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Relative Weirdnes

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Summary: Will be slash Xan/Alex. After the death of his mother Xander heads to DC and discovers something about his family

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Chapter 10

Disclaimer: Don’t own them
I know it’s been ages, please don’t bite?

Chapter 10

“Guess it’s time we talked huh?” Lex asked from the doorway. Alex faced him warily and couldn’t help but notice the sadness that flitted across Lex’s face.
“You can sit you know?” Following his own advice Lex threw himself down on the couch.

Xander couldn’t help but feel sad at the wary look on Alex’s face though he couldn’t really blame the man. He hadn’t wanted to flash his Council papers at the airport but the inspector just hadn’t wanted to move along.

“My name is Alexander Lavelle Harris and I was born in Sunnydale, California in 1981. Lex was the name I used while stripping, I usually go by Xander. You can use either. Know anything about the town?” He asked and Alex frowned in thought.

“Wasn’t there something about a sinkhole? And a gas explosion at a high school graduation?”

“That was my graduation and it wasn’t a gas leak. Sunnydale...maybe I should start further back?” Xander thought it over and Alex let him, not sure where it was going and knowing that the name Alexander Harris was familiar for some reason.
“Okay want the whole spiel or just what it has to do with me?”

“All of it.” Alex answered immediately and Xander nodded.

“ know this whole thing sounds way better with a British accent but that’s Giles’ thing. Basically the world is a lot older than you think and it didn’t start out a paradise. Unless you were a demon. They ruled for who knows how long till a bunch of powerful men got together to figure out how to fight them. Personally I think their solution sucks. They took a young girl and gave her the strength and speed to fight demons head to head. She became known as the Vampire Slayer over time. When one Slayer dies the next is called. Leading mankind they managed to force the demons out but one bit a human and mixed their blood, creating vampires. And not the romanticised ones in books. When a person is turned they die and a demon takes the place of their soul leaving behind a bloodthirsty killer. Sunnydale was built on a Hellmouth, basically a dimensional weak spot that leads to a lot of really bad dimensions. Evil thrives on these sorts of spots and there are several around the world, the current active one is in Cleveland.” Xander paused for breath and to see how Alex was taking it.

“Demons are real?”

“Yep. And a lot of them like to try and end the world.”

“Are you some sort of demon hunter then?”

“I’m one of the New Watcher’s Council’s top hunters outside the Slayers. Sunnydale always had a really high death rate but I never knew why until tenth grade when I literally fell for the new girl. She turned out to be the current Slayer. After...we lost someone close and after that I couldn’t turn my back on what was going on. After that I spent more time trying to keep the world spinning than caring about school work. Didn’t do much for my grades. The Watcher’s Council at the time really didn’t like us. It’s meant to be the Slayer and her Watcher till death and then I jumped in a dragged a few others with me. They even put price on my head for a while till they learned better. After a while we found out the Mayor was the major evil in town and was planning to become a higher demon. Last time it happened it took a volcano to kill the demon. Since we didn’t have one of those we improvised.” Xander shrugged and Alex’s jaw dropped.

“The gas leak?”

“Was a lot of homemade explosives piled high in the library. Slayer made the Mayor chase her and her Watcher hit the switch once she was out. Every teenagers dream and we got to live it. We also lost a lot of people but if we hadn’t fought it would have been the world.”

“Who made the explosives?”

“I did. And I led the battle to try and keep the Mayor’s reinforcements from eating the guests. Got possessed by a PFC one Halloween and enough of the knowledge stuck to be rather helpful. Did you know I have a sealed Federal file saying I bite? Some of our more public actions got noticed by someone in the Pentagon and they came up with a really dumb idea. Let’s torture and dissect demons to see what makes them tick and then use behaviour modification chips to make them fight instead of our soldiers. It was very nice of the US Army to try and cause their very own apocalypse, they don’t like us much after we had to kick their asses and then save them from their own stupidity. It’s why I don’t like going to D.C., the watch me while I’m there and I make them nervous. Don’t know why, what am I going to do, blow up the White House?”

D.C.? Alex froze as he realised why Lex’s name was familiar. So much for him not being important.

“You know Mulder.” Alex stated and Xander frowned.

“Yeah, how do you....Oh shit. Please say you didn’t used to work for the FBI?” He begged and Alex shrugged.

“Mulder told you?”

“More like ranted on the phone that it was your fault Scully was missing and he blames you for a few other things too.” Xander told him, still swearing mentally. Great, he was in love with the man his Dad considered his worst enemy. Could his life get any more complicated?

“I didn’t have a choice with Scully, it was that or they killed her and Mulder. And I made sure she would be as safe as possible.” Alex didn’t know why he wanted Lex to believe him but he did. He couldn’t stand to have the younger man turn on him now.

Xander stared hard at Alex for a bit and then nodded in acceptance. He could see the regret and truth in Alex’s eyes.

“Guess we got a bit sidetracked and you can spill if you want later. You want the rest of the story?” Alex nodded, unable to believe Lex was letting him off so easily.
“Okay where was I...Well before the military came to town we met on my rather interesting road trip. Thanks for the money, got me out of town a lot quicker and let me finish my trip. I did some solo hunting that summer too. Didn’t do the college thing, couldn’t afford it and I would not let Mulder pay even though he offered. Military tried to end the world. Then we had a Hell God come to town and yes that is what it sounds like. We stopped her in the end but the cost was high, to save the world the Slayer died. But when one of your friends is an incredibly powerful witch death isn’t always as permanent as it’s meant to be. We brought her back because we were losing badly. The town was being overrun and we couldn’t hold it. But that disrupted the natural order and let the First Evil out to play. First order of business was bombing the old Council out of existence and killing every watcher and potential Slayer to be found. Word got out to send the survivors our way as a last stand sort of thing. Eventually we found out how to win but it took seven Slayers and we only had two. So our mega powerful witch activated all the potentials on the planet. There are now hundreds of Slayers worldwide.”

“So the sinkhole?”

“Was the Hellmouth being permanently sealed. We barely got out and we lost a few of the girls in the fight. I lost my fight in a skirmish a few days earlier and still went in for the main battle. Not the best circumstances to learn how to compensate for a missing eye. After that we realised we had to take responsibility for what we’d done by activating the girls. We untangled the old Council’s affairs and started over again. The Watcher’s Council was older than most governments and had a lot of ties to many countries. We pretty much have diplomatic immunity everywhere. Which is how I got us through customs so easily. Watchers tend to make the authorities nervous because if we’re around it usually means there’s trouble.”

“This is...” Alex trailed off and Xander smiled.

“A lot to swallow? It’s all true though. If you want I can show you a vampire tonight?”

“I think for now I’ll take your word for it. I just need to think.” Alex told him and Xander nodded.

“Take all the time you need. I got you an appointment tomorrow afternoon with a specialist that’s used to working with the Council so he doesn’t ask awkward questions. As far as he’ll know you’re a Watcher injured on assignment.”

“Won’t your boss mind?” Xander shrugged.

“Giles is head but I’m still on the Council so unless I start spending millions on your care no one will ask.”


“You know it would help if you told your employees to be more careful Mister Harris.” Xander grinned at the Doctor who was examining Alex.

“Wish we could Doc. So what’s the prognosis?”

“Surgery, to fix the internal mess and clean up the outside as well. Then we’ll see about fitting a new prosthetic.” Alex shot Xander a panicked look but he just smiled.

“Whatever’s need, Council will foot the bill.”

“With the health plan you give I might be tempted to sign up.”

“You know Giles would agree in a second if you’re serious.” Xander answered.

“Maybe one day. Right, I’ll schedule the surgery for...Friday?” Xander nodded.
“Very well, I’ll see you then.”

“Xander...” Alex stared at him.

“What? Told you I’d get you help for your arm and I meant it.”


“Doesn’t make my opinions for me. He’s a great guy but he sees black and white while I’ve been seeing grey for most of my life. I know you Alex and that’s enough.”

Alex tensed as the needle was lowered but then he felt a comforting squeeze to his hand and looked over at Xander who was gloved and gowned. Xander had insisted on being present for ‘security reasons’ and the Doctor hadn’t protested other than to insist he sterilise any weapons he may need to carry.

Alex nodded and forced himself to relax as he felt the prick of the needle. It didn’t take long for things to start going black.

“It’s okay Alex, I’ll protect you.” Was the last thing he heard.

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