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Now and Again, A Scooby Tale of Pain and Progress

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Summary: Xander is about to embark on a his road trip, when he finds out a whole different way of being wanted for his mind. Stargate universe and framework, even though other crosses including 'Now and Again' will be featured.

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Now and Again, A Perfect Parting

Now and Again, a Perfect Paring

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, though any other characters such as those of ‘Now and Again’ or StarGate SG-1 aren’t mine either and real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the show.


The NID were a one of many groups involved with seemingly mandated and legal pursuits, though it like others had many tentacles extended into many competing projects unaware of each other. And only a certain Senator Kinsey and the few members of the nebulous group of corrupt corporate power-players known as ‘The Trust’ were not only aware of them, but guided progress towards their own agenda.

Alexander Harris and his group had been watched since the oddity known as Sunnydale Halloween 1997, and the fact that one of their Air Force people, Harry Maybourne, had trans-possessed the boy due to some type of HST interference. The officer had been skipped up from Major to full Colonel in rank, and his time split between his SGC-monitoring duties, and keeping track of the goings on in the town where a different project would be setting up to go active in HST research in Fall of 1999.

Alexander Harris in spite of no HST taint, and only intermittent display of ‘Maybourne’ remembrance of skills, had acquitted himself well—showing no regard for military protocol in procuring weapons with which to take out a medium-assessed threat on two different occasions in 1998, and a DEFCON-1 threat the week before. Most of the rest of his file showed the gaps and inconsistencies of occasionally having NID surveillance personnel turned by HSTs and making the effort to eliminate the security threats.

They were about to offer Mr. Harris a position as an operative, when two hours before, he’d charged in and gotten himself destroyed saving a rookie team of Project Initiative soldiers in a cemetery near the college. The boy had waded in and dusted three of the HSTs before being slammed out into the street in front of a delivery truck.

But while some might simply grimace and turn away, the Trust simply took advantage of one misfortune to turn it into a bigger gain.


Xander’s eyes opened and he found himself looking at four people—a woman in a white lab coat of about age forty and a definite lack of humor, a bemused, somewhat ruddy USAF Colonel that Xander remembered from his memories, Chaos Mage Ethan Rayne, and a well-groomed black gentlemen of great poise. Xander also realized he couldn’t move his head or anything.

“Um, hi,” the young man greeted the group, which turned its attention to him. “So, um, Harry, how’s…things?” Now he couldn’t feel himself talking, and his voice sounded mechanical.

“Kid, I take it you remember some of Halloween?”


“You know that I’m in it all for the advancement of our country, and to protect its citizens?”

“Um, I guess…why?”

Maybourne turned to his companions, the black gentleman taking the fore.

“Mr. Harris, I’m Dr. Theodore Morris, and your actions, while certainly very brave, have left you, shall we say, without much of a body.”

“I feel fine…”

The older woman tried to not show a superior attitude, but failed as she interjected, “That’s because you are a brain and a spinal column, Mr. Harris. We had hoped on Colonel Maybourne’s advice to offer you a position to help us in the collection, study and elimination of HSTs, or vampires and demons as you might call them.”

Morris sighed and made a slight palm-down gesture to quiet the woman and let himself resume his approach.

“Mr. Harris, what Dr. Walsh has said with so little finesse is the truth, and you were thrown by vampires into an oncoming truck and most of the bones, nerves and such in your body destroyed. But you have a choice.”


“You can simply have us allow you to pass on from this life, or as we’ve been merging many out-of-this-world technologies to engineer the perfect human body, your second choice is to agree to sever all contact from everyone in your past life, and agree to be transplanted into the new body. You will work for us.”

“What would I do?”

“Once we know you’re in full control of your physical capabilities, you will help train personnel in dealing with HST and domestic terrorist threats.”

“Um, how long do I have to sign on?”

“How about ten years? And your new identity will be Alex Newman.”

“What restrictions will be on me?”

“Think of yourself as in-training for the Olympics, a Mars Mission and being the next James Bond. Not too much ‘me’ time in there, but by the time you leave our service in ten years, you’ll be able to do everything you want except reveal who you were before this moment.”

“I don’t really fancy dead, but do I get paid, at least as some kind of military officer like Colonel Maybourne?”

Harry spoke up, sensing an opportunity to provide a reasonable structure for the boy, and the ability to transfer into Harry’s direct chain of command if needed.

“I’ll fill out the paperwork, we’ll get you in as a second lieutenant, and you’ll be going through so much training that by the time you have a first mission, you’ll very much be qualified.”

“Okay, um, one thing…this is a *human male* body right…not that female is bad, but this is already—”

“Yes, male, and it will be a wonderful body,” Morris enthused. “So?”

“What about Ethan Rayne? What’s he doing here?”

Maybourne smirked, “Caught up with Dr. Rayne right after that band candy episode… made him an offer to get paid well to do new and interesting things on different projects.”

“Doctor Rayne?”

The Chaos Mage smirked, “Chaos doesn’t always pay the bills. What? Rupert didn’t tell you that I wasn’t just a Chaos Mage, but a Chaos Physicist as well? I think my reputation has been impugned.”

“Whatever,” Xander dismissed, “Colonel, what’s he going to be doing to me?”

“Mainly giving you my memories again, that sort of thing. We really would like to get you up and running in six months to a year. And he’s here to deal with hard science projects for us, and to shorten your training.”

“Okay…military me serving my country for ten years or being dead? I’m in.”
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