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Spot on the Road

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Summary: The Summers girls had just been driving through Smallville, when Buffy's Slayer sense goes tingly...

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Smallville > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)MhalachaiFR131847263,72711 Jan 0611 Jan 06Yes
Title: Spot On The Road
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Smallville is owned by the WB and all that. Only the story is my own.
Note: A repost from a potpourii story I've since deleted. A Smallville oneshot.


Dawn plopped down into the soft armchair in the coffee shop window, already annoyed. She and Buffy had been driving through some Kansas town the size of a peanut, when Buffy's Slayer sense had gone all wiggy.

So Dawn was stuck, stranded, while Buffy 'investigated.'

"Have all the fun, is more like it," Dawn muttered under her breath as she dug her book out of her backpack.


Dawn looked up. A dark-haired boy stood a few feet from her chair, staring at her curiously. Wow Dawn thought. "It was, um, nothing," she stuttered.

The boy shrugged and smiled at her, making Dawn want to sink into the floor at being a goober in the face of such hotness.

While Dawn tried to figure out something smooth and cool to say, the front door of the coffee shop burst open, and a blonde girl skidded to a halt, drawing the curious attention of the shop's patrons. "Clark!" the girl squeaked when she laid eyes on the hot boy.

"Chloe?" Clark said, his whole body on the sudden alertness that Dawn only ever saw in Slayers.

"There's a--" Chloe cut herself off, glancing around the crowded shop. "A problem at the Torch."

She then proceeded to give Clark a Look.

Clenching his handsome and masculine jaw, Clark moved determinedly to the door. "Come on," he said to Chloe as they both hurried out of the shop.

Once they were gone, Dawn noticed the teenage girl at a nearby table staring at the door, perplexed. "What's the Torch?" Dawn found herself asking.

"The high school newspaper," the girl said. "Those two seem to have a lot of problems with that thing."

Dawn sighed. So far, she'd been abandoned by her sister, made a fool of herself in front of a really hot guy, and, she noted as she tasted her drink, had forgotten to ask for low-fat milk in her drink.



As Dawn tried to burrow her way deeper into her book, she purposefully ignored the people chattering in the cafe, then, later, the sounds of police and fire sirens racing up the street outside. She didn't want to know what they were doing. And if Buffy was involved... well, Buffy could take care of herself. That's what Dawn had to believe.

Just as the sun was setting, and Dawn was on the last few pages of her book, Buffy appeared in front of her, slumping into a chair. Glorious relief rushed through Dawn's limbs, but she kept herself to a small, heartfelt smile as she closed her book.

"Have fun?" Dawn asked cautiously. Buffy didn't look too damaged. Just a bit of dirt smudged on her sleeve and mud on her pant cuffs. Nothing that would need a fire truck or police. Maybe emergency services were going somewhere else.

Or, maybe not. When Buffy was around, the fire trucks and police cars usually ended up where she had been.

"Yes, fun was had by all," Buffy said with a self-satisfied smirk. "Do you want to get back on the road?"

Dawn raised her eyebrows, beginning to feel annoyed again. Buffy got to go have fun, while Dawn was stuck reading, and now she wanted to skip town without so much as a how-do-you-do?

"Like, right now?" Buffy pressed, leaning forward and picking up Dawn's backpack.

"Fine," Dawn said with a long-suffering sigh. She waited until they were out on the street before asking, "Why are we in such a hurry?"

Buffy kept walking, never taking her eyes off the shadows of the buildings. "This is a weird place."

"Like, weird, or weird?"

"Just weird." They reached the car, and Buffy quickly slipped behind the steering wheel. "Sort of like Small Town America meets Lovecraft."

Dawn snorted. "When did you read Lovecraft?" she demanded as they sped down the main street toward the highway.

"High school English."

Dawn shuddered. "So, was there a Big Bad?" she asked hopefully after a few minutes of Buffy's death-defying driving.

"Big Bad, Little Bad, all sizes of Bad."

"But you stopped them, right?"

"Sort of."

"Sort of?"

In the dim light from passing headlights, Buffy looked... grumpy. "Some teenager kind of did it."

Dawn flipped this over in her mind, landing back on the blonde girl in the coffee shop. "A Potential Slayer?"

"Not unless Willow's spell started making them out of boys. I mean, he was way too young to be saving the world."

Dawn covered her mouth with her hand. "Now you know how Giles felt."

"It's not the same!" Buffy objected. "We'll be at Metropolis in an hour an hour, then maybe I can find something useful to do."

"I'm sure you'll find a nice vampire to slay," Dawn said soothingly as she put her book into her bag. At least they'd both had a sucky time in... what was that place it called? Smallville.

--the end

The End

You have reached the end of "Spot on the Road". This story is complete.

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