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A Prophesy of my own

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Summary: Xander was abused and taken in by Giles. Life keeps getting weirder when a Prophesy is about him. ON HOLD till my muse returns. But I did add a note and chapter.

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Chapter One

Please forgive me I am a lurker. I’m happy to be a lurker but they took away my non work related internet and I had to do something to keep out of trouble. This is my very first attempt and I’m not sure if it’s any good.

My timeline for Buffy is way off and Angelus did not go insane and try to release hell on earth. He was not obsessed with her. He has his eyes on a different prize. I in no way own any of the charters I use. They belong to other people but we do get to play with them.

This has not been beta and all mistakes are mine here is a small bit of what I wrote so far. Please review and let me know what you think. If anyone likes it I’ll post what I have finished so far. You will find Slash ahead.


The son of The Protector
Lover of Angelus
Brother to Liam
Confidant to Angel
Gift to the Childe
Father to the Insanity

When the one call Glory comes
looking for the Protector Key
The Protector will be awaken
When the son claims his family

As Giles reads the prophecy he hold fear for his claimed son. He had taken Xander in after his parents had beaten him for not being theirs. That was over three years ago.

During one of their drinking binges they told Xander that they should have just left him in the middle of the road. If his birth parents did not want him then they should have never taken him in. They than proceeded to beat the crap out of him

Giles was surprised that Xander had not bled to death. But what surprised him more was that it was Dru that brought Xander to him.


‘The evil pretender man hurt my daddy. Soon the Protector will be called and make them pay.’

(End Flashback)

“What's up dad?” Xander call with a worried tone to his voice. “Did you find out something about Glory?”

“A prophecy” Giles continues to press his fingers to the bridge of his nose.

“Why do I have a feeling it has to due with me and why on my way here Dru grabbed my arm and told me it’s time to gather my chosen family, Dark family, and my real family together.”

“Should I be worried for you?” Giles looked up.

“I’m their dark kitten. My pain smells sweet but my love for my chosen family burns as bright as the noon day sun.” Xander said making air quotes. “I’ve had a lot of time to think and I’ve told you about the strange dreams. I think my true father did not know about me or they took me away as some form of punishment.”

“It would stand to reason that if Protector is a title then taking away a child would have been done as either a form of control or because he did the right thing and not the popular thing.”

Looking over the prophecy Xander wondered how he was to claim his family. “Why can’t these things give us an instruction manual?”

Giles thinking that he had the pieces but he needed to put them together. He feared losing Xander as if he heard Giles thought. “Dad, you’re my father by choice. No matter who he is you will remain my father by choice.” Xander finished by hugging Giles.

“I know. Now let’s figure out the next step. Buffy, Willow, and Tara should be here shortly.”

“O what fun research.” Xander gave a half smile that let Giles know that he was kidding. “ OK by looking over this I can see were it would be me if only because Dru stopped calling me her dark kitten and started with calling me daddy every chance she gets.”

“ I can also see about the ‘Gift to the Childe’, but I can not figure out about the Angelus, Liam, Angel thing. Unless there is something you have not told me about him.” Giles lifts his eyebrow.

“You know I stopped dating recently because every date I went on Angelus would show up.” Giles nods his head. “Well it’s more like if I ever wish to date again it will be him or no one. Let me tell you about that last date.”


‘Xan how could you, you know we were suppose to go to your fathers house for dinner.’
‘Because you are mine Lover and no one else, Come I walk you back home. We can’t let anything happen to you.

(End Flashback)

“OK no wonder you will not date anymore. I don’t believe that I’m about to say this but we need to talk to Dru. She may be crazy as a loon but she does see things. I just hate to know the price.”

“ If I did the asking Deadboy would ask for me to be his lover, but if you ask Spike will want the same thing but with you.”

“Maybe the part ‘claim your family’ may mean claiming the Vampires.”


Let me know what you think.
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