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Not a Hero

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Summary: Buffy telling two children that Xander isn't a hero. Timeline:Years after Chosen, and the last couple of years she got isolated from her friends through a portal.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralWhiteWolfFR1313530194,3148 Jan 068 Jan 06Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy isn't mine, technically James and Faith (not Slayer Faith) aren't even mine, but I highly doubt anybody would guess from were I've borrowed them. That's why I didn't put it as a X-over. They could be anybodies kids.

Summery: Buffy had told too kids stories about Xander and then she tells them He isn't a Hero.

Timeline: Years after Chosen, and the last couple of years she got isolated from her friends through a portal.


Not a Hero

Buffy was telling a story about Xander to two young siblings of a good friend of her. At the end of her story one spoke up.

“I want to be a hero like Xander.” James stated.

Buffy laughed.

“Xander was many things, but a hero he wasn’t.” Buffy said with a smile.

“But all the heroic things he did and he saved you and all the monsters he had killed.” James protested.

“Just because you do heroic things doesn’t mean you’re a hero.” Buffy reasoned with the boy.

“But ...” James tried again, but was cut off by Buffy.

“It doesn’t make sense, right?” Buffy finished for the boy.

“No,” the boy frowned.

“You need to know Xander to understand it and have more life experience.” Buffy explained.

James was frowning for being called too young.

“Let me try to explain it to you.” Buffy tried to think of a way to get it through to James. “Xander was a person that would have let hundreds maybe even thousands of people die to protect a person he loves or calls a friend. You think a hero would do that?”

James and his sister, Faith - who coincidental had the same name as the Dark Slayer - were thinking about it. They were trying to break their heads over it. It seemed they couldn’t come to a satisfied answer.

“It is a very difficult question to answer and has not always a clear answer.” Buffy said with some sadness shimmering through her eyes.

“I still think Xander is a hero,” James said stubbornly.

“Yeah,” Faith said backing her brother up.

Buffy only smiled at the two, who might be right about her Xander-shaped friend. Who was she to say who was or wasn’t a hero.



A/N: I would like at least one reviewer telling me that I haven't made Buffy out of character for not calling Xander a hero. Because I don't think she had every told Xander he was a hero, specific.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not a Hero". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking