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The Lady and the Heir

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Summary: a Buffy/Equalizer story

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Television > EqualizerselkieFR711,2271172,08611 Jan 0611 Jan 06Yes
Disclaimer- I have no legal right to the characters on either show. I'm just playing with them and will return them more or less intact when I'm finished with them later.

A/N: I've got plans for a longer story eventually, but am throwing this into the internet ether now as a ficlet because I feel like it also stands on its own.


The Lady and the Heir- a Buffy/Equalizer crossover

It had been a month since Scott McCall had shown up to teach at UC-Sunnydale, and he still wasn't quite sure what to make of either the school or town. His colleagues in the music department seemed nice enough, and very good at their jobs, and for the most part they would say that they liked the department and the administration. But every time a new issue of the Chronicle came out, they all poured over the listings, and claimed that they would take the first tenure track job offer from any other school that wanted them, even if that school had a name like Northwest Central State Teacher's College. His students seemed bright and talented enough, but underneath the usual talk of papers and exams and parties, there was something about them that reminded him of friends that had grown up on the other side of the Iron Curtain, like they were desperately trying to pretend that life wasn't as hard as it really was. And then there was Sunnydale itself. It looked like it should be the perfect California beach town, but there was some sort of undercurrent about it all that reminded him of Times Square in the days before Disney moved in. He had thought it felt like a dangerous place, even before his coworkers had warned him of the gangs that roamed the streets at night there. He had never thought he would have needed the permit to carry a concealed weapon a friend of his father had gotten him "just in case" but on the nights when he was on campus late, he was glad for the feel of the gun on his back as he walked from his office to the staff parking lot.

"Hey, McCall, are you all set for another exciting hour of the best and the worst of granting college credit by performance." Lashonda said as she stuck her head in his office door.

"Just as long as I'm not the one stuck explaining that UCS does not grant credit for rock guitar skills, not that the kid actually had any skills." he said.

"Yeah, I think he made everyone's ears hurt. I just wish that someone had explained to him beforehand that Jimi Hendrix does not constitute classical guitar, and then we would have all been spared the suffering." she said.

"How long are we stuck doing this anyways?" he said, sighing as he got up from his desk.

"Until we get tenure or a job somewhere else. At least there are always enough assistant faculty here to share the burden, though at times like this, I really envy the guys in the psychology and biology department. Their college credit challenge tests are all about the joys of the scantron and number two pencil. " She said, sighing a bit as they walked from the department offices toward the practice room where the tests would be held.

"So did you ever wonder just what the deal was with number two pencils anyways? Why not number one or number three? Why not purple ink?"

"Probably because it is tradition." she said, turning that last word into her best Fiddler on the Roof impression.

"Don't tell me we're doing that one again." Davis, the third of the examiners, mumbled as they met him at the door to the piano practice room. "It would be the fifth time that the theatre department did Fiddler in the past five years. You'd think that they could come up with something slightly less depressing. This town needs a good light musical comedy."

"I haven't heard about their schedule for this year yet, but then I never know anything. I just work here." she said as they made their way into the room.

"Um, hi there." A slightly-built blonde nervously cracked her knuckles as she sat at one of the piano benches. "I'm Buffy Summers, and I'm supposed to be your 9:30 student. I just got the janitor to let me in early because it's been a really, really long time since I played, and then it was like all harpsichordy and not really pianoey, and I figured I could use a practice before the judges showed up."

"You used to play harpsichord?" Davis asked. "Why that instrument?"

"Back in high school, I got into this whole thing where I wanted to learn how to be an eighteenth century lady. It just seemed all romantic at the time." Buffy said. "And now it's like the piano keys feel all light in my hands, so if I suddenly sound all 'Hulk smash' when I play, that's why."

"Are you ready to start then?" Lashonda said.

"Just about here." Buffy said. She cracked her knuckles one more time, then picked her way through a brief rendition of Chopsticks as the judges took their seats. " Okay, I think I'm ready now. It's been even longer since I played in front of anyone, so I'm a bit nervous."

"That's normal. I'm sure you'll do just fine." Scott said.

"Okay, so I'll be playing from Bach's Harpsichord Concerto #1057 for you today." she said.

Then she closed her eyes and began to play from memory. She started out a bit tentatively, but the longer she went on, the better she got, even if she did have a tendency to bang on the keys just a little too hard as she had warned. Then finally she opened her eyes and stopped playing, looking over to the judges expectantly.

"Well, do I pass?" she asked.

"Pass." Scott was the first say.

"Pass." Lashonda said.

"Pass." David said, signing a sheet in front of him and then passing it to Scott and Lashonda for their own signatures. "It was an excellent performance, Ms. Summers. I would actually encourage you to take more music classes in the department during your time at UC-Sunnydale."

"Sorry, but no can do. I've got this part time job that I can't quit that really eats up my time, and I'm just here today so I can take fewer real class classes and spend more time at that job."

"Even if we found you a job in the department to replace the other one?" Davis said.

"Nope, no can do, though I appreciate the thought." Buffy said.

"Okay then, in order to officially get your three credits for music performance, you need to take this sheet of paper we've all signed off on, and go to the registrar's with a completed Form 277-P and a check for $307.57. Then they'll process the application, and the credits will show up on your transcript file in three to six weeks, provided the registrar's building isn't having any more problems with gas leaks in the mean time."

"I thought I heard the rumor that the gas leak problem had been fixed over there a couple weeks back." Buffy said as she took the form from Davis. "Anyways, thanks for listening to me bang something random out on the keyboard."

"It was our pleasure." Lashonda said.

And before they could say anything else, Buffy Summers bounced from the room, papers in hand.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Lady and the Heir". This story is complete.

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