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A Prophesy of my own

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Summary: Xander was abused and taken in by Giles. Life keeps getting weirder when a Prophesy is about him. ON HOLD till my muse returns. But I did add a note and chapter.

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Multiple PairingsVippyFR1543,7430107,99911 Jan 067 Apr 06No

Chapter 3

This is Slash and I own none of the players

Last Time

“Chosen Family will you accept this, my first offering from my Dark Family?”

“We will” They all felt the power sweep thru the room and themselves.


Chapter 3

“What a Rush” Dawn said. They all laughed. “Do we know what that was and is it enough to start the call of the Protector?”

“I think it was the start of calling those that will be able to call the Protector” Giles said. He then looked at Dawn. “Where did you here that name”

Dawn got a far away look on the face. “I keep having dreams. He is a big strong man whose only fault was falling in love with Peace. The corruption of his father wanting to keep his throne that caused many problems. The King did not understand that you couldn’t have War without Peace, Love without Mischief, Debauchery without Wine, and Order without Chaos”

Dru spoke up at that point. “We must take the Key to LA before my other Daddy get here or blood will run. Come Daddy we must go.”

They all grabbed their bags and got into the Suburban with the tinted windows. It was something both Giles and Xander did not understand at the time but were both sure that they would be needed. Giles was driving with Joyce riding shotgun. The three older girls were in the first seat and Xander, Dawn, and Dru were in the second seat. All the bags were in the very back.

The sun was about to rise when they got to their destination. They all hurried to get Dru inside. Lorne an agnostic demon nearly blinded them with his sequined lime green suit. They all looked to Xander.

“Nope too easy and I’m not going there. What I can be proper when I need too. Plus he is helping us on really short notice.” They all sat down. “They will leave before dark since it’s an overcast day but not for a few hours yet. This should give us some time to prepare. We should complete our part of this after dad gets some rest.” Just then Ethan walked in and Dru eyes become less vacant.

“Chaos do you wish to reunite with Order?”


“Chaos will you claim his chosen family?”


“Will his son be your son and will his daughters be your daughters?”


“Order do you wish to reunite with Chaos” Giles looked deeply into Ethan’s eyes. He searched and found what he was looking for.

“Yes, I shall claim my chosen mate and we will watch over our chosen son, The Protectors son. This is my vow said with all my heart and in front of my chosen family” The power flowed thru them all again. It knocked all but Giles, Ethan, and Xander down to their knees.

“I Alexander call for Marriage so that my chosen fathers may marry. Please bless us with your presents and that of your true mate Death.”

All the power gathered thru Xander and shot out from him causing two beings to form in front of him. “Grandma welcome back” and then Xander fainted. Ethan caught him before he hit the ground.

Hara looked at the mortals around her. Hades looked at the young man that had called them. He could see the power that flowed thru them all but it looked like they were missing pieces. Hara chose to speak with the mother of the group.

“You are a family.” She turned to Dru. “You are a new addition.”

“My Lady Hara” Giles spoke. “We have been a family for many years. This we all knew in our hearts. Glory is after the Protectors Key. We are taking the necessary steps to protect her for she has always been family. We are the Chosen Family working on uniting with the Dark Family so we may call the True Family. We wish two things one is to save our daughter our sister and the second is to reunite the Protector with Our son.”

Hades and Hara noted the wording of the statement. “A family with two fathers and one mother. We have seen this dynamic before and it has worked well in the past. Do you wish marriage now or will you wait to unite with the dark family?”

Xander now sitting at a table between his two fathers spoke. “We wish not to wait for them but could we wait for an hour or so. Every thing we do seems to wash power thru us. I think I’m already over loaded not sure what more will do to me right now.” He laid his head on the table and was asleep as soon as he did.

“Lorne is there a place for us to rest here?” Giles asked. Lorne nodded his head and led them to three rooms. Joyce and Dawn in one room with Buffy, Tara, and Willow in the second and the men in the last room. Dru stood out side the doors to guard.

“Were you turned as revenge against Apollo?” Hara asked.

“No My Lady. The stories of my insanity after I was turned were just stories. I was always quite mad. The stories were made to protect me from the nasty lady. The stars said that we were to watch the Protectors son but we must pass the challenges. We needed to be the Dark Family before we could claim the prize.”

Dru looked up and smiled as she felt a soft hand touch the side of here face. “It is time My Lord you must heal Order and Chaos.”

Apollo stood in front of her. “Did they take good care of you my Child?” He searched her mind. “You have done your job well. Do you still wish to talk to Miss Edith and the stars or do you wish to be whole?”

“My daddies and Granddaddies my not love me any more.” She looked sad. The door behind her opened and out came the three of the four men in question.

Xander’s eyes shined with an inner glow. Order and Chaos redacted power standing behind him. They spoke as one. “Who dared to upset the Chosen Family Seer?”

“I did not know that the question ask would upset my child.” Apollo stated.

Xander shook his head. “Dru you will always be my Dark Daughter, my little girl.”

“Later. I will decide later.”

Everyone started coming out of rooms. It was after noon and they still had things to get done. “Well that was a good rest.” Buffy stated. They all headed back down stairs.

Apollo stood in front of Giles and Ethan his hand on their foreheads. He had been this way for over an hour. It was starting to look like he was not going to have enough energy Hara and Hades stood behind him feeding him what they could.

Xander placed one hand on Apollo and one on Giles. Dawn did the same thing but her hand was on Ethan. Slowly the family circled them. Apollo felt stronger and they all began to glow. Slowly the glow began to fade.

“My Lady Hara we wish to be married would you due us this honor?”

“Does this union have the blessing of family?”

“Yes” everyone answered.

“You were whole together. This has caused outside forces to lash out at you. Yet you continue to find each other and when you stopped acting out in fear you found that the love for each other never dimmed. With the blessing of your family you are bonded for life.” During this time Hara was wrapping three cords the melted into their skin, white for love, green for the bound with earth, and red for passion.

The power again swept thru the room leaving everyone over charged. They needed to get rid of some of the power. They slowly started to move into smaller groupings.

Joyce stood with Giles hand on her right shoulder and Ethan’s hand on her left. The first triangle of power was formed.

Dru stood with Tara on her right and Willow on her left. The second triangle was formed. The three Gods took a step back.

Xander stood at the point of his triangle with Buffy on his right and Dawn on his left. He also stood as the point to the bigger triangle the three groups made.

Angelus and Spike walked in. They could feel the power flowing thru the group. Angelus went to stand in the middle of the large triangle. Spike went to stand in the middle of the Gods who had formed their own loose triangle.

“I Alexander, Son of the Protector, call forth Love to help me claim my mate.”

“I Dawn, Key for the Protector, call forth Mischief to help my brother claim his mate.”

“I Elisabeth, Warrior for the Protector, demand you wake and help my family be whole.” In front of them two men began to form. One was holding a small winged child. Of course they could not be human for one of them had wings like the child.

“I’m Cupid; this is Strife and our son Bliss.” “So what’s the what?” Strife giggled.

They all turned to face Dru group. The new Gods joined Angelus in the middle.

“I Drusilla, Seer for Alexander’s Chosen Family, Call for Wine, may you free your son.”

“I Tara, Daughter of “?” call forth Debauchery; It is time to claim your son.

“I Willow, Sister to the Protectors son, demand you wake. Come and free your son so you can claim him.” One form appeared before them. Bacchus stood in front of the.

Giles and Ethan stated at one. “Where Chaos once was let there be order.” One became two and now Dionysus and Bacchus.

They moved over to Angelus. The three triangles turned to face the Middle. Xander spoke again. “Glad to see you finally made it.”

Oz who had came in the door at the very beginning now stepped forward. He took his place with Apollo and Spike.

“Apollo you stated a true Prophesy. Most has come to pass. Lady Hara, Lord Hades, please move to the middle with and Angelus.” And as one the four triangles spoke.

Three were made one by the Protector
To watch over the Son
The one will be changed back to three
Once the family has been awaken
Gods will claim their children

Debauchery and Wine
Love and Mischief
Death and Marriage
When this to come to pass
The Protector must be awaken

“Debauchery and Wine Claim our son Liam.”

“Love and Mischief Claim our son Angelus.”

“Death and Marriage Claim our son Angel.”

Then a bright light blinded them all.

On hold till whenever

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Prophesy of my own" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Apr 06.

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