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Frozen in Time

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Summary: The Council interferes in the lives of the Scoobies again, but this time in a way that just can't be made 'good' again. Xander wakes up 500 years later...

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Firefly > Xander-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1543,27355631,2955 Jan 067 Feb 06No

Righteous Anger Does No Good

Title: Righteous Anger Does No Good
Series: Frozen in Time
Author: Jinni (
Rated: FR15
Disclaimer: All things BtVS and Firefly belong to Joss Whedon, et al.
Prompt 10 - Anger - at joss100
Claim: Kaylee/Xander



Xander couldn't believe his ears. He was frickin' cargo?

He opened his mouth to express his seriously righteous indignation over being called that, but the only sound that came out was, "Guuh?"

Apparently being put in stasis was hard on the old vocal cords.

"You just...hold on right there," the woman that had 'woken' him stammered. "Doc'll be right down to check on you."

"Gorram it!" Someone else yelled - a someone that he couldn't see.

And what the heck was 'gorram it' supposed to mean anyway?

"Just had to go messin' with things, didn't you little Kaylee?"

"Cap'n, I didn't mean to."

"Don't suppose you did," the mystery speaker continued. "But what does matter right now is that the priceless artifiact we were carrying is now no longer artifact...ish."

Artifact? Xander couldn't decide if that was better or worse than being called cargo. He shifted, trying to sit up, only to be held down by a light touch on his chest.

"Don't go movin' about just yet," the woman smiled down at him sympathetically. "You've been asleep a long time. Best let the Doc look you over."

And then it hit him. Stasis meant that time had gone by. Time...

How long had passed? Were these people part of the Council? They didn't look or talk like it, but that also didn't mean a damn thing, in his opinion.

And where were the others?

He licked his lips and managed to force a single word out of his lungs. "Others?"

"Others?" her eyebrows went up. "No - its just you that we're transportin'."

Xander's eyes shut, a heavy sigh escaping him. Just him. Just...him.

"But there are a few like you out there,"

His eyes opened, hopefully searching her face. A few others? Just a few? So many had been put in stasis... and there were only a few remaining?

God, what had happened?

"That's enough, Kaylee. Let's let the Doc look him over."

Xander's gaze flickered to the man that had joined them, on the opposite side of the stasis chamber from Kaylee. He looked like a doctor. Prim. Proper. All that stuff that doctor's were supposed to be.

"Vitals are fine," the doctor announced after a few minutes. "But I'd like to take him to --"

"Take him, then," the voice Xander had come to recognize as the 'Captain' ordered. "I s'pose I need to call our contact and make up some excuse for what happened that won't get us all dead."

Xander winced as Kaylee and the doctor helped him out of the small stasis chamber, catching only a glimpse of the back of the Captain's head as he exited the...



Where in the hell was he?


Thank you for the reviews, guys. Really made me want to hurry up and get to the next part. And the next. Keep it coming!
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