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Uh... huh?

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Summary: Challenge Response. This was the first chapter of a Round Robin I wrote for my Yahoogroup ages ago that floundered horribly. It fits the criteria for this challenge, so... "BATTER UP!!!"

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Cartoons > GargoylesEllandrahSylver + 1 otherFR1321,032052,05311 Jan 0616 Jan 06No

Meeting People the Slayer Way by Dragonhulk

As far as Buffy was concerned, the equation was simple. One fully armed Slayer, plus one very menacing looking demon, equaled a fight.

Launching herself towards the creature that had been stone just a few moments ago Buffy instantly went in for the kill hoping to end the fight quickly. Of course things rarely go according to plan, and this time was no different as the lavender demon grabbed her in a crushing grip.

“Hey Spike, I could use some help here,” said Buffy as she executed a number of strikes to where the thought the creatures nerve ending would be.

“Sorry Slayer, I’m not suicidal,” said the blond vampire as he sought cover.

Roaring as Buffy landed a particularly devastating kick the creature let her go, only to hit her with his tail. The strength of the blow sent her flying across the ally and into Spike.

“Goliath, is that you?” asked a voice, and when Buffy looked up she saw four more demons flying towards the ally.

“Great more demons,” said Buffy as she untangled herself from Spike.

“I don’t know, the red one with the beak looks like he might be some fun,” said Spike.

“Its still five demons against the two of us,” said Buffy as she got into a defensive position. “I just hope they aren’t all as strong as the big guy.”

“We’re not demons, we’re gargoyles,” rumbled Goliath.

“And the difference would be?” asked Buffy.

“The difference lass, is that we’re protectors, just like ye,” said the old brown one with only one eye.

“She’s a protector?” asked the fat blue one.

“I believe she’s the Slayer,” said the brown one. “I have no other explanation how a wee slip of a girl would be able to harm Goliath as easily as she did.”

“Are you sure Hudson?” asked Goliath

“That I am,” said the elderly creature with a nod. “Though I be wondering what she’s doing fighting alongside what she’s meant to kill.”

“Special case, he can’t hurt humans,” said Buffy as she relaxed a bit.

“Fair enough,” said Hudson.

“Hey guys, glad I found you,” said a bat-winged panther man as if flew towards them, waving a paper in its hand. “This just appeared in the Labyrinth, and I thought one of you may know what it means.”

“What does it say?” asked the small web winged gargoyle.

“You are cordially invited to take part in the dance of the great circle. You will be given the passage, and shown the way, when you are ready. The first step has been taken, now the three of you will-“

Before Tallon the mutated human could finish he, Buffy, and Spike disapeared in a flash of light.

“Where are we now?” moaned Buffy as the spots danced in her eyes.

“You’re in Titans Tower, and you are tresspassing,” said a large black man that apeared to be half machiene.

Well this is my contribution. This is my first attempt to write something that has Buffy and Spike as the main characters, so be gentil. ----- Dragonhulk

The End?

You have reached the end of "Uh... huh?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jan 06.

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