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Round Robin: Supporting Cast

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Summary: Xander and Oz go on a wild trip through the multiverse, picking up new friends as they go along, and you get to deside where they go next! Almost anything goes here folks.

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Don't play with the glowing baseball

Supporting Cast

Disclaimer: I own nothing, and probably never will.

Rating: Lets keep it to a light R for violence at most here folks. If you wish to go higher start another story.

Summery: This is a Round Robin where anyone can decide the fate of Xander and Oz as they meet characters from your favorite book, movies, and so on.

Authors Notes: This is a response to challenge 1194. Just to remind all the future authors about the rules stated in the challenge here it is.

This is a round robin challenge. The stories must be open for any author to add to, and each chapter must be written by a different author.

Buffy and Cordelia (or any 2 major characters from BtVS and/or Angel) end up on a world-hopping adventure. They pick up tag-alongs from each world they visit. Think Bill and Ted in the phone booth time machine, except they visit other series, books, etc.

- The first chapter of each story starts with 2 major characters from BtVS and/or Angel getting sent to a world (you pick the mechanism that sends them). This chapter should end with the 2 BtVS characters and one ‘local’ character being sent, via the same mechanism, to another world. Give enough details to identify the world they arrive in, and then end the chapter. You should also identify the crossovers in an author note at the end of the chapter, to comply with site rules.

- Each successive chapter must be written by a different author. If you want to write the next chapter: add a placeholder chapter identifying yourself as the next author, then edit it with the actual chapter within a few days. Or write it really fast and post it. If you want to write a second chapter in the same story, you must wait until someone else posts a chapter first.

- Each chapter must go to a different world. No backtracking. The next world is determined by the current chapter's author. Don't just list the next world; write the characters' arrival into the end of your chapter.

- Each chapter should add one ‘local’ character from the world visited to the entourage. Not two, not zero, not seventeen; one. You must include at least a mention of all characters currently along for the ride in your chapter.

- The overall theme should be humorous: the two main characters gathering wildly different people from vastly different worlds, and all of them getting tossed into bizarre (to them) new worlds. The actual chapters can be pure humor, non-stop action, horror, romance, or any combination; as long as everybody in the group (and one local) ends up getting tossed into the next world at the end.

- Chapters can be any length, as long as they meet the content requirements.

- If you don’t like the characters used, write a new story first chapter with different characters.

The only thing I would add to this is a request not to slash Xander or Oz. Any of the crossover characters are fare game, but I enjoy those two the way they are. That being said, lets get this party started!

“So, ready for another fun filled night of concussions?” Xander asked his only male friend.

“Full moon tonight,” replied Oz in his normal stoic tone of voice.

“Sorry man, forgot,” said Xander in a sincere voice.

“Happens,” replied Oz with a shrug.

“Hey what’s that?” asked Xander in a desperate attempt to change the direction of the conversation.

“It’s glowing,” said Oz.

“Yeah, but it looks cool,” said Xander as he causally picked up the glowing object and started to toss it from hand to hand.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Oz in a slightly worried voice. Of course for Oz, slightly worried meant five seconds away from full blown panic.

“Relax Oz,” said Xander with a grin as he continued to toss it from one hand to another. “When you’ve been dealing with the Hellmouth as long as I have, you learn the dangerous stuff doesn’t happen until the sun goes down, and that isn’t for hours. Until then this baby is just a cool glowing baseball with strange writing.”

“I think we should take it to Giles,” said Oz.

“Of course we’ll take it to Giles, but like I said, it isn’t dangerous until the sun goes down,” said Xander, right before he accidentally dropped the glowing sphere.

The second it hit the ground the sphere hit the ground both Xander and Oz were enveloped in a bright light that pulled them into the sphere. As soon as both human and werewolf were inside the strange object lifted off of the ground under its own power and disappeared with a slight pop.

The first thing Xander noticed after he regained consciousness was that someone had their foot pressed against a very sensitive place. The second thing Xander noticed was that said foot belonged to Oz who was staring at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh shut up,” muttered Xander as he tried to untangle himself from the teenage werewolf.

Once they were both free from each other Xander and Oz took in there surroundings. They seemed to be in some sort of clock tower that showed signs of people living there, but no glowing sphere.

“Maybe it’s outside,” said Oz as he pointed to a doorway.

“Sounds good to me,” said Xander as he followed Oz out the door. Outside the doorway there were four gargoyle statues, and beyond that was the unmistakable skyline of New York City.

“Looks like this one could really use a nose job,” said Xander as he tapped the gargoyle with the large beak.

“This one’s holding our ride,” said Oz as he pointed to where the smallest web winged gargoyle was holding the glowing sphere.

“We better hurry though, the suns going down,” said Xander as the glanced at the rapidly darkening sky. “No offence Oz but I don’t want to be around you once the moon comes up unless this place has some kind of cage.”

“None taken,” said Oz as he and Xander worked to retrieve the glowing ball from the small stone hand as the sun steadily sunk beneath the horizon.

“That’s it, I’m going back in there to see if there isn’t something we can use to break off the hand,” said Xander just before the sun completely set.

Before either Xander or Oz could move small cracks started to appear on all the statues, spreading in a spider web pattern. Soon the statues were moving causing stone fragments to fall off, revealing flesh and blood creatures underneath the stone shell. Soon the small one holding the sphere clenched its hands, causing a bright light to shoot out of the orb that sucked in it, Xander, and Oz.

“Lex?” asked the beaked gargoyle in confusion as he noticed his rookery brother was missing.

Apparently the foot in his crotch was going to be a running gag that the universe was going to play on him, because as soon as Xander woke up he could once again feel the painful pressure, and this time it had claws.

Opening his eyes he saw the creature that was once a statue had its clawed foot where it did not belong. What worried him though was the group of people in colorful pajamas in the background pointing what looked like futuristic guns at them.

Authors end note: The first cross was with the cartoon Gargoyles cartoon and the new traveler is Lexington. The universe they are now in is the Star Trek universe, but I will leave the choice of TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise up to whoever writes the next part.
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