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Always the crazy ones

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Summary: "You said the W-word, didn't you?"

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Firefly > GeneralNorwegianneFR1521,6721127,71510 Jan 0622 Jan 06No

Chapter One

Title: Always the Crazy ones
Author: norwegianne
Rating: FR 15
Disclaimer: Firefly, Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer are all creative creations of Joss Whedon.
TtH100 prompt: 042. Time Travel
Words: 659
Spoilers: For Firefly/Serenity - after the movie. For Buffy - the episode Entropy.
Summary: You said the "W-word," didn't you?

“Oh, bloody hell!”

“You said the W-word, didn’t you?”

“No, I bloody well didn’t.”

“Someone must have done it,” Anya looked up into Spike’s face. “One minute I was approaching a very nice orgasm, thank you very much for that by the way, and the next I know, we’re here.”

“Just very nice?” Spike raises an eyebrow.

She rolls her eyes and brings one of her hands up to pat him on the shoulder. “Yes. Very nice. Well done. Good job.”

“Lookie here,” Spike sort of swats her hand away and moves down so he can properly get in her face. “Just because I’m slightly impotent at the mo’ – there’s no need to insult me.”

Anya wiggles a bit.

“You don’t feel impotent,” she says. “In fact, you’re feeling remarkably potent, as you did few minutes ago before we landed here.”

“Not that kind,” Spike rolls his eyes, before he looks around as to catch a glimpse of their surroundings.

“Oh,” Anya catches his point. “The vampire thing. You’re not feeling as if though you’re a proper vampire when you can’t bite people, and you wonder if it is putting its mark on the rest of your life. Or unlife.”

“Bloody brill you are.” He turns around to get another look around. Anya looks too, even if she doesn’t know what they’re looking at. It doesn’t seem familiar to her.

“No worries. If you hadn’t said the W-word, I’m sure I would have gotten my orgasm. You’re a very adequate lover.”


“Any time.”

“D’you think we can get up now?”

“I hope so.”

He gets off her and she covers herself before getting off the floor.

Finally she takes the time to look around.

“Where are we?”

“No idea,” Spike says. “It kind of looks like one of the warehouses in Los Angeles, that I tied Angel up in once, only smaller and nicer.”

“Or,” Anya adds. “Kind of like a military control room. You know, like on Stargate SG-1.”


She is sure it is just a figment of her imagination that Spike seems to be turning paler than he already is. Especially as he’s a vampire, without blood circulation and all that it entails, except for possibly sex. She remembers that Spike is none too fond of the military.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure they aren’t part of the Initiative…”

“Thanks a lot.”

Anya continues, as if he hadn’t interrupted her. “And if they are… well, you’ve already got a chip, haven’t you? And personally I’m very human.” She says the last part loudly, as if that might convince anybody who is listening.

“It does kind of look like the control room on Stargate,” Spike looks properly around. “Only without the gigantic stargate or the large glass window.”

“I told you so.”

“That you did. That you did. Hey, you wouldn’t be up for any more investigating of this place, now would you?”

Anya shrugs, as he makes a move to go up some stairs.

“Ain’t this interesting?”

Both Anya and Spike look up towards the voice. A man in brown coat is leaning over the rail, looking down at them. They would be surprised that the same thought is running through their heads, even if Anya is the one who gets to voice it.

“You don’t look military.”

“‘S been a long time since I was,” he says. “Now, could either of you provide me with a reasonable explanation as to why you’re onboard my ship?”

“We’re on a boat?” Anya asks.

“My ship.”

“Your boat?” Spike asks.

“My spaceship,” the man gestures. “You’re currently in the cargo bay of my spaceship, a Firefly called Serenity, and us bein’ a good while from any planet, a man’s gotta wonder where you came from.”

“Now, this I can do. You see, when a man and a woman love each other very much…”


“What?" Spike turns towards her. "He asked.”

“I always got to pick up the crazy ones.”
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