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Faith and her Family

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Summary: Yeah, it's been done...but possibly not quite like this. Faith needs a family - and she gets them, in abundance. Pairings will be shown on individual chapters.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredZiraFR1372,37211312,93216 Jan 0610 Oct 06No

Doctors, Conmen and Polar Bears, Oh My!

Yes, I know it's been a while - I have a re-he-he-eally short attention span. Also, I get bored with stories I write pretty damned quick. Sorry.

::Saunters off, then comes running back::



Thank you.


Doctors, Conmen and Polar Bears, Oh My!

Jack sat on the beach wishing his little sister had stayed at home. Actually, he had been wishing that since the girl had arrived in Australia not a day after he had, barging her way into his hotel room and swearing that their mother had sent her out to ‘help’ Jack find their father.

Five minutes, and one patented big brother stare later, Faith had broken down and admitted that their mother had no clue where she was – and then tried to explain her way out of it by saying that she was an adult and could do as she damned well pleased. Jack had sighed, rolled his eyes, and called home to his hysterical mother.

As the plane was going down, Jack had ignored all of the stewardesses’ advice and had fitted Faith with her oxygen mask before putting on his own. The glare she gave clearly said that he was an idiot, but she gripped his hand tightly – it was the last thing he was aware of before he fell into unconsciousness.

Now they had been on the island three and a half weeks, and Jack simultaneously wished that Faith had stayed home, and thanked a God he wasn’t sure he believed in that his sister was still alive and with him.

Someone sat down on the sand next to him and Jack glanced to his right, half-expecting to see Kate sitting there. Instead Boone had flung himself down, and was staring resolutely out to sea.

“Sisters are annoying, aren’t they?” The younger man muttered at last, and Jack hid a grin. Of all the people that had survived the plane crash, Boone Carlisle was the last person had had expected to form any kind of friendship with. Apparently mutual bonding over annoying younger sisters had helped.

“What’s Shannon done now?” Jack asked. Boone grimaced.

“She’s just so…argh!” He fell back onto the sand, screaming quietly with frustration. Jack tried to hide his smile, but Boone noticed. “Yeah, laugh it up. At least my sister isn’t after him.”

Jack’s smile faded to a glare as Sawyer came hurrying past, and paused in front of the two of them.

“Doc, do something about that crazy sister of yours.” He demanded, glancing back frantically down the beach. “She’s trying to get me to be all…social!” Sawyer glanced back again, and then set off, trying not to look like he was fleeing in fear of his sanity.

Boone started snickering beside him.

“Faith!” Jack shouted as his little sister sauntered up the beach, a smirk plastered firmly on her face.

“Jack!” She imitated, and walked over, sitting down gracefully in front of him.

“Look…just…why him?” Jack demanded, glaring at her. Her smirk widened.

“’Cause it’s fun. Want, take, have, Jacky-boy.”

“I am going to kill Buffy for teaching you that.” Jack muttered as Boone burst into outright laughter and Faith grinned at him.


AN: Yes, I know that it’s Faith’s saying in the series, but, damnit, this is not only an AU crossover, but a completely cracked up one at that!


The End?

You have reached the end of "Faith and her Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Oct 06.

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