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It All Ends Sometimes...

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Summary: What if the Buffyverse had Dragonballs...

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Anime > DB/DBZ(Current Donor)SithspitFR21720,316023,2765 May 035 May 03No

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It All Ends Sometimes...

Title: It All Ends Sometimes...

Author: Sithspit

Pairing: Willow/Various, Buffy/Spike, Others

Rating: NC-17, (Violence, Gore, Sex (Het-F/F))

Disclaimer: All BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, FOX, ME, UPN, WB. All DBZ ideas and characters belong to Akira Toriyama, except Paosh.

Summary: What if DragonBalls were real...

Authors Notes: This fic is, so far, only 6 chapters; it's been over a year since I updated, actually nearly a DECADE...but life has been...wild. I used to say it is NOT abandoned; now I wonder if perhaps I should. Honestly, who cares about DBZ anymore? If even one person thinks it should be re-vamped (heh) and saved, speak up. If no one does, well....time to pick something else to write now that life has calmed down a bit.


Night is the time for lovers, the time for quiet rest. Night is the time for romance and yes, even adventure at times. Cities around the globe choose the night for celebrations, inhibitions cast off as the denizens of the darkness revel in their concealment: Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio, Times Square in New York…the night is the time for things to happen. Some of those happenings aren’t good.

Normally, these kinds of thoughts would be turning over and over in the mind of the lithe and attractive redheaded hacker as she walked through the Sunnydale streets. Tonight, however, Willow Rosenberg’s mind was on a certain brown-haired witch.


Thunder rolled in the distance as lightning played in the heavy clouds. The air in the neighborhood hung heavy and pregnant, expectant of the coming fury of a storm. Breezes blew through the branches, leaves stirring…at random intervals one would decide to leap to its death. Inside the house at 1630 Revello Drive’s living room, Willow Rosenberg moved away from the window from which the approaching storm could be viewed. Wrapping her arms around her torso, she began to walk into the kitchen, her stomach announcing itself and its hunger with faint rumbles.

“Time to feed the Willow…” She spoke to herself. As she rounded the stairs, the phone on the table began to ring. Her face screwed up in a puzzled look as she reached for the receiver. “Now who could you be, my ringing friend?” She wondered. She set the receiver to her ear and said, “Summer’s residence, Willow speaking.”

Her jaw dropped as her eyes widened, her pulse quickening.

“Willow, I hate to bother you, but could you please take a look at my computer? It’s really been slow lately.”

Will’s surprise nearly made her drop the phone when she heard Tara’s voice. “T-Tara? Uh…s-sure, no problem…when?”

“N-now, if that’s ok?” Tara stuttered out.

“I’ll be right over!” Willow bubbled, hanging up the phone before dashing up the stairs to her room, the thought of eating forgotten. The redhead frantically darted about the room, overturning books and papers, digging for software CDs and her PC toolkit, the things she’d need at Tara’s dorm room. Items in hand, she practically ran down the stairs, nearly bowling Dawn over as she reached the bottom.

“Wow, what’s the rush, Willow?” The petite brunette asked, moving hastily out of the young woman’s way. She absently brushed her long brown hair from her face,
eyebrow arched in question. “I haven’t seen you rush so fast since the last time Tara…”

Both of Dawn’s eyes immediately grew wide. “You’re going to Tara’s!” She breathed, hand going to her mouth. “Alright, you go Willow! Good luck, chick.” She smugly said, winking and nodding at her. “I mean, good luck with that whole relationship thing…I mean, not THAT relationship thing, but…well, you know what I mean!!”

Willow smiled shyly, her blue eyes ducked down, then back up to meet Dawn’s own blue orbs. “I know what you mean, Dawnie. Thanks. Tell Buffy I’ll be home around
whenever!” She smiled and ran out of the front door, this time actually running into the person standing on the threshold.


Willow brushed her hair out of her eyes, pushing past the bleached blonde vampire to pick up the bag of disks she’d dropped upon impact with his lithe, muscled frame. “Would you please move Spike?” She grated, frustrated at the delay.

“Oh, sure Red. Run into a bloke and blame HIM for being in YOUR way.” Spike rolled his eyes and made to go into the house.

Where Dawn’s crossed arms and arched eyebrow met him in silent challenge.

“What, Niblet?” Spike muttered defensively. “I din’t do anything.” He tried to look arrogant and blustery, utterly failing to cow or fool the 15 year old girl.

“Spike, I COULD tell Buffy about how easy you are to get to…” Dawn began ominously, eyes twinkling with a frighteningly evil gleam. Spike shuddered in unease.

“Alright, alright, bloody alright!” Spike bent down to help Willow, handing her disks and tiny screwdrivers. The woman smiled up at him, then winked at Dawn. “Thanks Dawnie. Bye!”

Willow dashed down the steps and down the walk, rounding the corner at the end, briskly walking down the street as she hummed a song, a bounce in her step that
hadn’t been there for several months.

The redhead was still humming as she neared the college grounds. She had fond memories of this campus, and some not so fond ones. After all, college was a time for the Initiative, frat parties that turned into seriously evil hell houses, and the loss of Oz. On the other hand, it brought her Tara.

Tara…she’d not seen her lover in weeks. Sighing to herself, her thoughts lost in the past, her feet moved her towards her goal. Even though Tara’s dorm was a place she’d never been to before, she knew its location from having been a student herself. As she neared the building of her former lover, lightning flashed across the sky and the first drops began to fall. She frowned and cursed, realizing she left her umbrella at the house in her haste to leave. Willow ducked under an overhang as the rain began to fall in earnest. Now, for the first time since she left, it finally dawned on her that it was night. Realizing the danger she was in on a dark, rainy college campus while alone at night, she quickly reviewed her options, not liking what she found at all. If only she could…No. No magic. She needed to do for herself, even if that meant doing things the hard way sometimes. With that thought firmly in mind, she picked a course of action from her options and made to take the first step into the downpour, deciding that making a dash was better than being a stationary target.

As her foot lifted to take her first step, a hand clamped over her mouth and an arm reached around her body, pinning her own arms to her side. Willow’s eyes widened as she struggled, realizing that she had to think fast or she would lose any advantage she might have.

“Ooh, I like it when they fight me.” The horrible smell that drifted over her shoulder and into her nose caused her terror to increase exponentially…a smell she’d experienced several times before: the smell of blood on the breath of a vampire. Frantically, she stomped down with her heel, grinding the hard wood down the shin bone and coming to a hard stop on the instep of the vamp. It howled in pain and loosened its grip, just enough. Willow broke free and tried to run, her bag dropping, forgotten…and promptly tangled in her feet.

The witch stumbled, her stride broken by her bag’s strap as she scrambled for safety. With an audible ripping sound, the strap came loose and she took her first full step to freedom…and felt hands slide down her back, catching in the waistband of her skirt. With a strength borne of sheer terror, she pushed with her feet and felt the hands lose purchase; then tangle in the hem. Thus began a tug of war as the torrential downpour continued to fall, Willow partially turned and trying desperately to pull her skirt from the vamps hands, and the vamp snarling and growling as it attempted to pull her into his grasp, clawed hands tearing and digging into the light material.

Now, for the first time, Willow could see her attacker. The vamp in question was tall, standing easily over six feet and towering over Willow’s own five and a half. Her attacker was male, his ridged face and golden eyes set as background to a demonic looking goatee, widow’s peak, and a single gold hoop earring. He was a powerfully built vampire, and must have been in his physical prime when turned; he possessed no fat anywhere on his body, which was, interestingly, easy to see in his tight denim jeans and abs baring vest. He was probably handsome in his life, but now he was an image of horror, yellow eyes glowing, face demonically ridged, and those fangs…Goddess, those fangs are long! She thought.

Willow grabbed the edge of the entryway and used it for leverage to first kick the vamp in the face and then pull away in an attempt to escape.

The vamp, however, had other ideas. As Willow kicked his face, he grabbed her ankle, yanking even harder with the grip he had on her skirt, ripping it from her lower body, and clawing the flesh of her buttocks and ankle where he was squeezing painfully. Willow screamed, finally pulling free, but causing deep claw marks in her ankle and dropping her to the ground. The soaking wet redhead turned over and frantically tried to get to her feet when a tremendous weight fell onto her back, knocking the wind out of her lungs. “I can’t breathe…” Willow thought, fighting for a single, small puff of precious air.

“Aw, what’s the matter, little girl? Can’t breathe? Don’t worry…” The vamp pressed into her back, the buttons on his vest cutting into her skin, the rough denim of his jeans pressed into the curve of her ass. He grabbed her hair and yanked back, whispering savagely into her ear. “ won’t need to breathe when I’m done with you.”

Author note: Yeah, I’m a bastard…cliffhanger ending. Don’t hate me yet, they’ll get worse. After all, I AM a Sith. Chapter Two will be started tomorrow (3/11/02) and will be posted when I’m happy with it. Reviews will get faster posting, yadda yadda yadda….
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