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Uh... huh?

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Summary: Challenge Response. This was the first chapter of a Round Robin I wrote for my Yahoogroup ages ago that floundered horribly. It fits the criteria for this challenge, so... "BATTER UP!!!"

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Cartoons > GargoylesEllandrahSylver + 1 otherFR1321,032052,05111 Jan 0616 Jan 06No

And away we go...

Rating, FR7 - FR13 for now. Kinda kiddish, I guess.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my slightly weird imagination. Buffy et all belong to Joss et al. Gargoyles belongs to... er... whoever they belong to. Not me.

It's really short, and I wrote it after Season Four wrapped, but before Five started, so call it Season Four canon.

If I forgot anything in the intro, let me know.


"-and for good reason!" Willow looked up from her rant, and focused on her best friend. Buffy was painting her nails and appeared oblivious to Willow's speech. "Buffy! You're not listening to me!"

"You were telling me that you dropped out of your Political Science class, and why. I was listening, Wills, I just want to look special tonight. This is Riley's and my first year anniversary, you know." The Slayer studied the finish of her nailpolish to make sure it was flawless.

"I know that Buff, but I just wish you would LOOK like you're listening when I am talking, you know? Knowing you are and seeing that you are really is two different things." Before the conversation had a chance to degenerate into an argument, the telephone between the two girls' beds rang. Willow snatched it up, and barked, "Hello?"

"Willow, I need you and Buffy here right away!" came the voice of Rupert Giles, Buffy's former Watcher. "I've just discovered something interesting, and I would like your assistance in researching it."

"OK, Giles. Research Girls'R'Us will be right over." Willow hung the receiver on the cradle, and turned to see Buffy pulling out her weapons bag.

"If we're going over there now, I want to have everything I need for patrol, so I can still have time to meet Riley on time for our date tonight."

Ten minutes later, the two of them met Xander and Anya, two more of their friends, at Giles' door. The former Watcher opened his door the moment they knocked on it. The Slayer, the witch, the former demoness, and the young man walked into the house, where Giles and Spike, the "fixed" vampire waited.

"I'm glad you're here. I just received a rather unusual letter in the mail, and I think it might be some sort of prophesy. Here, let me read it to you.

'You are cordially invited to take part in the dance of the great circle.
You will be given the passage, and shown the way, when you are ready.
Two of you will-'"

Suddenly, a blinding flash of white light filled the room. When their vision cleared, two of the people who had been there were no longer there. Spike and Buffy had vanished.

"Oh, dear," Giles groaned.


When Spike and Buffy came to, they were in an alleyway, alone, in the snow. "I don't think we're in Sunnydale anymore, Spike."

"This isn't Kansas, either, Dorothy," Spike drawled, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Buffy glared at the only familiar thing in her immediate vicinity. Just then, a large shadow passed overhead. Buffy looked up in time to notice what appeared to be a stone gargoyle, come to life. As she watched, it glided down to stop nearby. As she goggled at the eight foot creature, it
approached them.

"I am called Goliath. Why are you here?"
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