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Eternal Dawn

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Summary: Maybe the monks were smarter when they made Dawn than we think. R&R Multiple Cross(1 primary)

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredLaithFR131861072,05111 Jan 0611 Jan 06No
Title: Eternal Dawn
Chapter: Prologue
Author: Laith

Disclaimer: Any and all copyrighted characters and situations used/referenced in this fic are property of their owners. I claim no rights to anything not of my own making.

Spoilers: BtVS up to S6 'Seeing Red' AU after (Tara not killed). Highlander, first movie and TV (seasons uncertain as I didn't follow the show extensively).

[May 2001: Tokyo Japan]

A figure sitting at a high end computer sighs at the live sattelite feed on the monitor.

"Kameko-san, I know it is difficult but things have to be this way," says a Japanese man placing his hand gently on her shoulder.

"I know Tanaka-san," she replied standing, "it hurts to know what is happening but know I can't do anything to stop it... Thanks again for letting me borrow the equipment."

"I may be retired now but I still owe you for your help in the past."

"Retired! Tiger you are about as 'retired' as James."

"True, however as least I am not still out in the field." He said with a grin.

"Anyway thanks again, I'll let you know how things go." She ejected a CD tossed it in her bag and headed for the door.

"Good day Kameko, if you need anything just call."

"Good day Tiger."

[May 2002: Morning: Summers Residence: Sunnydale]

"Dawn, could you grab Tara some of the pain killing potion, her arm is aching again."

Yelling from upstairs, "Sure Buffy, do you need any?"

"Nah, I'm good Slayer healing and all that.", Buffy sat in the living room thinking about how badly things could have gone the day before. The geek trio had tried to rob an armored car. She easily stopped them, so Johnathan and Andrew were in jail.

However Warren got away.

She had been caught off guard when he showed up in her yard with that gun. His first shot missed and hit Tara in the arm, a few inches to the right and it would have been fatal. His second shot hit her in the stomach and she fell, playing possum as he moved in for the kill. That had been his final mistake.

Dawn thundered down the stairs with a steaming mug, "Here you go Tara."

"Thank you Dawnie" replied the witch.

"You're welcome, " there was a car horn,"Oh that's Janice, got to go."

"Have a good day at school."

"I will, bye!"

A figure rolled into town on a well maintained motorcycle.

"Welcome to Sunnydale. That is funny. Now how to kill a few hours."

[Same Day Evening]

"Willow, have you seen Dawn?", Buffy asked walking downstairs.

"No I thought she was upstairs studying. Maybe she is with Janice?"

"Maybe,,, but she is supposed to call if she's going to be late."

The phone rings.

"Well that is probably her now."

Buffy picks up the phone, "Hello Summers residence" she paused, "I see, yes we will be there. 8 o'clock."

"What's up."

"Dawn's in trouble."

"But it's not Tuesday."

[Restfield Cemetery: 8PM]

Things were looking fairly normal, for the gang anyway. Demon performing ritual, Check. Dawn tied to post, Check. Scoobies ready to kick ass, Check.

"Punctual I see Slayer." The demon was typical in appearance, light red with blood red accents and a pair of "devils horns" on its head.

"Yeah, well I figured being fashionably late is out, so here we are." She replied hefting an axe. " Just hand over my sister and I'll think about letting you off easy."

"Well you see that's the problem. I am taking control of the town so if you would be so kind as to pack and leave..."

"That is so not happening." Buffy lept at the demon, and ran right into a warding field.

"Somehow I knew you were going to do that." said the horned demon. "So I guess I will have to prove my point." With that he reached over and snapped Dawn's neck.

"Dawnie!" "NO!" "Bastard"

Willow chanted under her breath and threw a blast of fire at the demon. He laughed as it flowed harmlessly around the ward.

"Slayer you and your's must leave the Hellmouth to me, or you will all fall as she did. One by one. And for that fire spell little witch, you don't even get her body to bury." the demon summoned a portal and threw Dawn in. The portal flashed briefly and faded.

"Damn you!" Buffy screamed out pounding on the wards as Willow and Tara tried to break it down with magic.

"You know, you just made several mistakes," came a familiar voice from behind them. "First off you pissed off the Scoobies, always a bad move. Second, casting portal spells you don't understand, so not of the good." A cloaked figure walked past them towards the demon.

Reaching the wards the figure raised a hand and with a green flash the wards fell.

"But your biggest mistake," the figure stated pulling a sword from her cloak.

"Yes?" said the demon with a smirk.

"Your biggest mistake was killing me." She ran him through before he realized she had even moved. She stepped back into a spin and neatly beheaded the demon. "Followed closely by not making certain that I stayed dead."


The woman turned to face them and pulled back the hood of her cloak. It was Dawn.

"Hey Guys."

Anyone recognize the characters in the first scene?

Anyway this is my first attempt at a fic in these universes, and my first non-oneshot. What do you think.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Eternal Dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jan 06.

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