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Ghostly Witch Watchers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Dawn collect Hermione for slayer training. HG/DS/WR, WR/HP, RW/other, GW/HP Some couples have extra partners.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR1828164,97489188,05817 Jan 0621 Jul 06Yes

Embarrassing immortality and epilogues

Author’s notes: I do not own anything but the plot and any characters you might later see that you do not recognize.

The morning after the battle found the gang sitting around the kitchen table working on drinking or eating their food.

Angel took a drink from his mug of red stuff before glancing over at Willow, “So can you explain how you knew to come and what happened to Fred?”

Willow shrugged, “I could but maybe I should let Cordelia explain it.”

Angel blinked as Cordelia walked into the room, “If I could smack you for trying to kill yourself, I would.”

“It was your vision, your warning that set things in motion.”

She sighed, “I thought you would get more help than you tried too.”

Willow frowned as Angel started to open his mouth, “Enough with the blame. Here is the deal, we can send you back to your world or we can send you someplace else.”

Spike grinned, “Any place else?”

Willow nodded, “Just about any place.”

He grinned wider, “I’ll have to think about it.”

Angel frowned, “So what’s left for me to do?”

Buffy glared at Angel, “Anything you want to do. I’m going to go visit a few different dimensions while waiting for the heat to die down.”

Angel scowled, “That still doesn’t explain what happened to Fred.”

Willow sighed, “When Cordelia told me what was going to happen I came as soon as I could. There wasn’t much to do other than to steal her soul before Illyria destroyed it. She has been hanging around as a spirit for a while now.”

Angel frowned, “But Fred seemed to be inside Illyria.”

Spike smiled, “So Fred’s alive again? Bloody hell, you are the best witch in the world Red. Now where is the niblet?”

Dawn walked in with a frown on her face, “Hey, I didn’t know you cared. I mean no phone calls, no letters, and no nothing.”

He shrugged, “I didn’t want to have to admit that I was nothing more than a ghost and that I wasn’t the big bad any more. After that I just kept putting it off and soon it got to the point where I didn’t know how to explain why I hadn’t called.”

Dawn glared, “I’m going to have Lexie set you up with e-mail. If you don’t keep in touch, I’m going to have to have Willow turn you into a gerbil, a rat, or something.”

Spike grinned, “Ah the niblet does care.”

Dawn started to cry as she hugged Spike fiercely. “You don’t get to do that sacrificing bit anymore.”

Spike shook his head, “Not planning on it, once maybe twice was enough.”

Buffy stood after she pushed her empty plate away, “I need to check on the girls in the infirmary, and get a status report on which slayers died. So if you’ll excuse me.” She walked out of the room.

Dawn shrugged, “She’s been like that for a while. She took the whole joining the evil law firm a bit hard. On the plus side, Andrew has kitchen duty for the foreseeable future. She was angrier at him than Spike for not telling her about seeing him.”

Spike grinned, “Where is the little wanker? I have a few things to say to him now that he doesn’t have a small army of slayers between us.”

Dawn chuckled, “He wouldn’t be here anyways. Lexie one of Willow’s slayers, doesn’t like him. Last time she saw him she kicked him in the nuts hard enough to drop him.”

Spike grinned, “Sounds lovely.”

Angel frowned, “So can we get back to figuring out where to go?”

“It’s always about you isn’t it Angel? Anyways, Red what jobs do you have for a vampire with a soul?”

Angel growled at Spike.

Cordelia smiled, “Grow up, as for what world to go too, you might want to give some thought to it.” Cordelia patted Angel on the head on her way out. “And you, enjoy life it isn’t going to kill you.”

Spike snickered, “So what else is new Niblet?”

Dawn smiled, “Well I got married.”

Spike growled and cracked his knuckles, “I want to meet the guy that thinks he is good enough for my girl.”

Dawn giggled, “You would have to take that up with Willow and Hermione.”

Spike frowned at Willow, “Why would I have to take that up with you? Who in the blazes is Hermione?”

Willow grinned and her eyes danced with fire, “You would have to take that up with me because I married her and Hermione. You don’t have a problem with it do you?”

He blinked, “So the bit is? Oh, well I guess in that case it saves me the trouble of having to straighten some guy out.”

Angel blinked, “Any other surprises that we should know about?”

Faith grinned as she walked in carrying Leo and Gabrielle, “She was getting fussy so Hermione told me to give him to you.” Faith handed Gabrielle to Willow before she took a seat.

Willow grinned like a loon at her daughter, “Ah, isn’t she so cute.”

Spike quickly nodded, “Of course the cutest of the cute, who’s is she?”

Willow grinned, “She’s mine. Gabrielle Tara Rosenberg meet William the Bloody or Spike for short.” Gabrielle gurgled at Spike. “I think that means hello.”

Dawn grinned, “I should probably go check on Rose. I’ll catch up later though guys.” Dawn grinned and chuckled at the stunned faces of the guys as she walked out of the room.

Angel frowned, “Care to explain who Rose is?”

Faith smiled while bouncing Leo on her knee, “Rose is Dawn’s daughter.”

Angel sputtered, “But she isn’t that old.”

Willow shrugged, “Rose makes her very happy, and her being happy is one of the only things that matter. So take my advice, do not make her feel bad. She is the girl with your ticket to another life.”

Spike nodded, “Right, do I dare ask who the father is? Or have you been playing with magic again?”

Willow snickered, “I have been playing with magic, just not for that. The father is Harry Potter a nice English wizard, long time friend of my other wife.”

Spike frowned and tried to remember why that name sounded familiar. “Isn’t he from a book?”

Willow nodded, “When I said we could go almost anywhere, I wasn’t joking.”

He shook his head, “Bloody hell, now I really have some planning to do.”

Angel frowned, “So is Buffy seeing some one?”

Willow shrugged, “She has been dating for a while now Angel, best to let old flames die. She would like your friendship if you decide that you can be friends. I’ll leave you to think about things for a while.” Gabrielle started to fuss. Willow smiled and lifted Gabrielle up, “I think someone is hungry.”

Spike grinned, “Can we watch?” His shirtsleeves burst into flames. With a look of shock on his face, he hurriedly worked to put them out. “I’ll take that as a no.”

Willow grinned, “Might be a good idea. Feel free to wander around, I’ve told all of the slayers that they aren’t supposed to slay you two.” She walked out with a smile on her face.

Spike sighed, “This is going to be a long couple of days.”

Angel nodded before he stopped himself from agreeing with Spike.

Buffy frowned at Giles sitting behind a large wooden desk. “How many slayers did we lose Giles? I saw a lot of faces in the infirmary that I knew. Ginny says they will all pull through, though some of them were touch and go for a while.”

He shrugged, “We got lucky, thanks to Dawn and a brilliant magical medical team, we only lost three slayers. I’ve already written out the condolence letters, though you should add something to each of them.”

Buffy nodded, “Did I even know them?”

Giles shook his head, “No, they were new. They had only been training for a few months. According to the file this was supposed to be their first big test.”

Buffy scowled, “I’ll add something to the letter. Sadly, I’ve gotten rather good at it. Who signed out on the girls joining the battle?”

Giles sighed, “Just don’t break his neck Buffy.”

Buffy scowled, “So which was it?”

Giles shrugged, “It was Andrew, but I looked at the reports on the girls, he should have signed them. There was nothing in the reports that said they weren’t ready. Some times bad things just happen.”

Buffy scowled, “Fine, I won’t break his arms.”

Giles smiled lightly, “His handwriting is already bad enough. I would hate to have to read his reports with a broken arm.”

Xander grinned over his drink at Wesley, “You really have come a long ways from the pompous ass that showed up in Sunnyhell.”

Wesley nodded, “Getting some real experience helped. So what are your plans for the future?”

Xander grinned, “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? Well Anya and I plan on going multidimensional with our shop. That way we can better supply the multidimensional slayers. Also, as Anya said ‘we can make a hell of a lot of money.’ Running an organization that spans the dimensions doesn’t come cheap. So I suppose we are doing our part in the whole scheme of things. I’m just enjoying being able to stay in contact with my friends. Plus the sex is great. How are you and Fred or should I say Illyria doing?”

“I don’t know how we are doing; we talked through some issues today. I’m hopeful that we can have some type of relationship. Fred wants to start over and Illyria is viewing it as an experiment right now. So I guess that’s the best I can hope for.”

Xander grinned, “Well at least I’m not the only one that is dating a demon.”

Anya poked her head into the room, “Ex-demon and still not happy about that, but the sex more than makes up for it.”

Xander blushed, “Yeah well it is true. So how are the profit margins?”

Anya grinned, “We are making a lot of money buying low in one world and selling high in another. The twins magical joke line is also selling like wild fire in certain places.” She frowned, “The only one that is making more money than us is Lexie and her computer business. She is using her world’s advanced tech to start a number of different companies in the various worlds we reach into. Some of them show promise. I’ve already talked to her about stock options so I’m hoping her business continues to flourish. She is going to make me even wealthier than I am.”

Xander smiled, “See money makes the world go round.”

Wesley smiled, “Yes quite, now if you will excuse me I should spend some time getting to know the slayers if I want a job as a watcher again.”

Xander nodded, “So are you really thinking about picking that up again?”

He shrugged, “Faith was telling me that I should. I feel like I owe her for messing things up. Besides, Willow snapped Fred up as the head of the research department for the multidimensional branch. This would allow me to stay close to Fred and still do something useful.”

Gunn looked up at Faith from his chair in the lounge, “This is legit isn’t it? We can go anywhere we want?”

She grinned, “Thinking about a nice vacation island with plenty of girls and sun aren’t you?”

Gunn grinned, “I was thinking about doing some legal work where I don’t have to defend vampires or monsters for a while. After that, I figure I’ll take Willow up on the job offer.”

Faith grinned, “It would be nice having a lawyer I like, rather than a public defender for the girls.”

“I just need a vacation for a while, see how things are done in a normal courtroom for a change.”

Faith nodded, “I think that can be arranged.”

Clark smiled as Willow bounced the baby on her knee, “You are going to have to come by the farm and show off Gabrielle to the family. I know my parents would love her.”

Willow smiled, “I’ll stop by and say hello for a while when we send you and the girls back. Are there any plans for a family of your own?”

Clark shuddered, “Well Chloe and Lana are talking about it. They want to wait until they get done with college. I’m not sure what the children would be like either. I can see the headlines if someone found out, first alien born on earth.”

She shrugged, “You worry too much Clark. You make of life what you want. There are always going to be people that are afraid of things they don‘t understand.”

Clark shrugged, “I’m just going to deal with things as they come.”

Willow grinned, “I’m glad to hear it. Just keep Chloe safe please.”

Clark nodded, “You can count on it.”

She thought, ‘I almost pity the demon that hurts Chloe.’

The next day after a large party in celebration of being alive, Dawn stood up on the stage and shouted. “I have an announcement.”

Dawn waited for the crowd to quiet. “A number of you have expressed interest in traveling to a different dimension. I’ve talked with each of you a little about where you want to go. You have each received a laptop computer from our computer department head, Miss Lexie. Do not lose that computer, as it is one of your more reliable ways to get a hold of us if something happens. As I am sure Lexie explained when she gave you the computer, it has been fitted with a magical link to our database and e-mail system. If you don’t check in at least once a week, I’m going to have to send someone after you to break your legs or rescue you.”

Spike snickered in the crowd.

Dawn glared at Spike, “I had better get more than an update every week from you mister or else.”

He grinned, “Sure Niblet.”

Dawn frowned at the crowd, “As I was saying, we can start sending people to their new worlds now. Who wants to go first?”

The crowd was silent as people looked around and waited for the first person to volunteer. Spike groaned before he raised his hand, “Bloody chicken shit wankers, I’ll be first Niblet.”

Dawn grinned, “Finally a victim, I mean volunteer. So where do you want to go? You didn’t say much about where just asked a lot of questions about what was possible.”

Spike grinned as he walked up and tossed a movie case to Dawn.

Dawn looked down at the movie case in her hand and blushed. “Vampires, Beaches and Naked Lesbians? It‘s a damn porn movie Spike.”

Spike shrugged as most of the crowd laughed, “For one, in that world vampires aren’t turned to ash by sunlight, for another, it’s just a vacation and well come on everyone likes naked lesbians.”

Dawn blushed a deep red, “No comment.”

Willow snickered, “Probably a good idea.”

Dawn shrugged, “If you’re serious about this, I can send you there for a while.”

He grinned, “I figure a few weeks there and I’ll be ready to annoy Angel some more and kill some demons.”

Dawn shook her head and held the movie in her left hand, “Fine, here is your bloody portal.” A shimmering green portal opened.

Spike grinned and stepped through with his laptop and a small suitcase.

Dawn carefully set the movie down on the table, “Alright who is next?”

Angel frowned, “I guess I’ll go. I’ve said my goodbyes and everything.”

Dawn nodded, “I know where you want to go, and I have the perfect world in mind. It’s a nice place where the supernatural isn’t hidden and vampires have rights and most of them have souls still.”

Cordelia smiled, “Sounds like a great place to start things over. Shall we go then?”

Angel smiled, “I think we should.”

Dawn nodded and waved her hand, another green portal opened in front of Dawn. “I’ll send a portal for your girl friend as well Angel once I have more time.”

Angel nodded and stepped through the portal with Cordelia.

Dawn frowned, took a drink of water, and thought to herself, “Just two more portals and I can rest. I guess I’m not recovered enough from the battle.”

Charles Gunn stepped forward, “I guess I’m the next one that’s going some place.”

Dawn nodded, “I have the perfect vacation spot for you. As well as an interview lined up, thanks to Willow and a touch of magic.”

Gunn grinned, “Nice to know.”

Dawn opened yet another green portal.

Gunn waved at everyone, “I’ll see you soon.” He stepped through the portal to find himself in an expensive looking bathroom.

He looked around and he walked over to the mirror. He straightened his tie and thought, ‘Well it is show time.’ He walked out of the bathroom and over to the receptionist. “Excuse me Miss but I was hoping you could direct me to Alan Shore’s office. I was supposed to meet with him about assisting him with some cases.”

Alan looked over at Gunn, “Ah you must be Charles Gunn. I’m Alan Shore.”

Gunn looked over at Alan and held out his hand, “Charles Gunn and I’m pleased to meet you.”

Alan took the hand and shook it. “Alan Shore and I’m pleased to meet you. I’ve heard such good things about you. They didn’t say much about why you wanted to work here though.”

Gunn grinned, “I’m trying to get some clients that aren’t demons.”

Alan nodded, “Well enough, shall we get started than?”

Gunn grinned before he nodded.

Adam grinned, “I guess that leaves me for last.”

Dawn nodded, “I don’t suppose you want to wait for a while for me to catch my breath?”

Buffy frowned, “What’s the matter Dawn?”

Giles glanced over his glasses at Dawn, “My guess is she used too much magic without letting herself recharge.”

Dawn winced but nodded. “I used a lot of magic rescuing slayers during the fight.”

Adam shrugged, “I’ve waited two hundred years to get back. I think I can wait a few more hours.”

Willow frowned at Dawn, “Alright you, up to bed you go.”

Dawn shook her head, “I’ll be fine; honest I will.”

Willow scowled, “Nope, not going to happen girl, you are going to get some sleep if I have to tie you to the bed.”

Xander coughed, “Bad image there Willow.”

Willow blushed as she realized what she had said. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Dawn scowled, “No, but I’ll sit in a chair with Hermione while you finish up your project.”

Willow glanced at Giles and nodded, “I guess that’s the best I can expect.”

Giles frowned, “Something I can help with?”

Willow blinked, “Ah no I don’t think so.”

Giles blinked and blushed coming to the wrong conclusion, “Oh dear lord never mind. I’ll just go read my book.”

Willow snickered as she picked up Dawn and carried her to their room. She walked past the large cleared table and set Dawn down on the bed.

Hermione walked in a few seconds later. “Harry, Lexie, Neville and Faith should be here shortly. I’m still not sure this is a good idea but if it helps Harry destroy Voldemort.”

Harry shuffled in with a grinning Faith. Neville and Lexie followed them through the door.

“I’m still not sure this is such a great idea, I mean the search for immortality is what drove Voldemort insane.”

Willow frowned, “I think he was insane long before that Harry.”

Harry sighed, “So what do we have to do?”

“Well I’m going to be using the power from the demons to grant you a type of immortality very similar to what Adam has.”

“So how do we start?”

Willow grinned, “We start by you getting out of your robes. I’ll need to paint a number of symbols on your skin.”

Harry frowned as he took off his robes and shirt leaving him wearing a pair of boxers with pink hearts all over them. “They aren’t permanent are they?”

Lexie looked at Harry’s boxers and giggled.

Harry frowned at Lexie, “They were a gift from Ginny, and I didn’t know I would be showing them off.”

Neville leaned over and whispered something to Lexie that caused her to blush and be quiet.

Harry sighed, “Are we ready to start?”

Willow nodded and smiled happily, “Yep just lie on the table.”

Harry sighed before getting up on the table and lying down. “How come I have to go first?”

Neville shrugged, “You drew the short straw.”

Harry grumbled, “Fine.”

Willow smiled and pulled out a black permanent marker. “Hold still, you really don’t want me to mess up these symbols.” She proceeded to draw a number of arcane symbols and such on Harry’s chest, arms and legs. She even had him turn on his side carefully a few times to finish some of the symbols. After what seemed like an hour, she stopped. “I think that does it for the symbols. I would like to draw all of the symbols first before I start the spell. Next in line is Lexie.”

Harry carefully slipped off the table. Lexie frowned at Harry for a second before slipping out of her dress. She climbed up onto the table not wearing a stitch.

Harry blushed and looked away from Lexie and the table. Neville gave Lexie a reassuring smile. Willow glanced down at Lexie’s tall but slim frame and noticed that she was taller than Harry was. She glanced at Lexie’s small breasts and crotch before she forced her attention back to her work on the symbols. “I’m going to use the magic a touch differently for you, Harry and Neville than from Faith. It should turn you children into pre-immortals.”

Harry frowned, “Meaning what?”

“Meaning that you will be able to grow up the rest of the way physically before being stuck at that age forever. In Faith‘s case she is old enough to just freeze her looking like she does now.” Willow concentrated on keeping her hands still and not shaking.

Lexie grinned, “It feels sort of interesting having a marker draw on you. I’ll have to get Rogue and Neville some markers for Christmas.”

Neville blushed and pulled his eyes from Lexie’s body back to her face.

Hermione frowned in concentration as she watched the symbols form. She looked back and forth at her notes and repeatedly checked to make sure that everything was perfect.

Dawn rested on the bed quietly enjoying the eye candy, her stare periodically switching between Harry, Lexie and Willow’s body.

Willow smiled, “I think I’m done.”

Lexie grinned, “Good to hear.”

Willow pointed at Neville, “Alright your turn.”

Neville sighed and dropped his robes revealing slightly tented plain black boxers. He crawled up on the table and layed down without complaint.

Lexie giggled a touch as she looked at Neville.

Neville’s face turned beat red, “Can we just hurry up.”

Faith snickered, “Thinking dirty thoughts about the little girl, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Neville scowled, “You would have the same issue if you were a boy. You can’t tell me you weren’t staring at her.”

Faith grinned and leered, “Not going to claim I wasn’t staring, and honey I like what I see. If I didn’t have Logan I would be interested.”

Lexie smiled and hit Faith in the shoulder, “Ah just wait for your turn being drawn on Faith.”

Faith took a step back and grinned. “True enough.”

After a few minutes, Willow finished the symbol work. “Faith, do you want to go next?”

Faith shrugged and stripped her t-shirt and pants off. Faith grinned at the look of shock on Harry’s face at the words on her panties.

Lexie blushed as she read the words on Faith’s panties aloud, “Finger licking good.”

Faith grinned, “Best gift I ever got.”

Neville blushed and looked away from the nearly naked Faith lying on a table.

Willow grinned down at Faith’s pale skin, “Perfect skin to write on.”

Faith grumbled, “The things we do for immortality.”

Willow snickered as she started to draw. Hermione looked over at Harry’s boxers a few times then went back to making sure the symbols were correct.

Lexie pulled out a camera from her dress and held it up. She grinned like loon as she looked at Faith. “You think I can take a few to document the ritual?”

Faith frowned then smiled, “Only if I get a nice computer out of the deal. I also want pictures of you as well. I mean it‘s only fair.”

Lexie grinned and snapped a few pictures off, “Agreed, some before, after and during pictures. I promise they will stay off the network as well.”

Faith nodded, “Agreed, I don’t really want just anyone having them.”

Dawn grinned, “Can I have a copy?”

Faith chuckled, “Sure, but I want a nice trip out of the deal, maybe some tropical island or something nice.”

Dawn nodded, “Agreed.”

Hermione frowned but continued her work.

Willow grinned and finished the symbols on Faith’s side. “You’re done Faith just one last person. Hermione honey it’s your turn.”

Hermione blushed, “You sure I can’t wear my top?”

Willow chuckled, “As you well know, there are symbols on the breasts so no you can’t.”

Lexie snapped a few pictures of Faith’s behind before she got a couple of shots of her side. “Willow, are they supposed to be different for each person?”

“Yes, each person’s symbols are slightly different; there are elements of each person mixed into the spell.”

Hermione pulled her bushy hair back into a large ponytail, stripped out of her robes in a rush, and slipped onto the table.

Harry glanced at Hermione. He wrenched his eyes back to her face. His gaze traveled to her faded plaid boxers then up to her bare breasts before refocusing on her face.

Lexie smiled happily and took a picture of Harry and Neville before snapping a few of Hermione.

Hermione blushed, “I’m so going to hex you if that picture ends up somewhere others can see it.”

Lexie smiled, “It’s for purely scientific purposes, honest.”

Neville stared at the wall determined to try to be polite.

Willow quickly finished the symbols while Lexie took pictures of a blushing Hermione.

Lexie smiled and put the camera away after taking a couple more shots of the group.

Hermione blushed, “Can we just hurry up with the spell?”

Willow nodded, “Sure thing, we can use the guest bed.”

Harry frowned, “What exactly is involved with this spell anyways?”

Willow shrugged, “Basically I force a lot of magic through your veins and through the symbols and use it to bring about a change to your bodies such that they regenerate from nearly any type of death. As for why I want to use the bed? Well I cannot imagine it being a fun happy feeling. As I don’t want you to hurt yourselves thrashing around, I figure we would just tie you up on the bed so that you couldn’t thrash around.”

Faith grinned, “Plus, she just wants to tie us up half naked in bed.”

Willow blushed, “Moving on. You can of course take your chances on the floor.”

Faith grinned when Willow didn’t deny it.

Harry shook his head, “Now I know why dark wizards go for the evil methods, the other methods are embarrassing.”

Dawn giggled, “True, but the evil methods are very disgusting.”

Harry frowned, “Fine I’ll go first if you want.”

“Yep, now get up onto the bed.”

Harry sighed and got onto the mattress. Dawn tied his arms and legs with faintly glowing silk handkerchiefs. “I enchanted them myself to hold even a slayer.”

Lexie giggled, “Been working on this project a while?”

Dawn nodded, “You could say that. Mostly they were a project to make sure we could hold a slayer that needed to be restrained, after Dana, we got worried about it.”

Willow smiled, “Alright people if you could back away from the bed. I’m sorry Harry but this is going to hurt a lot.”

Harry nodded, “Do it, it can’t be worse than the pain curse.”

Willow slipped her gauntlets on and raised her hands. Steams of magic danced from her fingers to settle on the ink of the symbols. Harry winced in pain as the magic touched the symbols burning them into his flesh.

Harry clenched his teeth at the burning pain as the magic swept through his thrashing body. He felt it dance around with his own magic almost happily like. The pain flared into searing agony as the magic burned at the darkness left from the curse. The searing pain burst into burning ecstasy as the magic burned through his blood warring with the darkness within. The magic flowed and worked with his own to change his body into something different. Harry screamed in agony for a long while. He relaxed slightly when he felt the last of the dark magic burn away. The new magic settled in with his old magic and became dormant. Harry stopped struggling with a few last twitches.

Hermione looked at Harry her eyes tearing up. “Are you okay Harry.”

Harry croaked out, “I’ve been worse. Alright that‘s a lie.”

Dawn moved quickly to untie him.

Neville rubbed his arms as a shiver ran through them. “That doesn’t look like much fun.” He thought ‘But if immortality allows me the chance to hunt the Lestranges down and kill them the pain is worth it.’ “Can I go next? I don’t think I could do it if I had to watch another person go through it.”

Willow nodded her head, “Yes, you may go next.”

Faith looked at Neville before looking at the still shaking Harry, “You’re braver than I am.”

Neville waited with a touch of fear for the magic to wash over him and cause the same amount of agony as Harry experienced. The magic touched his skin and felt warm and soothing as the symbols settled into his skin. He felt his magic respond to the magic sweeping through him. It agreed with his magic, he could hear the song of the plants faintly as the magic changed him. Neville smiled as the last of the magic washed through his body. “That wasn’t as painful as I thought.

Dawn quickly untied him.

Lexie smiled, “Well I hope my experience is more like Neville’s than Harry’s.

Willow brushed sweat off her forehead, “You’re up next Hermione.”

Hermione sighed before climbing onto the bed. She sighed again when Lexie took a few more pictures with the camera. “I expect a new computer like Faith’s.”

Lexie grinned, “Of course.”

Willow frowned at Lexie, “Maybe you should put the camera away otherwise I might have to let slip to Rogue that you have a picture of her in the shower.”

Lexie gulped, “Fine, I’ll put the camera away.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow at that, “Oh, that’s a story for later.”

Willow grinned, “You should be careful what you have laying around on your computer. Anyways it’s time to work on Hermione.” Once again, Willow raised her hands and let her magic flow forth.

The magic flowed along Hermione’s skin melting the symbols into it much the same as Neville. The magic in an almost curious manor poked and prodded at the slayer essence before retreating from it and continuing to work on changing the body to its needs.

Willow’s face sweated more as she held her concentration with an iron force of will.

Hermione sat up after the magic washed through her feeling rested and relaxed as well as excited. “That has to go into my journal.”

Dawn smiled down at Hermione, “You sure I can’t leave you tied up for a while?”

Hermione blushed as Dawn caressed her breast. “Ah no, we have company and besides Willow needs to finish with Faith and Lexie first.”

Faith grinned as she took Hermione’s place, “You know we are going to have to change the sheets soon, it’s getting sort of sweaty.”

Willow frowned and brushed more sweat from her forehead. Her vision was a little fuzzy near the edges but she shook off the feeling of dizziness by drawing more power from the gloves. She raised her hands again and pointed at Faith.

Faith shivered as the magic washed through her quickly touching the essence of the slayer and moving on to melt the symbols on her body into her skin in a mostly painless way. The magic settled like a coiled spring, with a twist of Willow’s right hand Faith felt her heart stop. Faith gasped for breath desperately trying to pull it in and through her body, knowing that without her heart beating it did not matter. Faith felt her chest tighten as she struggled for breath. She could feel her limbs grow cold as the blood stopped flowing. The room started to grow dark as Faith slipped into death.

Hermione frowned and looked down at Faith’s still form, “I just hope she forgives you for springing that last part on her.”

Willow sighed and took a long drink at her water bottle. “I couldn’t think of a better way for her to die the first time. I’m just hoping the spell worked and everything turned out all right. I’m getting tired and the gloves aren’t enough. I should have waited longer after the big fight.”

Lexie frowned knowing she was next. “Do you want to wait for another day?”

Willow sighed, “No, I’m just going to drain the last of the gloves and press on. I’ll be okay.”

Quiet filled the room as the group waited to see if Faith came back to life. Faith shuddered awake, “I hate dieing. This is my first time dieing but B’s right, it sucks.”

Willow let out a breath she hadn’t know she was holding. “I’m glad you didn’t stay dead.”

Faith nodded weakly, “Now get me out of these ties.”

Dawn pointed at the ties and untied them all with magic.

Faith nodded and got to her feet before hobbling over to lean against a wall. “Just give me a few minutes and I’ll be five by five.”

Lexie hopped onto the bed. She blushed when Dawn spread her feet to tie them up.

Dawn snickered, “Okay, where is the camera?”

Lexie’s eyes widened, “Uh, hold on guys.”

Hermione grinned, “I remember a certain camera taking a few snap shots of me.”

Lexie blushed and plastered a grin as Hermione took picture after picture of Lexie.

Hermione smiled and blushed, “Just for the records you understand.”

Willow giggled with a slight edge of hysteria and tried to push back the blackness at the edge of her vision. She raised her hand and let the magic flow out of her. She lost her concentration and thought about the next slayer she had to retrieve and how different her magic was. She frowned, her thoughts slipped and she thought more about how attractive she found Lexie than about the spell.

Willow’s magic touched Lexie’s skin and explored it causing tingles of pleasure to sweep through her body as it caressed her skin. The magic sank into the ink and pulled the symbols into her body. The magic guided by Willow’s diverted attention, danced along in her changing it and altering it as needed. It played a short game of cat and mouse with the slayer energy and got a feel for it. The magic flowed through her body until it found a core of magic nestled deep in the girl. Had Willow been less tired and more focused she might have had time to stop it before her magic pushed and prodded at the core of magic changing the girl’s body in such a way that the magic could express itself. The magic of the spell then nestled in and became dormant. Lexie giggled in pleasure.

The magic users in the room all gasped in surprise, as a great deal of magic seemed to fill Lexie for a minute before fading away as the girl sat up. The handkerchiefs fell from her hands neatly untied.

Faith shivered as Lexie sat up. She felt like someone had just walked over her grave.

Neville blushed slightly as he looked at Lexie’s crotch. “I think now that the spell is done, we should get some sleep.”

Lexie giggled a dazed look in her eyes, “I want to cuddle.”

Willow blinked a few times, “Maybe some sleep is a good thing.”

Neville walked over and picked Lexie up, “I’ll tuck her in and read her a story the same as always.”

“I’m going to go find Logan and well yeah… I’m going to go find Logan.” Faith walked out.

Hermione nodded at Neville, “It might be best if you got your clothes on first. We still have a large number of guests that wouldn’t react well to a guy carrying a naked girl into a room.”

Neville blushed, “Ah good point.” Neville headed to the other room and tossed a robe on before he headed out.

Harry shook himself, “Why did mine hurt so much when the others didn’t?”

Willow sighed and collapsed on the bed, “I’m not sure. I had to push a lot of dark magic out that was left from the curse that almost killed you as a baby. I believe that breaking the connection to Voldemort was what caused you so much pain. There is also the residue of your blood protection to wonder about.”

Harry sighed, “So even in this I’m different.”

Hermione shrugged, “You’re special Harry, you just need to get used to it.”

“I’m going to go catch some sleep and try to get my skin to stop wanting to crawl off my body.” Harry made has way out of the room.

Dawn sat on the bed and pulled Willow close so her back rested against her. “I understand what happened to Harry; I don’t understand what happened to Lexie.”

Hermione sat on the edge of the bed. “It’s because you got too tired, isn’t it?”

Willow nodded mutely.

Dawn frowned, “So why did she look to be having so much pleasure from it? For that matter what about the magic she had?”

Willow sighed tiredly, “I’m sure Hermione already has it all worked out you should just ask her.”

Dawn frowned before looking at Hermione.

Hermione shrugged her breasts distracting Dawn for a second before Dawn pulled her gaze back to her face. Hermione’s voice took on a slightly lecturing tone, “The spell creates a semi-alive construct made of magic that does all of the changes required. The witch’s willpower directs the spell but should she become distracted, the spell will start acting on this distraction. In other words, the spell caressed her because that is what some part of Willow was thinking about. As for the magic flare I believe it’s because Willow activated her dormant magic.”

Dawn frowned, “But how, her world didn’t even have magic.”

Willow gestured for Hermione to continue with her theory.

“There was no slayer either until you ladies’ spell changed that. The spell had two functions the intended one and the side effect. The intended one we all know, activate the potential slayers that existed. It’s the other side effect that is going to give us some issues.”

Dawn frowned, “But we know what it did, it activated a number of girls across the dimensions.”

Hermione nodded, “But do you know how they were picked?”

Dawn glared, “by the powers that be?’

Willow sank a bit more into Dawn.

Hermione shook her head, “Not the slayers you activated.”

Dawn frowned, “What are you getting at?”

Hermione sighed, “It’s only a theory, but basically your spell reached across the worlds or potential worlds and found girls to turn into slayers. Most of the girls your spell selects will have some type of special power or magic. They will also likely be attractive to at least one of you. In some cases the spell might even grant them magic or some strange slayer ability.”

Dawn frowned, “So you’re saying that in some way we picked the slayers?”

Hermione nodded her head, “But it’s more than that. There is something else you need to know before you go after more of the slayers you created. I’ve read the books about my world. I’m not sure it existed before your spell. Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t. I remember my life from before the books started at age eleven and things that happened that weren’t written down. I’m pretty sure the character Hermione Granger that existed in the books wasn’t bisexual. So either you pulled me out of a variation where I was or when your magic pulled me from the page and created the world I changed.”

Dawn blushed, “I’m failing to see what you being bisexual has to do with things?”

Willow sighed from her spot in Dawn‘s lap, “It has everything to do with it. We picked the girls we wanted, that we were attracted too. Hermione, Lexie, Violet, Rogue are you seeing the issue.”

Dawn frowned, “I guess I’m not seeing the problem.”

Hermione grinned at Dawn, “Are you telling me that you don’t find us all attractive?”

Dawn frowned and thought about it, “Ah, I guess they are rather good looking.”

Willow smiled, “I believe the word you are looking for is hot. Even Lexie is hot though she has a while to grow up.”

Dawn blinked, “Are you saying that some part of me wants Lexie?”

Hermione nodded, “Maybe not on a conscious level but yes. You have three out of three slayers being at least open to the idea of cuddling with girls. All three of us like you two in one way or another. I think the possibly that it‘s just a fluke is remote.”

Dawn sits up straighter, “So what do we do about it?”

Hermione shrugged, “I’m not sure there is anything to do other than understand that all of the various girls are going to be ones you would choose to date or have a relationship with.”

Willow sighed, “Are you okay with it?”

Hermione huffed, “I don’t know, it’s rather confusing. I mean I like sleeping with Ginny now and then, so I guess I would understand if you wanted to spend time with the girls if it came up. However, Ginny isn’t the two of you and I wouldn’t give up you two for anything. I’ll work on it.”

“I guess we will have to see how things turn out. If it makes you feel better I love you Hermione and wouldn’t want to lose you either. We should get some sleep though, we have to send Buffy and Adam off tomorrow.”

Adam awoke with a start. He looked around in shock and tried to figure out where the faintly familiar buzzing noise was coming from. With a shudder and twitch, it clicked that the buzzing sound was from an immortal. ‘I guess the witch really did it, at least I’ll be leaving in the morning. Hopefully they never come to my world and decide the game is worth playing.’ Adam shook his head and stared at the ceiling listening to the faint sounds of bed-springs bouncing.

Buffy glanced over at Adam, “Faith is at it again isn’t she?”

He nodded, “Yeah, that’s the fifth time tonight.”

Buffy scowled, “Well if you can’t get them to shut up the next best thing is to join them.”

Adam grinned and went about making more noise than Faith and Logan.

The next morning found Adam and Buffy standing in front of an open portal. Dawn looked tired and had a face full of tear streaks, “You make sure to write Buffy.”

Buffy smiled, “I will. Do me a favor and check in on Giles now and then.”

Dawn nodded, “I will, he worries too much.”

Giles frowned, “I’m standing right here.”

Buffy grinned, “It’s old age I tell you, I have to wonder about your hearing.”

Giles sputtered, “Just have a good vacation Buffy; you are welcome back any time you want to come back.”

Buffy nodded, “I’ll come back at some point Giles.”

Giles looked relieved, “Just have a safe trip.”

Adam and Buffy turned and walked through the portal. They called out a last “Goodbye” before they vanished.

Dawn smiled, “According to Ginny the rest of the slayers will be ready to send home in a couple of days. Is there any place you want to be sent?”

Giles frowned, “I was sort of hoping to spend some time with you and to read though the library you have here if that’s alright?”

Dawn waved the portal closed. “I see no reason you can’t stick around and read through the books and take a rest Giles. Lupin and Tonks are due back from their honeymoon either today or tomorrow so they would be around for someone to talk to that aren’t a bunch of children.”

Giles smiled, “You haven’t been a bunch of children in a long time. Besides I want to spend some time with your children.”

Dawn grinned, “I think they would like having a grandpa Giles around.” Dawn grinned wider at Giles’ scowl, “Or an uncle Giles.”

Giles nodded, “That I can deal with, it’s better than some of the names Xander came up with.”

Dawn chuckled, “True enough.”

Fred and Wesley walked in holding hands, “I don’t suppose you can send us some place nice for a vacation?”

Dawn frowned, “I didn’t think you needed my help to travel places Illyria.”

Fred’s eyes glowed blue, “I don’t Key.” Fred’s eyes returned to their normal color, “But it is polite to ask Dawn.”

Dawn nodded, “Well enough how does Hawaii sound?”

Fred nodded, “Wesley and I are trying to work out how to be a couple when there are three of us in the couple.”

Illyria’s eyes glowed blue again, “It is one of the compromises, doing stuff my shell wants.”

Dawn shuddered, “That will take some getting used too.”

Wesley shrugged, “That’s one of the things we have to try to figure out how to do.”

Giles frowned, “What’s the other?”

Wesley grinned, “How to live with a girl that is smarter than Einstein.”

Fred blushed, “Can we just go before I die of embarrassment.”

Illyria’s voice, “You can’t die of embarrassment.”

Dawn grinned at Illyria and opened a portal with a wave of her hand, “Have fun in Hawaii. Bring back pictures of the cute girls and guys.”

Giles watched them go through the portal, “So where are you going to stick all of the slayers you collect?”

Dawn grinned, “Well Angel gave me the deed to the Hyperion Hotel before he left, I was going to steal it and add it to this house once we figured out how to do it. Fred was working out the details. She is really smart maybe even smarter than Willow.”

Giles nodded, “Indeed, I wish those two well. Wesley has grown up quite a lot from the idiot he was in Sunnydale.”

Dawn smiled, “We all have.”

Authors Notes: I’ve had a lot of fun with this story. I plan to write a few different crossovers that continue where this left off. Most likely, none of them are going to be near as long as this story. Nevertheless, who can say? This part of the story is complete. I think the next story will involve the Wheel of Time world or possibly a story to check on what happens to Angel. As I try very hard not to write porn, I will leave Spike’s adventures for short funny quotes and such things. Of the other possible future stories, I might try a Highlander cross if I can track down my Highlander videos. I’m always open for suggestions on what to write about.

The End

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