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Shadows that Haunt

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Diverging Paths". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander gets a new friend, thinks of the past and the present. Has slight slash.

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CSI > Multiple SeriesCaliadragonFR1511,484289,8535 Jan 065 Jan 06Yes
Title: Shadows that Haunt

Author: CaliaDragon

Fandom: Buffy, CSI: Miami and New York

Characters: Xander, Danny, Cordy, Speed, Horatio

Warnings: Slight Angst, Slash

Rating: FRT

FFA Pairing: Xander/Danny Messer # 2247

Prompt: 071 Broken

Archive: Any List I send it to, Sylum Clan and Beyond Canon

Summary: Xander gets a new friend, thinks of old friends and looks towards the future.

AN: This is the sequel to Shadows of Things to Come which can be found here:

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine.

Part: 1/1

Beta: Thanks to LynnDoc



Danny couldn’t take it anymore.  He couldn’t stay on a team that no longer trusted him and turned on him at the first sign of trouble.   Even though Aiden and Don still supported him, Stella and Mac didn’t and they were making working with them hard. 



Danny had decided it was time to move on; this was supported by the fact that Mac hadn’t said a word when he placed his resignation letter on his desk earlier that day.  Danny had two weeks to find a new job and a new city to live in that was when his lease ended and he had to leave his apartment.  Though he had already decided to head some place warm and as far away from New York as was possible to get and still be in the US. 



Danny had turned in his ID and gun, cleaned out his locker and said good-bye to the only two people he was sure would miss him.  They had been sad at his leaving, but not surprised.  Every since the case with the Tanglewood boys Mac, Stella, and everyone else had treated Danny differently, then Danny had been forced to shoot a cop.  That was the true turning point on Danny’s career.  There was no future for the young man.  Not now, not in New York. 



Danny sighed and shook his head.  Those thoughts weren’t getting him anywhere.  He stood and went to the phone.  For the next hour he made call after call, at the end of the hour he had a room with an ex-lover, a plane ticket, and a moving company coming to pack and move all of his belongings.   Danny could only hope that whatever happened in the future was better than what had happened in the past and in the present.






Xander Harris stood on his deck and watched the men he cared about stand side by side.  He leaned a hip against the railing and smiled slightly.  Danny had come to Miami three weeks earlier and that time had seemingly begun to heal whatever it was that had so badly traumatized the older man. 



Xander had been staying with Horatio Caine for nearly a month now and in that time his life had changed drastically.  With Horatio’s help Xander had been able to enroll in Miami University, they had found out that Principle Snyder had kept several students scores from them and Xander more than qualified as an entrant to the University. 



Buffy and Willow had been angry with him when he told them that he wasn’t going to be coming back, but Xander had sensed that it was a half-hearted anger.  They had wanted him gone and he had agreed with them.  That he had decided when he would leave was the reason for their anger he was sure.  Xander had no intention of returning to California if it could be helped.  He had a chance at a better life, a chance that he never would have had had he stayed in California. 



The only other good thing to come from his calls to California was talking to Cordy.  She had agreed to come out to Miami instead of stay in Los Angelus, it had thrilled him and she was living just down the beach from him.  Someone had stepped in at the last minute and paid off all of her father’s debts and saved her family from true bankruptcy.   He had also learned that Faith had come out of her coma and was working with Angel and a guy named Doyle in LA.  It also seemed that Faith and Doyle had become lovers and contrary to her normal behavior, Faith seemed to be in for the long haul with the half-demon.   



Xander wished her all the best.  If anyone deserved to be happy it was Faith.  He knew that they had treated her badly while she was in Sunnydale.  If Angel could forgive her, then so could Xander, not that he had ever really thought she should be blamed for anything. 



Cordy and he had become closer in their time in LA and Xander had a sneaking suspicion his former girl friend had a crush on Calleigh Dusquene, not that Xander could blame her.  The beautiful blond had a way about her and could stand toe to toe with Cordy when it came to verbal sparing. 



Xander sighed softly again and felt an arm come around his waste from behind, “What are you thinking about?” Cordy asked from her place at his side. 



“Just how things have changed since I met Horatio,” he told her as he turned and pulled her into a hug.  Cordy laid her head against his chest and echoed his sigh. 



“I never thought we would be here, or that we would be best friends.” Cordy told him softly. 



“Neither did I, it is so strange.  I’m glad though.  I don’t want to think about what our lives would have been like if I had stayed in Sunnyhell and you had stayed in LA.” Xander told her softly. 



“Neither do I!” Cordy said decisively, making him laugh softly. 



“I love you Cordy,” Xander told her before pressing a kiss to her forehead. 



“Of course you do dork, what’s not to love?” Cordy said with pretend scorn.  Xander chuckled again. 






Speed and Danny looked back up at the beach house and smiled at the sight of Xander and Cordelia holding one another.  The pair was interesting and the changes that they had brought to the two men’s lives were incredible.  Horatio had openly claimed Speed as his lover. Speed had had to assure a lot of people that he wasn’t pressured into a relationship with Horatio and after that things had settled down.  They had then got two new people on the team, Danny and a rookie by the name of Ryan Wolfe.  Danny and Ryan had hit it off immediately.  Eric and Danny had become close friends seemingly over night and Ryan was already making a name and friends on the crew by making sure that Horatio had been made aware of the fact that Eric had found the gun, not Ryan during a case earlier in the month.



It was the change in Horatio though that had brought the most changes to everyone’s lives.  Horatio seemed more grounded and more himself than he ever had been.  Stetler had tried to go after Horatio by claiming he was having an inappropriate relationship with Xander, who was just now turning eighteen.  Xander had publicly humiliated the man and Horatio had used it to his advantage.  Rick Stetler had been fired and would be lucky to be able get a job as a dog catcher with all of the information that Cordelia and Xander had come up with on the man.  When asked where they got the information, the pair had just smiled sweetly and changed the subject.  No one asked again. 



Horatio turned to see what they were looking at and smiled as well.  He had no idea what had twist of fate it was that brought Xander Harris into his life, but he was thankful for it every day.






The body lay partially mangled and nude on the beach.  Tripp sighed in frustration, for the older detective murder was a personal insult and murders were a blight that needed removed.  The young man lying dead in the sand was not just another body or number to Tripp.  He hid it well, but one of the reasons he worked and was paired with Horatio Caine so often was that they both held the same views on crime and the same thirst for justice. 



He turned his attention to the woman making her way towards him and smiled grimly.  “Hello Alexx,” he said calmly.



“Tripp, what have we got?” she asked as she went to his side.



“A body washed up onto the beach, a little girl and her mother found him while they were taking their morning walk.” Tripp told her. 



“Poor baby,” Alexx said thinking of her own children and the trauma the little girl had been subjected to.  Tripp sighed and nodded. 



“Our DB is military, navy if I am right.” Tripp said in a rough voice.  Alexx ignored the tone, well used to it when dealing with Tripp.    



The End For Now





The End

You have reached the end of "Shadows that Haunt". This story is complete.

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