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Soldier X

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Weapon X". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander has escaped the clutches of Weapon X, but he once again runs afoul of Murphy’s Law. This is a sequel to my story "Weapon X." If you haven’t read it yet I suggest you do so before reading this.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredDragonhulkFR15915,030109665,66412 Jan 0619 Nov 07Yes
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Road Trippen Take Two

Soldier X

Disclaimer: I own the first two X-Men movies and some comics; this is the extent of my participation in the franchise. I would happily own the rights to X-Men, and Buffy, but I find myself quite poor at the moment.

Rating: Teen. I assure you I will write nothing worse than what was shown in the films or TV series.

Summery: Xander has escaped the clutches of Weapon X, but he once again runs afoul of Murphy’s Law. This is a sequel to my story "Weapon X." If you haven’t read it yet I suggest you do so before reading this.

Authors Notes: This is set Post S3 for Buffy and during the X2 movie. I had planned to set it after X2 but my muse cried bloody murder, flushed the outline down the drain, and made me write this instead.

Author notes 2: As of 1/1/08 I just want to thank the people that nominated this story for the 2007 Crossing Over Awards and all the awesome people who voted for it. You guys rule!!!

"I’m hungry," said a young voice from the back of the minivan.

"It’s almost lunch time, and I think we can stop for some food. What do you say Jono?" said Xander from the passenger side seat.

The leather clad young man didn’t say anything, but everyone else in the vehicle instantly knew that he didn’t mind. Just because he didn’t need to eat thanks to the whole in his chest didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy tasting food.

"I could use a break from driving," said the blond driver in her soft southern accent.

"Well that settles it, we’ll stop at the next place with a drive through and switch drivers after we grab the grub," said Xander.

"We can go inside today," said a small, almost inaudible voice. "My spikes aren’t that bad today, I can pass."

"Its still dangerous Sarah," said Xander as he turned and saw that the little girl did indeed have fewer spikes today then she did most days. All she needed was her baseball cap and she would look like a normal human child, instead of a young mutant that had survived more pain than most adults.

"Please Mr. Xander, its Jessie’s birthday today," said the young girl that had once been known as Surgeon, but was now called Beth, as she held her sister.

"Paige, Jono, what do you guys think, is it worth the risk?" asked Xander.

"We have enough money that we can afford something different," said Paige with a frown as she thought of the family vampires they had killed to acquire the van with tinted windows and bag of cash. Apparently their thought of a road trip had including murdering and robbing everyone they could while moving from town to town.

Jono was once again silent, but everyone knew he wanted to be safe thanks to the telepathic communication he sent out.

"Great, that makes me the tiebreaker," said Xander with a sigh. "Okay Page, pull over at the first Denny’s you see. As long as we play it safe we should be okay. That means Jono keeps his straps and shirt on nice and tight, and Sarah keeps her hat on no matter what."

"Don’t worry Xander, none of us want to get captured again," said Paige.

"That’s just the thing; I’m not worried about capture this time. We destroyed their holding base and killed every doctor or soldier that worked there. This means that next time they come after us the orders will probably be shoot to kill," said Xander.

"You really think this Xavier guy will be able to stop them?" asked Paige as she looked for a place to eat.

"I think Xavier will be able to hide us," said Xander. "From what Creed said during the planning sessions the guy isn’t much for violence, but he has been able to hide an entire school of mutants for years now."

"What if we don’t want to hide?" asked Beth. "What if we want to make sure that people can’t do what was done to us ever again?"

"First you turn eighteen, and then we can talk about what you can do," said Xander. "Until then just keep your sister safe."

"We’re here," said Paige as she pulled into the parking lot.

After the typical welcome the six were seated in a nice comfortable booth and were handed menus. It wasn’t the kind of place Xander was use to even before he started hanging around a group of renegade mutants, but he had to admit it was nice.

"Excuse me miss, but do you have any decent tea here?" asked Jono as he caught their waitress.

"I’m told the green tea isn’t too bad," said the waitress before she moved off to attend another table.

"Nice trick there, but your lips were a bit out of sync. You should probably practice a bit more before you try that in public again," said Xander with a grin.

The next few moments Jonothan shared a rather interesting collection of words with Xander without once moving his lips.

The rest of the meal passed in relative peace, and the other patrons in the restaurant dismissed them as a group of good friends, perhaps family. No one thought the smiling little girls had been trained to kill or be killed, or that the teens had been through unheard of tortures just because of one overactive gene.

If the meal had ended on this scene, this story would have been a happier one. Instead fates once again conspired to meddle in the life of one Alexander Harris by prompting the manager to turn on the television to catch up on the daily news.

"White house officials have just confirmed that there was indeed an attempt on the presidents’ life yesterday at 5:09 local time. While no ID has been made sources indicate that the assassin could have been a mutant," said the local newsman.

"I think it’s about time to leave," said Xander as he started pealing off bills from the roll they had brought into the restaurant.

"Couldn’t agree more," said Paige as she watched the atmosphere become more and more unfriendly.

Once they were all safely in the car Xander let out a low almost animalistic growl as he hit the dashboard and said, "Remind me to kill whoever that was if I ever meet them."

"Get in line," muttered Paige

"This will give them the excuse they’ve been looking for won’t it?" asked Beth showing a frightening amount of insight for a fourteen year old. "They won’t have to take us in secret any more, it’ll all be legal."

"That just makes hiding even more important, and if we can’t hide at a school for those gifted like ourselves, then we’ll find somewhere else to hide," said Xander as he drove the car full of newly frightened people towards Westchester County.
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