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Some Vacation This Turned Out to Be

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Summary: Before the ADAM mess started, there’s an apocalypse during Spring Break. Guess who has a girlfriend with the Miami Dade Crime Lab?

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CSI > CSI MiamiEdScottFR1364,60802625,0867 Jan 0614 May 06No

Chapter One

Title: Some Vacation This Turned Out to Be (1/?)
Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of
who are me.

Summary: Before the ADAM mess started, there’s an apocalypse during Spring Break. Guess who has a girlfriend with the Miami Dade Crime Lab?

Warning: Crossover: CSI: Miami

Pairings: Xander/Calleigh, Buffy/Riley, Willow/Tara

Rating: PG 13 - R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Xander was in a cyber café checking his e mail. After deleting all the junk mail, there was one piece of mail that made Xander smile.

To: Xander

From: Calleigh

Re: Xander read this NOW!!!

We came across something we can’t explain. Forensically we can explain it, but there were some symbols we couldn’t decipher and I remembered you telling me that if we came across something like this, that your Mr. Giles could help us. The prosecution wants answers to this so the defense can’t use an insanity defense. I’ve attached photos from the crime scene to this e mail. Please get back to me as soon as possible.


PS: Is there any way I can get you to move here? I miss you.

Xander smiled. No one has ever said they missed him before. But before Xander could dwell on his pleasant thoughts, he needed to download what was sent to him. And since he couldn’t download on the café’s computer, he needed Willow’s. And to do that, he needed to call Buffy and Willow’s dorm room. Hopefully, Buffy and Riley are really studying and not human sexuality.

The phone rang three times and Tara answered the phone.


“Hi, Tara. It’s Xander. Where’s Willow?”

“She stepped out for a moment. She had to. Uh, um.” Xander tried not to laugh at Tara.

“OK. Tell her I need to see you two at Giles’ in ten minutes. And to bring her computer.”

“Uh, sure. Can I ask why?”

“I got an e mail from a friend with pictures and I can’t download them at the cyber café.” The tone of voice Xander was using told Tara that what he needed to download was important. And urgent.

“Oh, OK. I’ll let her know when she returns.”

“Thanks, Tara. See you in a few minutes.”

When Tara hung up, Willow walked into the dorm room.

“Hi, Sweetie. Who was on the phone?”

“It was Xander. He had an e mail sent to him that he needed to borrow your computer to download some pictures that were sent. I think it was urgent that we head to Mr. Giles’ now.” Willow looked like she was about to scoff at Xander’s notion of urgent, when Tara stopped her before the red headed Wicca could voice her objections.

“Before you say anything Willow, let me ask you a few questions.”

Shocked at Tara‘s sudden change of behavior, Willow only nodded.

“Outside of your parents, who has known you the longest?”


“Is he your best friend?”


“Do you trust him?”

“I thought I did trust him implicitly. Do I look like I’m not trusting him?”

“You had the ‘I don’t trust him’ face. That’s why I asked.”

“Oh. Oh. OH! OhmygodOhmygodOhmygod! He must not think of me as his friend. I need Xander in my life. He’s always been there for me. For us.” Tara stopped Willow’s babbling by putting her hand over Willow’s mouth.

“Breathe, Willow. Breathe.” Willow did and started calming down. “I’m sure Xander think you two are still friends, that’s why he asked you for help. Come on. Grab your laptop and let’s go to Mr. Giles’ house so Xander can download his e mail and find out what his friend sent him.”

Willow grabbed her laptop and put it in it’s case. They walked in silence to get a bus to go to see Xander at the Watcher’s apartment.
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