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The End of All

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Summary: TTH5000 entry: Prompt #1 A natural disaster.

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Highlander > Dawn-CenteredLamiaFR1565,116026,73214 Jan 0614 Jan 06Yes

Description and Author's notes

Title: The End of All

Author: Lamia

Rated: 15

Disclaimer: So not mine. If they were mine, I wouldn’t have to write fanfic, would I?

Feedback: Constructive feedback is welcome, flamers will be ignored.

Time line: Post chosen for Buffy, post Not Fade Away for Angel, anywhere for Highlander. Dawn is 18 at the beginning of this fic, which would make the rest of the Scoobies about 24/25.

Main Characters: Dawn, Methos

A/N: First off, this is completely unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine and mine alone. I am aware that Methos is a little OOC in this fic, but I haven’t seen a Highlander episode in forever, so I had to wing it. The last line is taken from a quote from the Highlander episode “Methos.”

Tth5000 claim: Dawn prompt: #1 A natural disaster
Word Count: 5071
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