 'Half an hour til sunset. I'll try this last one then head back.' Entering the cemetary she spotted a group of demons exiting one of the crypts. There were two Faryl demons the larger of which seemed to be in charge, a Talgua demon, and two hellhounds. 'I bet they're working for the Mayor.' Sneaking closer she listened to their conversation.

"Why are we looking for this thing anyway?" The Talgua demon asked.

"We have to find it and destroy it. Unless you want to take its place?" The larger Faryl answered resting the sledge hammer he was carrying on the ground.

"Dammit this is a waste of time." The smaller Faryl growled.

"You want to be the one to tell the Mayor that." Faryl one growled back.


"Then shut up and keep looking."

The Talgua demon pointed to a large crypt. "I say we search there next."

"Fine lets go." The larger Faryl picked up the hammer lay it over his shoulder and led the way to the crypt, pused opened the doors and looked inside. "Its here, come on lets do what we came here to do."

'Time to end this.' Buffy raised her crossbow, aiming at the closet hellhound, and fired. It fell to the ground dead as the three demons spun around searching for their attacker. Unable to spot their assilent they released the second hellhound but by then Buffy had already reloaded and fired, stepping out where they could see her as it died.

The Talgua and smaller Faryl demon rushed to attack while the bigger Faryl demon stood back to watch. Buffy quickly unsheath her sword. Dodging a blow from the Faryl demon she swung cutting off the talgua demons head. The Faryl demon rushed at her knocking her sword out of her hands towards the crypt. Barely pausing Buffy swung her fist into the Faryl face. Punching and kicking she manged to get behind the demon and snap its neck.

Seeing the death of his comrades the remaining demon turned to run into the crypt. Picking up her sword buffy ran after him. Entering in time to see him raising the hammer over a huge gargoyle statue she threw the sword. As it slashed threw his arm he dropped the hammer to the floor at his feet near where the sword fell.

"Its not nice to break things that don't belong to you." She quipped before attacking him. Unlike the other two this demon wasn't weak. It fought back and managed to stab her in the shoulder with a dagger she hadn't noticed it carrying. The Faryl then sent a kick to her midsection that had her crashing to the ground in front of the statue. Before she could respond he brought his foot down hard and fast on her wounded shoulder.

Grabbing the hammer he had dropped earlier he lifted it up. Just as he was about to swing it down into Buffy's head a cracking noise filled to crypt. They both look up to see tiny hairline cracks running all through the gargoyle statue and getting bigger.

'The Mayor can't go after it at night, it has to be during the day.' The words hung in her mind. A quick glance out the open door of the crypt confirmed that yes the sun had set. Another quick glance showed the Faryl's complete attention was on the statue. Looking back at the statue as a roar filled the air she watched as the creature broke free sending stone shards everywhere.

Kicking the Faryl away from her, she picked up the sword laying next to her, jumped to her feet. She sliced threw the demon's stomache, brought the sword back around, and cut off its head killing it.

Swaying unsteadily on her feet Buffy turned to face the creature. It was unmistakably male. He big was with purplish skin, red eyes, and white hair. There were claws on his hands and massive wings on his back. He was wearing a only a loincloth. Judging by what she was able to see of his arms, legs, and chest which was a lot she could tell he was well muscled and most likely very strong. He was watching her study him with a curious expression of his face. 'He's hot even with the demonic features.' Buffy was unable to keep herself from thinking.

"What are you? Why is the Mayor after you?" She asked just before her sword slipped from her hand as she fell forwards unable to stand.

Thailog's pov

Breaking free of the stone Thailog took in his surroundings. There was a young girl lying at his feet. She had blond air, and blue eyes. She was a liittle small, and looked as if she had been fighting. Blood ran down one arm from a wound on her shoulder. She had a few bruises here and there, but Thailog still found her beautiful.

Some kind of creature stood in front of her, a sledged hammer raised in the air. Before he could move the girl had kicked him away grabbed a sword laying near her and jumped to her feet. She swung the sword twice and the creature was dead. It's stomache slashed open and it's head cut off.

As the girl slowly turned toward him Thailog watched his curiousity growing. 'Who was this girl?' 'What is this girl' He saw her carefully study his apearance unable to completely hide the apreciative glint in her eyes. Suddenly he understood why Goliath was hanging around that human Elisa Maza.

Suddenly the girl spoke. "Who are you? Why is the Mayor after you?" She demanded, to his surprise before her sword slipped from her hand as she fell. Thailog instinctively jumped forward catching her before she could hit the ground.

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