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This story is No. 2 in the series "Myriad". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel of sorts to Wish Fulfillment

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralvitruvianFR13138,15212324,7509 Jan 0610 Jan 06Yes

Abort, Retry, Reboot

Sunnydale, 1998.

Anyanka is careless, and her power object is destroyed. Her most recent Wish is reversed, and her past manipulations become open to revision.

The Powers That Be manipulate events so that Kal-El's capsule still lands outside Smallville, Kansas, and a couple called the Kents is there to adopt him, but rather later than in the previous version of history. They reach further back in time, and there is no fictional precursor published to the world's first superhero. Young Clark has a career as Superboy before reaching his majority, and joins a band of superpowered teens from a millenium in the future. The Senior Partners ensure that his rogues gallery appear on the scene as well, and the Powers That Be introduce more heroes.

Some two decades later, a Lois Lane who looks very similar to the one that came before, except she is dressed in Seventies fashions, walks into a bar and orders a double. Anyanka is once again drawn by her desire for vengeance, and she wishes much the same Wish, although now she refers to comic 'books' rather than 'strips'.

The board is swept of the major players once again; writers and artists are reinspired. A new generation of heroes and villains is affected by this change as well.

The Powers try again; Superman does not appear for the first time until the late 1970s. He defeats Lex Luthor, lets his secret slip to Lois much earlier in their relationship, and they are married. Then the idiot gives up his powers on the advice of a manifestation of the First. Sometimes appearing as anyone who has died actually comes in quite handy. He regains those powers in time to defeat Zod and his minions, and then he does the unforgivable; he abuses his power and erases Lois' memory of his secret identity and their love with a kiss. Lois of course eventually finds out, and the Wish is remade once again.

The Powers That Be Frustrated think they are on to something with the Superman of the 1990s, who very quickly confides his secret in Lois. Unfortunately, the schmuck fails to save Lois' parents (or his own) shortly after their wedding, and the same Wish is granted.

The careers of Superman's closest allies are tied in tandem with his own. Whenever Superman goes fictional, so too does the Batman and in some cases even all of Gotham City. Whenever Superman is brought back from limbo, so too does another version of Bruce Wayne discover his true calling. The World's Finest are too fine a team to break up; their Destinies are too intertwined.

Only those heroes and villains who are not too closely linked with either Clark or Bruce, and whose careers can be hidden from sight in the shadows of history, can avoid having their histories rewritten each time history is repeated. There is an Amazon princess who helps the Allies during WWII, and reappears during the 1970s, but her exploits are dismissed by most as urban legend. There is a Flash in Central City during the early 1990s, but his exceedingly short career is not much remembered, even by his nephew Bart.

The Powers That Be Fed Up have decided; the next revival of the Heroic Age, or at least Clark Kent's career as a costumed hero, has to wait until well after the date on which Anyanka's power object is destroyed. That way she can't interfere again, and the cycle can finally be ended.

After all, D'Hoffryn wouldn't be silly enough to offer Anyanka her job back - would he?
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