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Ten Thousand Bullets and a Stake

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Summary: YARTF (Yet another Road Trip fic) Xander Harris is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, on the run from the law, the PTB, the White Hats and the Black Hats he turns to the only people he can trust- others like himself framed for a crime they didn’t co

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Chapter 5

Part 5
Phoenix Foundation
4th August 1999

The Phoenix Foundation was an enigma, something that had been created many years before to investigate and solve mysteries, to protect innocents, to do everything that the normal ‘alphabet agencies’ were not capable or not legally able to do within their country’s limits and sometimes beyond.

During the formative years of the foundation their foremost agent had become renowned for doing what was thought to be the impossible, in turn that agent had become the man in charge of the foundation.

The fifty something Angus Macgyver walked into his offices on the very top floor of the headquarters of the foundation, walking in he smiled at the middle aged woman acting as his Secretary/confidant/jack of all trades.

“Welcome back mac, nice holiday?”

“You know me Alice, I never vacation I have working holidays.”

“You seem to take a lot of them.”

”What can I say I like my work.”

“Well you’ve been called a half dozen times by someone from the LAPD and a few times from some ‘old friends’ in the government and Sam called to check that next weekend is free for you.”

“What do the LAPD want?”

“They want the foundation’s people to help track down a mass murderer.”


“The kid who destroyed a skyscraper in LA.”

Mac turned around as he walked into his office and back out again, his mouth working up and down.

“Sorry, run that by me?”

“Some kid called Harris blew up a lawyer’s offices in LA, used a Fuel/Air bomb to taker it out completely.”

“When did this happen?”

“About three weeks ago.”


“Where have you been? The desert?”

“Something like that, what’s the latest on this kid?”

“Eighteen years old, born and raised in Sunnydale California, only a few close friends he’s disappeared off the map as a whole Mac.”

“What building was destroyed?”

“Wolfram and Hart, LA Branch.”

“Them again, not too unhappy to see them go.”

“Mac!” Alice exclaimed

“Alice, when you get the chance go through the backlog of files we have on them, you’ll find that this might not be such a bad thing.”

Walking away from the desk, the file of Alexander Harris in his hands he sat at his desk and began to read up on the most wanted man in the country, strangest thing of all was the fact that Mac felt a kinship with this kid.

Dropping is hands to the desk he rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands and reached for the phone, he needed to find this kid and before any of the Alphabet idiots got their hands on him.

Pressing a quick twelve digit number he turned on the phone’s scrambler and rebound system, he wouldn’t be found by this phone call and neither would the recipient of the call.

“Hannibal this is Mac, we need to talk.”

Higher Dimension
From an unknown place in an unknown world three higher beings sat around a pool of clear water, the smallest of the three a small pretty woman with brown hair dipped a finger into the pool and watched as the pool changed and allowed them to see the young man in his vehicle.

Giggling she looked to the two men and skipped off.

“I’m never going to understand her.” The dark skinned man said.

Country Road
4th August

The Lexus convertible swung down and ahead of two following police cars, putting his foot to the floor the powerful engines began to outrun the clunking police cars. The enhanced suspension allowing the car to take the difficult road without a problem.

“Looks like those idiot wannabes knew how to upgrade a car.”

From behind him the police car’s PA system screamed at him in the slightly goofy sounding southern accent of the man behind the wheel, Xander was just able to hear it over the roar of both cars and the wind rushing above his head.

“This is Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane, pull over now.”

Smirking behind his shades the teenager spun his steering wheel around and spat up more grit into the windshield of the car coming up behind him, the entire car moved in place and shot up a small ramp over the embankment and up and over the other side, the police car close behind.

The Lexus had gained ground in front of the less powerful vehicle and had disappeared by the time Roscoe had manage to crest the hill.

“Gosh Darndit.” He said out loud, “The Boss ain’t going to like this not one bit.”

The car with the fugitive sat inside was in fact only yards away beneath the canopy of a massive tree it’s branches covering a small hidey hole where Xander now sat, he laughed as he heard the other vehicle leave.

“Dumb Ass cops.” He snickered, turning on the engine.

However for Xander Harris it would not be so easy.

As he turned on the engine a cracking sound was heard and a massive branch held up by the smaller and more numerous branches broke, the entangled leaves and smaller stems held while the broken rear of the branch swung down straight into the back of the young man’s head.

Higher Dimension

“Nice shot.”

“It’s all in the reflexes.” Said the taller of the two higher beings.

“I gotta see a man about a bet.” The darker skinned apostle walked away to claim his prize.

“As he said very well done.” A third voice said.

“Micheal.” The other man nodded.

“Jack.” He nodded back, “Well now we’ll see if all the trouble I went to making these types will come off.”

Hazzard County
Next Day
The Orange Dodge Charger screeched to a halt outside of the tree, the two young men inside climbed out of the windows and into the sunlight, pulling the front seat back the smaller dark haired man helped out an entrancingly beautiful young woman who thanked him.

“Get the trunk open, I’ll get the boxes.” The blonde man said

“Got it Bo.” The other two responded

Heading into the hidden cove the two young people were brought to a stop by a blockage, shining their torches they could make out the dark green colour of a highly expensive and powerful car.

“Ahh hell, Bo get your Ass over here.”

“What is it?” The taller man said, he was brought up to a stop by the car in front of them “Whoa.”

“Yeah, she’s a beaut alright.”

“Hey there’s someone in it look.” The woman said, climbing over the bonnet and over the windshield, the young woman gentle pulled the man backwards until she could get a hand to the pulse point on his throat.

“He’s alive, just out.”

“Easy Daisy we don’t know anything about him.”

“He’s not bleeding or anything.” She said pushing the young man’s shaggy hair from his face, “He’s cute though.”

“Daisy!” The dark haired man said.

The blonde beauty checked the rest of the young man’s body as he lay unconscious, finding nothing as far as injuries go she did however notice as he started to awaken from his slumber.

“Hey there.” She said softly

Opening his eyes he tried to focus on the face, the light streaming through the gap the newcomers had made stung and he slammed his eyelids shut against the pain, he groaned in pain.


“Take it easy, you took a knock.”

His eyes focused as the pain behind his eyes faded, opening his eyes he looked directly at his erstwhile savior, staring at her he said the only thing that came to mind in his dazed state.


The blonde bushed slightly at the tone and the look on the young man’s face, embarrassed he tried to change the topic

“Where am I?”

“Well you’re currently sitting in your car under a tree.”

“I was being chased by some dimwit sheriff…”


“I think so.”

“He’s harmless, nice guy but not very good at his job.”

“Well I hid in here to get away from him and that’s it no clue what happened next.”

“Looks like you got hit with a branch.” The Dark haired man said, “Luke Nice to meet you.”

“Xander.” He said reflexively.

“This here’s my cousin Bo.” He pointed to the blonde man and he then looked at the blonde girl, “This is my other cousin Daisy, I believe you’ve met.” He smirked.

“Yeah, Hi.” He turned in his seat, “What happened?”

“This branch here, it’s all caught up in the others but it seemed to break loose and hit you in the back of the head, you were lucky.”

“Doesn’t feel like it.” Xander said as he touched the back of his head. “What’s the time?”

“Bout three.”

“Not been out long then.”

Daisy picked up the paper in front of her on the dash and looked at it.

“You buy this today?”


“This is yesterday’s paper.”

Xander twisted back to look at the girl, “You’re joking.”


“Damn that’s all I need.”

Bo came out from under the bonnet of the car and nodded to the younger man to start the engine, which roared as the key turned.

“Engine’s fine, but I don’t think you should be driving not with that conk on the head.”

“I’m fine.” he said moving his head from side to side, the crashing of pain overwhelming him for a second and he slipped down into his seat as the pain subsided. “Although I might be wrong.”

“We’ll take you to our place, It’s only a few minutes up the road Bo’ll Drive you there and me and Daisy’ll take the General Lee.”

“You sure, I don’t want to be a problem.”

“We’re sure.” The three cousins said simultaneously

“Just one thing, General Lee?”

Road to Duke residence
Three minutes later.

“Damn that thing’s fast.” Xander said as his Lexus continued on the backside of the orange charger ahead of them.

“That there’s the General Lee, fastest car in Hazzard county and strong enough to take on any trail in the area.”

“She’s a hell of a mover.”

“One hundred eighty on a flat road, seventy on the trails.”

“Must be serious tolled up to take this kinda punishment.”

“Yeah, the General’s been overhauled, but it’s a hell of a car.”

“I’ll bet, beats this thing into the ground in these parts.”

“Nah this old girls a hell of a car, seriously retuned as well feels smooth on the rougher grounds, she’s not the General but well…”

“I know what you mean, she’s nice but I’m not that comfortable with her you know.”

“How’d you get her.”

“Discount from a guy that didn’t need her anymore, I took him off her hands.”


“Yep, very even threw in some extras as well, I guess he just wanted to move on.”


The two men kept an eye on the orange car in front as it turned to the side and into a small holding to the side of the road the Lexus coming in close on it’s heels, both cars stopping close to the house itself.

“Should we leave the car here I mean that Sheriff was chasing me?”

“It’s fine, Roscoe’s been around this way already today he never comes in more than once a day, mostly to stare at Daisy.”

“Don’t blame him.” Xander said under his breath, then louder “I appreciate this Bo, a lot.”

“Can’t have you running around with a damaged noggin, come on in and meet Uncle Jesse.”

“Are any of you like a nuclear family type?”

“What do you mean.”

“I mean like brother and Sister, mom and dad?”

“No three cousins and our great uncle, all our parents died or ran when we were kids, we’re all the others have.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be.” The blonde man said, “Best family I could ask for, now come on in and we’ll get something for that head of yours.”
Walking inside the front door they were accosted by the elderly Uncle, Bo introduced the two men to each other and Uncle Jesse motioned to sit down in the nearest chair, exhausted and still in pain he agreed wholeheartedly.

“Sorry about the trouble Mr Duke.”

“Call me Jesse son all the folk round here do.”

Xander felt the cool feeling of an icepack lay gently across the back of his head, he moaned slightly at the pressure but soon felt better as the pack started to numb the pained area.

Reaching up to grab the pack his hand entangled with a much more slight and feminine one, looking up in surprise he watched as Daisy blushed and removed her own hand retreating into the kitchen. From the side her two cousins rolled their eyes and followed her out.

“Now the boys tell me you had a problem with old Roscoe.”

Turning back to the old man Xander merely shrugged, “Not really I got away from him, I suppose he didn’t like an outside cruising his roads.”

“Well he does like to put up those fake tickets of his, amount of times he’s tried to get the boys on trumped up charges.”

“Why not get rid of him?”

“Ahh Roscoe’s not so bad, it’s Boss Hogg that’s the trouble ‘round here.”

“Boss Hogg?”

“J.D. Hogg, he’s the big man ‘round here, he’s the one what hold’s Roscoe’s leash.”

“Sounds like someone we had back home.”

”Where’s that.”

“California, we had a Mayor who held the leash of our Chief of police and the Principal at school made life hell for some of us.”

“JD’s a pain but he’s not managed to do nothing to us.”

“Much as he tries.” Bo’s voice came from the kitchen, “Want a drink Xander?”

“Anything cold.” Xander said

Bo smiled back and rolled his eyes, “Anything cold coming up.”

“I appreciate this anyway Jesse, I’ll only be till I stop seeing double.”

“That bad?”


Daisy walked out of the kitchen with a trey in hand, she passed one drink to her uncle and the other to Xander who winked at the young woman as she looked at him, smiling back she sat on one of the other seats close by the other cousins taking seats or perches where they could.

“So what you doing in hazard county Xander?” Bo asked

“Well just graduated, doing the whole seen all forty-eight continental states, maybe the others if I can get there, just cruising around see what I can get out of it.”

“Well you must be doing well to get here.”

“Not really been through California, down through Florida, Mississippi and now here, but I’m getting there.”

“Must be with that car as well.”

“First car was an old Bel-Aire from my uncle.”

“Nice.” Lucas Said.

“Kind of but the thing blew up and I ended up in a small town, luckily I got that one off a guy that was retiring, get it for a song.”

“Hell of a song.”

“No I just threatened to sing the Barney song.”

The cousins laughed and even Uncle Jesse snorted his drink, he coughed a little and mumbled about the evils of teenagers eliciting more giggles from the youngest cousin Daisy.

“I just decided to keep going until my money runs out, then work somewhere, or stop if I find somewhere I want to stick around in.”

“No one to miss back home then?” Luke asked

“Not really there Buffy and Willow, my best friends, Giles who’s more my dad than mine is a few others but nothing really.”

“Well you shouldn’t be driving with that knock, we got the room, so you could stay a day or so.”

“I’ll be okay in a few…”

“At least stay until we can let the Doc see your head, we can take you into town tomorrow and have you checked over.” Daisy said.

Xander looked at the lovely blonde as she looked back at him worriedly, her dark eyes boring into his own, tiredly he sighed and acquiesced to her demands to stay but only overnight.

“Now that’s settled.” Jesse said, “let’s get the General unloaded.”

“What’s in there anyway?”

“You’ll see.” Bo said with a smirk.
Duke Residence
That night

“Ok I’m Drunk.” Xander Said

“You’ve only had six.” Bo Said.

“I’m Nineteen and don’t drink much as it is.”

“Daisy’s still fine.”

The aforementioned Daisy was curled up asleep on the couch next to Xander her head on his leg and a smile on her face, Xander looked down at the blonde on his lap and smiled himself.

“Good thing about seeing double.” He hiccupped, “Seeing that smile on two faces.”
Bo hiccupped himself, “Like our little cousin do ya?”

Hic “She’s gorgeous, kind and pretty, too good for someone like me.”

“You’re a good sort Xander.”

“Not if you listen to people back home.”


Xander tuned his head to the side as Bo hits the floor in a dead faint, the alcohol too much for him and laughs at the sight Lucas already asleep looks up sees his cousin asleep and then drops off again.

Xander looked at the two unconscious cousins and let all the signs of drunkenness leave his face, his own tolerance for the stuff was beyond what was normal for his age but this stuff was strong, not enough to make him drunk though.

Looking down at the very beautiful younger cousin of the three he figured she was about the same age as him give or take a year, crushing her hair from in front of her face he looked at her properly and for the first time in weeks allowed himself to relax and fall asleep where he lay.
Jefferson Davis Hogg Residence
Hazzard Town Centre
Hazzard County
Same time.

“Whaddya mean you lost him?”

“I’m sorry boss but he managed to get away from me.”

“You told me you were on his heels when you were chasing him.”

“He jumped over a hill and by the time I got there he was gone.”

“Jumped the… Damn kid musta been one of those dang Dukes.”

“I don’t know boss, his car was awfully rich-lookin.”

“What do ya mean?”

“It wasn’t anything like the orange thing the Dukes have got it was real dark green and had no roof like you see in those programs on the TV about the beach, it was fast too not something you see ‘round here.”

“Well should be easy to find if they is still around, keep a look out for the vehicle Roscoe then when you find it book him and take the car.”

“Yeseree boss.”

“Teach any little upstart that was driving it that he’s in my town now.”

“Uhh boss?”

“What is it Roscoe.”

“What if he’s already gone?”

“Then we can’t do anything idiot.”

“Oh right.”

Vatican City
Two Weeks ago

Half way across the world as the sun was rising a number of the most powerful men in the Catholic church assembled in a hidden enclave in the very centre of the great building itself.

The room had been the first meeting room of what would become the Catholic Church, the rest of the Vatican being built around the small hut, even after two thousand years the hut was still used in the most dire emergencies that would have any effect upon the church itself.

The ‘central spire’ was the very heart of the church itself, the meeting place for the chosen few of the church that knew the truth of the world at large and currently the nexus for ‘good’ in the world.

The old hut was kept in good condition through the white magics that were tolerated by the council that headed the church, the only change being that of the table and chairs that the council members would use to sit on.

On the walls around them a number of the most powerful and wanted sacred objects adorned the shelves and hooks placed there for them, the spear of longinus, the holy grail, the nails that once held the son of a carpenter upon a cross, a single round crown of thorns, and above the table itself a cradle held a simple wooden staff, once said to be that of the man whom could part a great sea.

Other objects lay around the room feeding power into the greatest concentration of holy magic in this world.

The assembled holy men rose as the oldest and wisest of their number approached and sat in the only chair left vacant by the assembled cardinals and custodians of the spire, the old and tired looking man took his place and blessed the meeting of the holy men and the spire itself.

“In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus sanctus.” Pope John Paul the third sat down.

“This emergency meeting has been called due to a problem in the balance of the forces brought around by the destruction of one of the enclaves of the infernal powers.” An older man spoke up. “Several days ago the Head offices of the lawyer firm of Wolfram and Hart was destroyed by an explosion that killed everyone inside and annihilated the building and it’s contents.”

A second older man spoke, “While this has destroyed a major backer of the dark side in this dimension, it had broken the balance between the sides, a balance we are not ready to have broken. Our forces and those of our allies are not yet of sufficient strength to take on the enemy, in response to this destruction it seems the balance is attempting to right itself by empowering a number of champions for their side that should not yet be active.”

The first man stood and continued on, “While we know when and where it happened we do not know who and why, the American police do have a suspect but they are unable to find him, in addition no one on either side of this conflict have been able to trace the young man.”

“Who is this child?” The low voice of the head of the church murmured.

“My lord?”

“Who is this child, what do we know of him?”

“He is an American child my lord, we have our own records of him as well as those of the American police and a copy of those of the watcher’s council of Great Britain.”

“Ahh yes those fools.” One of the others said.

Copies of the files were given to all seven of the men in the room, the watchers council reports first, the American police reports and lastly their own.

Hunter Records
File #11978
Restricted Access

*We live and we die in his name.*
Record Complied
September 1997- July 1999

Agent Jack Crow
Record Closed

Alexander Harris
Age: 18
DOB: 17/10/80
Place of Birth: Sunnydale California.
Status: Unemployed.

Of all the people involved in this shit I really didn’t expect a single kid like this to keep at the fight, he’s gawky lanky, pretty useless in every way possible when fighting the suckheads on a day to day basis.

But I must admit the kid’s got balls, he’s capable of a lot more than he seems to be (See Attachments- July 1998, July 1999, March 1999) the kid has gone face to face with these things on a day to day basis and survived when others haven’t. (See Attachments, Janna Kalderash, Kendra Zbutu, All attachments- Slayers 1901-1997)

I like the kid, he could be a good combatant out here in the fight, he’s not the best fighter but he seems to be able to do what needs to be done and the hell with the consequences, he needs training though but he could be one of the best we could want, he’s human and has lived longer than entire teams I’ve known.

Recommend, continue observation and possible recruitment as soon as possible.

Report Ends
Jack Crow
Team 4

Sunnydale Police Department Record Department
Los Angles County Police Department
Record# 77832

Alexander Harris
Age: 18
DOB: 17/10/80
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Sunnydale California.
Status: Unemployed.

January 1997- Observation started on Harris after gang incident at ‘Bronze’ nightclub.
March 1997- Harris detained on suspicion of assault and murder of Principal Flutie of Sunnydale High School, released on insufficient evidence.
April-June 1997- Harris investigated on multiple counts of gang related activity, insufficient evidence.
July 1997- Orders from Mayor’s office Investigation shut down.
March 1998- Harris investigated for theft of multiple restricted weapons from Sunnydale Army Base.
March 1998- Harris questioned over death of high school teacher Jenny Calender.
April 1998- Harris questioned over assault on Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Anne Summers leading to hospitalisation, investigation inconclusive.
June 1998- Harris arrested and questioned over gang activity leading to hospitalisation of Willow Rosenburg and death of Kendra Zbutu, released on multiple reports by friends of attacks on the school by ‘gangmembers on PCP’ investigation ended
February 1999- Questioned over disappearance of Jonathan O’Toole, insufficient evidence.
July 1999- Questioned on destruction of Sunnydale High school and death of Mayor Richard Wilkins The Third, released on reports from many high school classmates that Mr Harris in fact saved lives of the students by leading them away from the explosion- investigation ended.
August 1999- Arrest Warrant issued by Los Angeles County Police Department on multiple counts of arson, mass murder, destruction of property, use of illegal explosives, terrorism.

Current whereabouts, Unknown.

Detective James Stein

“The young man has been busy.” The pope said.

“He is very much a wild card.”

“Why have we not been following him more closely?”

“That is something that has come up recently.” The first man said, “While we have been keep watch on this boy we lost him once he left his home.”

“Then why have we not used our holy magics to watch him from afar?” The head of the church asked.
“They do not seem to work my lord, and if we are correct none of the infernal magic from the enemies or the other magics of our allies will work either.”

“In the name of the father.” The pope said in shock, “He cannot be.”

“We believe he is my lord.”

“Then we cannot find him?”

“No my lord.”

The pope mused this for a while, the others awaited the old man allowing him to come to any decision on his own.

“Send out the word to all hunter teams, anyone tuned our tenement anywhere on this world, they are to find this young man and bring him here, he is not to be killed but to be brought forth for his own protection.

“My lord, the boy is responsible for the shifting of the balance between the powers of the holy and the infernal, should he be allowed to continue?”

“For now yes.” The Pope said, “It would be nice to meet one of my kind again.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ten Thousand Bullets and a Stake" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Feb 06.

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