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Chaos is Come Again

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Summary: 100 drabbles and ficlets with the pairing of Connor Angel/River Tam

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Firefly > Conner-CenteredJmariaFR1881,6771129,24714 Jan 068 Mar 06No

Saw You Coming

Title: Saw You Coming
Series:Chaos is Come Again
author: jmaria
tth100 prompt: Connor/River
Crossover fandom: Firefly
Characters: Connor, River
Prompt: 001. Moon
Word Count: 179
Spoilers: Serenity and season five of Angel
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Joss owns Connor and River
Summary: The moons whisper secrets even she shouldn’t know...

Saw You Coming

The moonlight on his drew her in, pulled her under. She bent to his pull, as the tide to the moon. River Tam slipped down and over the cargo in Serenity’s hold, her eyes locked solidly on the figure talking with the Captain. They needed new crew members, those that would help fill the void. One could not mourn forever.

This one had tried and failed.

River watched him, the ageless one. The lonely one. So much grief and pain and destruction in a face too young to comprehend it all. Her dopple, her match. He’d come so far to find her. River slipped cautiously around the Captain, her eyes hooded as she looked into the face before her.

Images and knowledge rushed her, an unending stream of loss and anguish. Her hand tightened on Mal’s arm painfully. She felt the potential crewmate tense, saw him stiffen. Her grip relaxed and she could hear Mal and Simon yelling. They really liked to yell. Her eyes slipped up to meet the newest addition to Serenity.

“I saw you coming, Connor.”
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