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Slayer/Jedi drabble

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Summary: all things that did not fit in with The Slayer and a Jedi

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Title: Wakening

Slayer/Jedi drabble

Disclaimer: Star Wars universe and characters belong to George Lucas, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon.

Rating; PG-15, it might change.

Summery of the drabble: all things that did not fit in with The Slayer and a Jedi

Summary:The Slayer and a Jedi BtVS/Ats/Star Wars; Buffy does not escape the collapsing Hellmouth, but with the burst of energy from the collapse a portal is created and she is transported to another dimension. And Connor didn’t end up in Quar-Toth he is on Tatooine, living with the Lars9’.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Misery/SF

Spoilers: All seasons of Buffy/Angel and Star Wars movies (Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith) and Nancy Holder's book Queen of Slayers

Author’s notes: Here is first drabble that accompanies my crossover The Slayer and a Jedi. Time difference. 1 month of BTVS is one year in SW!
It takes place during the bus drive away from Sunnydale after the Chosen.

Title: Wakening

Everyone who was able to get off the bus was now standing at the edge of the chasm, crowding around Faith.

“Where’s Buffy?” asks Dawn. “Did she make it?”

“I don’t know.” Faith starts to answer, but knowing her sister Slayer, her friend did not make it. Faith turns around to consult the younger Summers girl.


Buffy walks to the bus and the others suddenly disappear. The "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign still stands, perched precariously on the edge of the canyon. The sign teeters a little before falling backwards into the pit that used to be its city.

Faith frowns. “This is a dream.” She states.

Buffy grins. “Oh yeah… one of those cryptic ones.” She turns a serious gaze on Faith. "A higher power guiding us?”

“Why does that sound familiar, and do you need to be so cryptic, B? What’s the hitch?” says Faith irritated.

Buffy just walks to the edge of the pit. “I still have miles to go. Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0.”

Faith groans. “Listen B, I’m not good with riddles or this Slayer dreams stuff...”

“I’m not there.”

“What.” Buffy turns back to Faith, pointing at the chasm. “I’m not there.”

Faith closes her eyes and opens them again, only to find her self in the Magic Box, she looks around and sees Buffy wearing a sleeveless blouse and pale skirt, with her hair loose, carrying a book.

Buffy walks to a bookshelf, puts the book on it with other books, pauses for a moment, turns and looks at Faith again.

“I’m not there or here.”

“What, you are not at the Magic Box.” Asks Faith and Buffy shakes her head.

“And you are not in that pit.” Again Buffy shakes her head but before Faith can ask her anything else Buffy walks away.

Faith runs after her. “Hey B wait!”

Buffy throws the door open and walks out, Faith follows.

Right to the graveyard, it’s sunny day. A small bunch of flowers lies on the grass in front of a headstone, and it reads:


“I’m not there either.”

“So you are not dead.”

Buffy just smiles.

“I’ll take that as a yes. So B, if you are not dead or here, where are you?”

Landscape suddenly changes in to vast dessert. Buffy standing still, watching in the distance, her arms crossed, and then she relaxes and looks at Faith.

“I’m here.”

“So you’re in the dessert, Sahara maybe?”

Buffy just shakes her head and looks up. Faith follows Buffy’s look.


Above them are two suns.
Faith looks down, but Buffy is gone. Only a soft whisper is heard.

“Time to wake up now.”

Faith slowly opens her eyes, and disoriented she does not know where she is at the moment.

“Hey Faith.” Says a voice behind her.

“Yo Dawn, how are you?”

Dawn shrugs. “I’ve been better.” She whispers, tears falling from her eyes.

“But Giles…!” comes Rona’s shout.

“Rona, I’ll be first to admit that I would love for this to be true, but your dreams...”

“Whoa Watcher-man.” Faith interrupts Giles. “Rona did you by any chance dreamed about Buffy saying something like: Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0 and “I’m not here or there”. And then B’s standing in the desert with two suns overhead?”

Rona nods.

“She could still be alive.” Says Willow.

“In another dimension, but…Giles could this be real.”

Giles pulls his glasses off and cleans them. “Well since two Slayers have had the same dream, I’m inclined to believe that, yes, Buffy is…”

“Alive.” Says a young Slayer, with short brown hair.

“Lisa?” asks Vi.

“I had a dream to.”

Willows puts on her resolve face.


She nods once.

“So Buffy is alive and in another dimension. And we will get her out.”

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