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Ten Thousand Bullets and a Stake

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Summary: YARTF (Yet another Road Trip fic) Xander Harris is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, on the run from the law, the PTB, the White Hats and the Black Hats he turns to the only people he can trust- others like himself framed for a crime they didn’t co

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Prologue/Pt 1

“Jar-Jar makes the Ewoks look like Fucking Shaft.”

“In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.

These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune.

If you have a problem

If no one else can help

And if you can find them

Maybe you can hire the A-Team”


Los Angeles
State of California
United States of America
Summer 1999

Things were not going as expected for the ‘White Hats’ of the Dominion known to it’s inhabitants as ‘Earth’, for millennia the ‘underworld’ had been in combat with the few that were willing and able to join the combat that existed between the two sides.

However as time had worn on the people of Earth had lost their past into the mists of Legend, many of the oldest stories that should have been remembered were now all but lost in the days of technology and population explosion. However in some areas of the world those stories are real enough, real enough to kill innocents that have no true idea who and what they were attacked by.

However as the numbers of light side warriors decline their skills grow, each knowing that they would not be able to count on many others when it came to the fight for their lives. Still like most of the former warriors many of the current generation were made up of the mystically capable and those trained in arcane arts and military actions from all walks of life.

But even with the loss of so much history there still were those who refused to sit back and stay out of the fire line when the darkness tried to push it’s way into the lives of those whom could not protect themselves, some decided to take different ways into the fight, magic, chemicals, technology, however there were still those who’s only way was to fight their way though.

Humans that had no reason to fight refused to stand down and allow only those whom were empowered to take the pressure of the massive dark forces pressing on all sides, many warriors would fall on both sides, both human and upgraded types were killed. Demons and even Gods would fall against the forces of the humans.

But there were never enough.

Never enough


A massive explosion ripped through the skyscraper, the fireball reaching up through the lower floors and up into the higher reaches of the building. Glass and plastics vaporised in the heat of the blast wave as metal melted and ran, in the blink of an eye twenty floors of the Wolfram and Hart building ceased to exist.

Within seconds dozens more floors were destroyed and everything in them was atomised by the immense inferno, the entire building was burnt to a husk within those first few minutes, the very top floors of the building kept safe by a combination of distance and magics were the last to fall as the building’s structure all but obliterated- right down to the foundations- collapsed in on itself destroying those few rooms that were not already destroyed by the explosion.

The devastation was total, not a single part of the building survived, the entire population of the building killed by the detonation of the high yield thermo baric weapon. Not even the magics of the ‘senior partners’ would be able to recover the personnel or the building from the destruction wrought by the massively powerful explosive device. The last few pieces of the building fell down as it’s remaining structure collapsed under the weight of the uppermost floors, the last few semi intact girders crashing into the burnt ground where the foundations had been scoured from the ground.

Six thousand dead and a massive skyscraper were removed from the skyline in an instant of fire and destruction, as the spoke and dust cleared the remains of thousand of burnt and disintegrated remains stained the entire square around the building, the buildings on either side damaged as their windows caved in from the explosion outside.

Red blood stained the walls and floor around the bottom of the building while blackened flesh and the white of stripped bones were scattered all around the last few support pillars at the base of the building.

A second explosion seconds after the first removed the six floors beneath the building destroying everything within them as the second fireball forced to double in on itself by the tons of wreckage above and the enclosed space below caused the damage to redouble again and again until the fire burnt itself out and the shockwaves ceased.

The wreckage of the building above dropped into the space that once held those floors the entire thousands of tons of rubble collapsed into the hole leaving nothing above, literally all that was left of Wolfram And Hart’s Los Angeles lawfirm was a hole in the ground and the smoke coming from the damaged building on all sides.

From a SUV a single block from the wreckage and with a direct view of the office a young man watched the fall of the most evil law film on earth, throwing a card out of the window he started his car and turning his vehicle he left his vantage point and headed out into the city itself.

The card was caught by a gust of wind and pulled down to the ground close to the destroyed building, it lay there waiting.

21st July 1999

Alexander Harris stood by the road, his piece of junk car had given up on his some fifty miles outside of Los Angeles, the explosion of the engine had caused the entire front of the vehicle to become an inferno, managing to grab little more than his duffle bag, his vampire repulse kit and his wallet he jumped out over the boot of his car thanking God he had the top down and running like crazy before his entire car exploded.

He had caught the edge of the explosion as he had jumped clear from the car, his precious last Hawaiian shirt had caught alight and he’d had to beat it out on the dusty road in front of him, putting it back on he could see the very bottom was crispy but luckily most of the shirt looked ok. Looking back at the car the entire thing had gone up as the petrol had caught fire and exploded his clothing and food had gone us as well.

Now he stood on the side of the road from time to time walking or trying to hitch a lift, his clothes a little ragged and burnt from the fire didn’t endear him to too many people as they drove past.

The last to drive past had been a bunch of hillbillies that had sneered at him as they went past, if people like that thought he looked bad god knows what the upper class types from LA and the surrounding area thought of his appearance. Stumbling along he finally made it to a small town, the streets were empty as he expected for such a small town even this close to LA.

Approaching a diner on the side of the road he pulled open the door and went inside, the cooler air conditioning hitting him like a fridge door and almost as painful after the baking California sun.

“That looked like it hurt a little.” A youthful voice came from behind the counter, looking up he saw a tall striking redhead smirking at him, she couldn’t have been more than twenty-one but looked a little younger- kinda reminded him of Willow in that way

“Just a bit, I’ll be fine.”

“Sure, man you look like hell.”

“You speak that way to all of your customers?”

“Nope just those that look like hell, what can I get ya?”

“Something cold to drink and food.”


“I try, ok, ok a cold coke and a cheese sandwich if you got one.”

“Ok no problem, here first coke’s on the house you really look like you need it.”

“Wow thanks.”

“Again no problem, gimme a sec I’ll see what we got ready.”

Popping the ring pull Xander all but drained the coke in seconds the carbonated drink being absorbed as much as drunk by the young man, finished he let rip an obscenely large belch that almost rattled the windows. Sighing with pleasure he dropped his eyes back from the ceiling into the face of the young woman behind the counter.

“You really did need that didn’t ya.”

“Sorry bout that, but yeah I did.”

“No Cheese I’m afraid, we got ham or corned beef.”

“Ham then please.”

“Ok, so where you headed?”

“Was headed on a road trip except my car exploded and nearly took me with it, only just got out with my few belongings before I got toasted, been trying to get a ride ever since but considering how bad I look not much luck.”

“Damn and I thought I was having a bad day.”

“Why what happened.”

Before she could answer the door to the diner opened up and a trio of men walked into the entrance, the woman behind the counter stiffened slightly as they approached her, Xander watched from his vantage point as the three large men smirking walked towards the young woman.

“Rachel, Rachel, Rachel guess what? It’s that time again.”

“For God’s sake Boston, it’s been less than a week since the last time.”

“Well it’s awfully dangerous around here for a pretty little lady like yourself in this town, we’re just doing you a service, I mean you don’t want to get hurt do you?”

“But a week, I haven’t had enough business to keep up the bills and rent let alone anything else.”

“Then you’ll have to pay some other way.” He smirked as he approached her.

“Touch her and I’ll break you arms and cripple the other two where they stand.” Came a voice from his side. Xander had approached them from one side while they were talking, the three men looked at the six foot kid, one that couldn’t have been twenty yet looking at them with a raised eyebrow.

“What the hell do you think you are some kind of hero?” The Smallest of the men, coincidentally the one in front ‘Boston’ as he heard the woman call him looked to the dark haired scooby, Xander didn’t quite recognise the accent as he pronounced the word ‘hear-row’

“No, just telling you to leave the lady alone.”

“You two get rid of this guy, the lady and I have business.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He said as the two brick shithouses approached.

Thing is for Xander Harris is that for three years he had been fighting vampires and demons capable of killing normal humans with barely a thought, even standing up to the most evil vampire family members in the last thousand years and he still stood.

These days he was able to drop a vampire to the floor with a single punch allowing him space to kill the vamp or get assistance even when he only had a single arm to use, considering the calibre of the threat now approaching him the young man was justifiably nervous as anyone would be when confronted by two men like this.

However unlike only a few years ago he was not scared in the slightest and merely took two steps back giving himself clearance room, the two men laughed at his perceived retreat and lashed out at the same time.

Vampires he had learnt usually got in the way of each other if fighting and to their detriment usually meant they died, however these two humans had obviously worked together a long time and knew how to fight as a team, something Xander had never had to deal with before.

Leaning back slightly then moving left then right both punches missed him by centimetres unbalancing both men, spinning in place the young man grasped a ketchup bottle from the nearest table and brought it down over the head of the nearest man.

Unlike what he had seen in films the bottle didn’t smash at it connected, however a dull *thunk* came from the point of contact with the man’s head dropping him. Dropping the bottle he reversed his turn and threw a haymaker into the other man’s jaw, putting his entire weight behind it Xander shattered the man’s cheekbone and destroyed the jawbone on that side sending the entirety of his lower left side teeth into the air.

The entire scene had taken only four seconds from step to two unconscious morons on the floor, looking up he could see the fear in the eyes of the racketeer and the look of amazement on the young woman- Rachel.

“I did warn you; now leave before I decide to get annoyed.”

“You little punk.” He moved to pull a handgun from his waistband raising his eyes in time to get a face full of pepper from a shaker launched from the same table the sauce bottle had come from causing the gun to drop on the floor followed by the man as he was dropped by another punch followed by a kick to the temple from the young man.

“Idiot, you ok Miss?”

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Move like that, I’ve never seen anyone move that fast.”

“You been watching The Matrix or something?”

“Well maybe, but it’s still a valid question.”

“Just gifted I suppose, got any rope or Duct Tape?”

“Uhh yeah, hang on a sec.” She disappeared out the back while Xander search through the pockets of the very unconscious men, pulling out Wallets crammed with cash and keys to a vehicle outside. The biggest man had twin Berettas in a shoulder rig while the smaller man was armed only with a knife, the Boss had dropped a six shot revolver.

“Jesus Christ.”

“What is it?” Rachel had returned with a long roll of duct tape from the rear of the diner, a few strips of cloth as well to act as a gag.

“This revolver is loaded with hollow-points, the bastard doesn’t just want to hurt people he wants to torture them or kill them horribly.”


“These rounds are illegal in this state and for good reason, they enter a body and shatter inside sometimes coming out the other side, the entry wound in the chest could be the size of a quarter while the exit wound about the size of a sandwich plate. Or it can be used to blow of a person’s limb from their body.”

“My god, if he had been able to use that on you…”

“I would be dead and likely you would have been next for being a witness, guys like this don’t care what happens as long as they all get what they want.” Looking at the woman he briefly scanned her, “Anyway they can get it.”

Xander finished searching the men, stripping them of weapons and cash splitting the money in half he handed one pile of the cash to Rachel while trying to tie the men up with the duct tape, within minutes they were hogtied feet to arms and them tied to each other in a large pile.

Their jackets had been removed as had their shoes and socks, their trousers and shirts rolled up their legs and arms to make sure they had nothing hiding to let them out of their bindings. Satisfied Xander stood up and looked at the girl.

“You alright?”

“You’ve just given me six thousand dollars in large bills, why?”

“Why not?”

She had no answer to that, moving subjects Xander asked her a question.

“Where’s the police station?”

“There’s a Sheriff’s department across the road, although I don’t know how much use they will be, most of them are scared of this guy.”

“Your joking, these idiots?”

“You’re the first person to stand up to these goons since as long as I can remember.”

“If the Police don’t help, I suppose I’ll do something about it.”

“Thank You, uhh what’s your name?”

“Xander, Rachel right?”

“Yeah, when your done with the Police come back here, I’ll have a full grill breakfast for you tonight.”

“You don’t have to do that Rachel.”

“Yes I do, please if nothing else just for the company.”

“Alright, I’ll be back.”

He pushed open the doors and crossed the road to the Sheriff’s department narrowly missing a large black van travelling down the road towards the nearest boarding house, the door to the department was open and so he merely walked into the room. Inside it was like all those old Dukes of Hazzard repeats he had watched over the years, shotguns in a rack, radio and desks scattered around.

“Can I help you kid?”

“Yes I’d like to report and attempted assault, blackmail and attempted rape.”

“Look kid…”

“The perpetrators are currently unconscious and tied up in the front of Rachel’s Diner across the road, the men attempted to assault me and the lady inside. We merely fought back knocking them out.”

“Kid, you really shouldn’t have done that, Boston’s just a stooge and if he is put away his boss will just have him out in a few days.”

“So you won’t do anything?”

“Sorry Kid, I got a family to think of.”

“You guys are on the take?”

“No but we don’t get involved too much the last guys that did got cut apart and left to hang from every doorway in this town, there were eight men on that detail out of the twelve we had. Now the three of us are all that’s left.”

“Where’s number twelve?”

“Don’t ask kid, you’ll sleep better that may.”

“I thought the police back home were incompetent, so you let this guy run over you all and you won’t fight back. What the hell is wrong with you people?”
“Kid get out or We’ll arrest you for breach of the peace.”

Grumbling Xander left the room into the darkening two street, the sun had started to drop in the last few minutes making him glad that he had got to the town when he had, walking back to the Diner he failed to notice that the black van he had almost been hit by had stopped outside the Nearest store and the people inside were watching him one with binoculars noting that the kid had already dealt with three men that had attempted to attack the young woman who owned the diner.

Back inside the diner Rachel was still watching the three men, they hadn’t moved but she wasn’t willing to get that close to check on them. She looked up as Xander came into the diner with a hell of a pissed off look on his face.

“Told ya.”

“Rachel, has this town ever had a gang problem, usually attack people at nights, Gangs on PCP or something?”

“Uhh, yeah usually around the cemetery at the end of town, there’s some gang that seems to be around there but no-one knows much about them, most think they are one of Hess’ gangs.”


“Boston’s boss, German guy kinda Aryan looking, almost a Nazi in the way he acts, as if everyone should pay him just for living and gracing us with his presence.”

“Ok, look I’m taking these guys for a little ride, when I’m gone lock up and don’t open the door for anyone until daybreak even if it’s me.”


“Trust me Rachel, looks like I’ll have to take a raincheck on that breakfast.”

“Sure.” she said confused as he walked out of the diner to the car.


Custom GMC Van
Outside Happy’s Rug Barn
Same time

The three men sat inside the black painted van, all three watched as a young dark haired man cut the three bound men from each other and proceeded to drag them outside and into the back of the Lexus Convertible that was parked outside the Diner, he dragged their deadweight as if he had no problems with them although two must have outweighed him by fifty pounds each and by about four inches in height.

“What’s he doing.” a dark haired man with silver through his hair looked at the young man’s actions, the young man pushed the last of the men into the car, by the look of him it was Boston. The man climbed in the front and pulled the car out of the parking spot and further into town towards the cemetery, tapping on the driver’s shoulder he pointed towards the Lexus. The black van started up and headed after the vehicle in front.

Happy Moons Cemetery
Half mile outside town centre.
Ten PM.

“Welcome back to the land of the living.” Boston’s eyes slowly opened and looked at the boy warily, his eyes bloodshot and watering from the pepper still imbedded in the eye, he knew when he was in trouble and held his tongue not wanting to let this kid know just how bad off he was.

“You know Boston, I really hate people who prey on the weaker people around them, back home we have a serious problem with this and so I do what any good person would do and I go around a kill them.” The jovial tone turned from happy to ice cold within that one sentence his eyes following suit, it was at the point that Boston noticed his own revolved in the hands of the young man, the boy’s fingers expertly twisting the bullet chambers round.

“You see it’s not so much the fact that you try to prey on these people, it’s the fact that you also work for a damned Nazi and you did this while I was in the room, fine you didn’t know what I was capable of at the time but I really don’t like being ignored so completely by you people it just annoys me.” The boy stood up and walked around the three of them, the heavies having also woken up recently, each noticed the boy had their own weapons on him.

“So I’ve decided that the three of you will know what it’s like to be the prey for a true predator and before you think it’s me you are wrong, you see at this time of night there’s usually a gang or two roaming small towns like this I’ve seen it at home, in LA and in a few other towns recently.”

“Is that so?” Came a voice from behind him.

“And that would be them.” Xander turned around to see four vampires, three male and a female clustered like a knot around the leader a Six foot four jock built like a Linebacker, they all wore their game faces.

“These gentlemen and lady here are what you call vampires Boston, each are capable of killing a human in seconds by draining them dry, each is faster than a human by a factor of four and stronger by three to six times depending on the vampire.”

He walked over to the three men and cut them free, moving away from them perpendicular from the vampires he spoke again but to both parties.

“Basically I don’t like you three and I don’t like these vampires, however you annoyed me more than they did, considering you are bloodsuckers of the worst kind.” Nodding to the lead vamp. “No offence.”

“None Taken.” The vampire smiled showing his fangs.

“So in that regard you are dinner for these four, have a nice night.” With that Xander walked into the shadows of the trees and left the clearing, the vampires slightly surprised at this merely laughed and approached the four men all three stood up and tried to retreat however the four vampires were much too fast.

The two heavies tried to stop the closest of the vamps causing one to go down to rapid punches from the largest only to pup up and backhand the man into a tree, the other had bodily picked up the female vamp and thrown her away and into one of the others, that one merely caught her and set her right.

One made it to Boston who attacked the closest vamp with a drop kick which merely saw him bounce from the chest of the linebacker, the vamp laughed out loud and picked up the racketeer baring the man’s neck to feed.

Walking into the clearing from the darkness of the treeline he approached the busy vampires. pulling the revolver from his pocket Xander fired the full six into the vampires near him, not one of the rounds fully dusted a vampire. Two of the vampires had turned to look at him and went down with bullet holes to their chest and massive holes in their backs destroying the spinal cord disabling both.

The other two took shots into their legs the female vamp losing one of her long and slender legs to an accurate shot and another to the neck practically decapitating her, the forth and last took two shots and in the case of this one he lost both a leg and by a lucky shot his testicles.

In slightly under five seconds the entire gang had been dropped.

“Their bodies are also demonically animated corpses that are difficult to damage and even more difficult to kill unless you know how.” Xander reloaded the revolver with ammunition taken from the car and systematically blew the heads off of each of the vampires each turning to dust on the spot.

“Thus we have the end of the lecture and demonstration for tonight.” The conversational tone dropped in pitch and level as he looked at the four terrified gangsters, “Now leave, If I ever hear that you or you boss interfered with Rachel or any of her friends the next time, I leave you to the vampires, understood.”

The winded heavies nodded and clambered up pulling their terrified boss with them, the fact this child had killed four demons that the three of them couldn’t even dent put the fear of god into him that he had never felt before. The three ran for it, out of the cemetery and into the town proper trying to get to a safehouse.

“Oh, they left their car, what a pity, looks like I’ll have to keep it.” Xander smirked as he climbed into the car. “Ahh hell, I can’t even get back into the Diner until morning, have to find a rest stop somewhere.”

Driving back into the town Xander stopped at a well lit street corner looking for a guest house of some kind, looking around he noticed one house with that same damn black van outside. *Looks like I’m not the only visitor*. He turned the car into a parking space and climbed out heading for the house, inside he found a bored looking young woman at the reception.
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