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Ghostly Witch Watchers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Dawn collect Hermione for slayer training. HG/DS/WR, WR/HP, RW/other, GW/HP Some couples have extra partners.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR1828164,97489188,05417 Jan 0621 Jul 06Yes

Miscast portals

Author’s notes: I don't own anything but the plot and any characters you might later see that you don't recognize. I make no claim to copyrighted material. This story has F/F pairings as well as some mention of F/F/F and F/F/M. Some characters have extra partners.

This is a Harry Potter/Buffy the vampire slayer cross.

Willow yawned as she stared sleepily at her alarm clock before rolling out of bed. She grumbled, “It’s way too early to be up and awake. But,” she thought, “I get to test out the new spell today so that should be interesting. Hopefully everything goes well.” She pulled on her last pair of non-packed clean clothes and picked up her backpack of travel supplies. “No time like the present.” She headed over to the spell chamber, a converted room in the slayers headquarters installed by Xander after Dawn had started practicing magic. There had been a few mistakes in the learning stage of Dawn’s magical education.

Giles, Buffy, Dawn and Faith looked up from their chairs as Willow entered. Xander was leaning quietly against the wall. Willow looked around at the gathered people, “How did you beat me up?”

Buffy rubbed at her red eyes, saying, “I never went to sleep and I just got back from taking a troupe of girls slaying. So do you two have this little experiment worked out well enough? I don’t like the idea of you or Dawn going. I’m worried about her.” Buffy held up her hand to forestall the argument on Dawn’s lips. “I know you’re old enough to take care of yourself in a fight and with magic but I still worry. I would go with you if Willow hadn’t told me this version of the spell would only take the two of you.”

Giles took off his glasses with a sigh and began cleaning them on his shirt. “I’m sure that Willow isn’t going to let anything happen to Dawn or herself. Do you know which Slayer you are going to find on this trip or what world they are in?”

Dawn pulled out a small notebook. “Hermione Granger, she is a sixteen year old witch that attends a school for witchcraft and wizardry. The spell should take us to just a day or two after our slayer was activated; the laws of time and space are a little flexible with this spell, at least they should be.”

“Hey we worked out the spell and I don’t think there are any more bugs in it. I guess we are going to have to just try it.”

Faith smiled. “Bring me back a souvenir from your trip and make sure you get the girl.”

Willow blushed, and Faith chuckled “Nothing says you can’t enjoy yourself.”

“You shouldn’t notice too much time passing, maybe a few hours to a day total if something goes wrong. However, that isn’t going to happen because I have my trusty bag of ingredients for the return spell and nothing should go wrong. We’ll collect the girl and get back to train her, I hope. Dawn, do you want to draw out the Pentagram for the portal?”

“You bet, just give me a minute.” Dawn hurried over to one of the walls to start drawing a person-sized pentagram on the wall.

Buffy whispered softly to Willow, “Are you going to be okay about Kennedy?”

Willow winced. “It’s not like Tara, I’m not going to go all Dark Willow and that might be the worst part. I just didn’t love her the same way I did Tara, she was just there.” Willow winced, “We were growing apart anyways. Now enough, I need to focus on this spell one mistake and something bad will happen.”

Buffy chose to fall silent and not protest Willow’s lie, she could tell she was still beating herself up over Kennedy.

Xander spoke up, “Nothing bad is going to happen, Willow you have this worked out to a T and a dotted I. You and Dawn have your supplies, your locator spells and other things said it was a world much like this one only without most of the demons. There are still a few things that go bump in the night, so be careful. I know you have your magic to protect you but I still wish I could go with you.” Xander blinked then looked around nervously, “Well maybe not wish but want, yeah want.”

Willow smiled at Xander, “Next time you can come. I’ve got someone picked out that I think you would like. Now for the spell and our goodbyes as we need concentration to get this spell right please no one interrupt us.”

Willow and Dawn started on the spell casting process as the rest of the members of the room became silent. The white chalk pentagram glowed with a green fire as it burst into a dark green portal. Willow and Dawn smiled as they stepped towards the portal and were about to step though it when Andrew ran into the chamber holding a console game in his hand. “Xander you have to see the naked wrestling game I just got!” Andrew waved the game package in front of Xander. “You can even play as a girl.”

Willow blinked as she and Dawn stepped through the portal. The portal flared as Willow lost her concentration. Two backpacks and two piles of clothes dropped to the floor.

Giles looked at the clothes then looked at the area where the portal was, “Oh dear, that can’t be good.”

Faith glared at Andrew, “Somehow I think Willow got distracted while maintaining that spell, what have we told you about causing problems and entering this room?”

Andrew gulped, “That you would turn me into a test dummy for the new slayers?”

“See he does remember some things.” Faith smiled as she dragged a flailing Andrew out of the room. “Tell me when Red and Dawn get back.”

Andrew wailed, “Help meeee!”

Xander glared at Andrew “Well let us hope that Willow and Dawn don’t need the weapons they dropped. Her magic gloves are still in the lab as well. So I just hope their magic works to get them home without her components or that they can find something to get them back.”

“I’ll go research some other means to get the Girls back if they can’t get themselves back…”

Buffy looked over at Giles, “Lie to me?”

Giles looked over at Buffy, “It’s terribly easy and I’m sure they will be back before you know it. Though in the meantime maybe you should go practice on some of the bags in the training room.”

“You’re still a terrible liar. I’m going to go beat up innocent bags and maybe Andrew for coming in here when he wasn’t supposed to.”

Xander chuckled gleefully “I almost feel sorry for him, almost. I’ll kill him myself if anything happens to Willow or Dawn.”

Hermione sighed in frustration as she slammed a fist on the table the books that were sprawled on, the table bounced from the force of the blow. “It’s got to be here somewhere, there has to be some reason. Maybe it’s a reaction to the healing spells to fix the ministry damage. However, neither the doctors nor the books said anything about reactions like this.” Hermione looked at where Crookshanks was hiding under the bed. “If you were an owl, I could ask Dumbledore, he would know what was going on.” She walked over and dejectedly flopped onto the bed.

A green Portal with flames at the edges opened near the fireplace and belched out two naked girls. The two girls fell to the ground in a tangle of limbs. The taller brown haired girl looked around briefly as green fire sparkled in her eyes. She detangled herself from Willow then staggered over to the bed before collapsing and falling asleep. A slightly shorter fire red haired girl of twenty or so years looked around from her seat on the floor.

“Bloody hell, I didn’t know the floo network belched fire quite like that, for that matter my fire place is Muggle how did you do that?” She pulled her wand out of her hair and trained it on the two girls with a speed that surprised her. “Who are you and why are you in my house?” She blushed slightly and blinked “And why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

Willow looked up at Hermione, “Well the no clothes part, I can’t really explain other then a glitch in the spell to send us here. As for who we are, the cute brunette sleeping on your bed is Dawn, Dawn Summers and I’m Willow Rosenberg, and I really hope you're Hermione Granger.” She pulled herself to her feet. She blushed a little as she noticed Hermione staring avidly at her and Dawn.

Hermione Granger tried not to blush as she stared at pulled her gaze away from Dawn and focused on Willow. She wasn’t sure why but the girls in front of her drew her eyes like no one she had ever met. She wasn’t sure what made the girls any different from any of her housemates but there was just something about them, maybe it was their voices or maybe it was the way Dawn slept all curled up and cute. She focused on Willow’s face, yeah just concentrate on her face and not on the rest of her. Her thoughts weren‘t helping her stay calm, “Well at least they are cute witches, not sure they aren’t death eaters but wouldn’t death eaters already have attacked by now. Wait did I call her cute? I know they are naked and I can’t stop staring but I’ve seen other girls without clothes, that didn‘t affect me this much. Why are these two different? Okay try not to blush, I like Ron, it’s not like I haven’t seen my roommates with little on, ah quick find something to offer her for clothes.” Hermione quickly fumbled for a nightshirt in her dresser. She smiled as she pulled out a soft blue nightshirt and tossed it to Willow. Her jaw dropped slightly as it fell through Willow’s outstretched hand.

“Oh uh, I think we messed up that spell more then we thought.” Willow looked over at Hermione, “I’m not sure I’m the best person for this but better to get it out of the way now than later. The reason we are here is we are looking for something called a Slayer.”

“What’s that? I haven’t heard anything about Slayers and why did that shirt go through you, are you a ghost? Does the term death eater mean anything too you?”

“Other than as a group out of a story I read a while ago, not really, should it? I wasn’t able to get that many details with the spells to find you, but I think you’re the Slayer we are looking for.”

“Why do you think that and are you sure you didn’t escape Saint Mungos?”

“Pretty sure, I don’t suppose you have been having bad dreams, increased physical strength, and maybe increased reaction time?”

“I haven’t told anyone about that.” Hermione glared at Willow. “How did you know that?”

“Dawn and I are, for lack of a better term Witches. We are also supposed to be seekers of the slayers that were activated. Slayers are mystical girls that are supposed to fight the forces of darkness, demons and vampires, well more vampires than demons but yeah we call them vampire slayers now that there are more than one.”

“Take a breath and try that again, and this would be the strangest Death Eater attempt in history so you can have a seat and tell me more. That is if you can take a seat.” Hermione put her wand back behind her ear and pulled up a chair for herself, leaving the other one for Willow. Hermione made sure that she had some room between them just in case she needed to pull her wand.

Willow, after a few tries, managed to sit in the chair without phasing through it. “Well I don’t think we are ghosts, maybe we are just out of sink with this world still. Hopefully that gets better over time. So you are a slayer, we are your helpers. We are supposed to take you back and train you to be a slayer. As you’re the first person in a different world that we tried to find we aren‘t exactly sure how things are supposed to work.”

“A different world, as in I’m in a different dimension than yours? Are you sure you’re okay, I guess with the phasing through objects I’ll have to take your word for it. So what, I’m supposed to be some type of mystic warrior? I think you’ve got the wrong person. I’m a witch with a wand and I’m too young to fight demons and monsters. I mean I always had Ron and Harry with me on adventures, and I was always the one trying to stop them from doing stupid things.”

Willow smiled, “Well Buffy was a bit younger then you when she got called. So you aren’t that young, and with training and being a witch you should have a long life fighting demons, it’s sort of a destiny thing.”

Hermione looked over at Dawn and blinked, and thought “Okay that view isn’t much better. Think about Harry. Think about Ron, stupid bloody idiot doesn’t admit feelings, okay don’t think about Ron, just stop looking at her cute bum. What is wrong with me?” She put her hands up and rubbed her eyes. “What am I supposed to do about school, family and such things, not to mention Harry. If I’m not there to help him and Ron they will probably end up dieing from all of the trouble they get into. I cannot just run off to who knows where. And can’t you do something about not having clothes?” Hermione snapped.

Willow waved her hand and a flickering image of a red dress appeared over her. It flickered a few times before Willow scrunched her eyes up and it solidified. “That takes more energy then I thought it would but at least my magic works.”

Hermione relaxed slightly now that she wasn’t having to force herself to look just at Willow’s face, “How did you do that without a wand, I mean Dumbledore can do a lot of things without a wand but I think even he would need a wand for something like that.”

“I never needed a wand before and I see no reason to acquire one now. So I take it you use one for your magic with the way you were waving it around earlier?”

Hermione looked over at Dawn and blinked at her still naked body curled up peacefully in sleep. She blushed then looked back at Willow and tried to keep her eyes on Willow's face. “So is your friend alright or is something wrong with her?”

Willow looked at Dawn. “No, she isn’t used to using that much energy for a spell, it just wore her out. I guess I should check her heart to make sure her pulse is good but being that I can hear her breathing, I think she’s fine.” She turned her attention back to Hermione and asked, “So do you believe me about the whole slayer thing? I had a book to give you but it got lost with the luggage. I don’t suppose you know where a good magic shop is? We need to replenish supplies.”

“Well I’m sure there is something in Diagon Alley. It’s where witches go to refill supplies and buy magical ingredients.”

Willow thought ‘Well at least the first slayer is cute and blushes nicely, okay Willow stay on track and stop eying Dawn’s bottom so much, even if it is nice and, no don’t finish that thought. Wait a whole alley, so that part of the books is true? Sweet.’ Willow spoke in an excited voice, “You have a whole street with magical shops? That’s so unfair we had to rely on one little magic shop in Sunnydale.”

“I’m going to have to get a hold of Dumbledore before I go anywhere with you ladies, and how long is training going to take? How much school would I be missing?”

“Well you aren’t going to miss any school if you don’t want to miss it. We should be able to get you trained and send you back to a few hours after you left. The dimension spell is neat like that. I’m not really sure if we can make it work from this end without Dawn up to full strength, so it might be a few days. Uh can we stay here?” Willow looked at her with a hopeful look.

“Well my parents are at a dentist conference so I guess you can stay in the guest room tonight. I was supposed to go some place in the morning, so I’ll have to figure out how that is going to work with you and Dawn."

“Well can we figure it out in the morning? I think my brain could use some quiet time, that will give you a chance to call one of the people that can check us out. You do have a phone in this world right?”

“Yes, I do have a phone and calling my friends sounds like a good idea.” Hermione took a few steps before a shimmering blue force pulled her back towards Dawn and Willow. “Ah what was that?”

Willow scowled. “Didn’t any of the spells work right? Damn it, we did a spell to locate you and bind us in transport so that we would end up in the same world and in the same place. However, I didn’t think it would tie us together after the transport spell had finished. I think the magic of this world effected the spell somehow.”

Hermione sighed in exasperation, “Well at least I have a cordless phone.” She picked up the phone and worked on digging Tonks’ phone number out of her notebook. With no owl Tonks was the only person from the order that she could get a hold of. Mostly due to the fact that Tonks was half muggle and actually knew what a telephone was. Hermione was relieved that after a couple of rings Tonks answered.

“Hey Tonks, I have a bit of a problem.” She waited a bit, “No, not death eaters. I have some guests that showed up unexpectedly, it’s just a little complicated. Do you think you can come help me out and bring some type of truth spell?” She paused again, “No, don’t bother with truth serum, it wouldn’t work, just trust me on this. They tell a good tale, but I’m not sure I trust them coming with me to see Ron and Harry without you checking them over. Oh and don’t bring any of the guys we sort of have some other issues that would make that bad,” She blushed, “No not that, just get over here please.” She clicked the off button on the phone and set it back on the dresser.

“I don’t blame you, if you don’t trust us; it’s a little hard to swallow.”

The two girls turned and looked at the door as a muffled crashing and cursing sounded from upstairs.

Hermione smiled, “We are down here.”

A brown limp haired Tonks came down the stairs, wand out and looking around. She stopped and stared as she spotted Willow, Hermione and Dawn. “Wotcher, ah what’s going on?”

Hermione blushed “Well they sort of showed up and, to borrow something Ron would say, they are sort of ghostly right now. Hence the no clothes on Dawn, the girl on the bed. Moreover, Willow’s clothes are just an illusion. None of these things are really covered in the books.”

Willow glanced at Tonks “I don’t suppose you have a truth spell or something?”

“Well there is a truth spell but it’s not that reliable, that’s why they normally use the potions, the truth spell only tells you if they are speaking the truth as they know it, it doesn’t make them tell the truth. It is in the aurors handbook in case you wanted to know. You have a problem with me casting a truth spell on you?”

Willow sighed, “If it helps Hermione believe me, I’ll go for it.”

Tonks whispered a few words and waved her wand in some complicated gestures before asking, “Your name please, and why you are here.”

“Willow Rosenberg. I’m here to collect Hermione Granger because we have confirmed that she is the slayer that was activated in this world. We have been tasked with retrieving slayers from the various worlds training them, giving them the option of where to live, and if they want to defend their old world helping them set that up or if they aren’t needed in their old world setting them up back in ours. We used a spell to cross to your dimension, no we aren’t going to hurt Hermione or any of her friends, yes we really do need to take her for a while to train and yes she will be returned to nearly the same time when we send her back if she chooses to return.”

Tonks tapped at her wand with her finger. “Lumos” her wand tip glowed with a dim light, Tonks tapped it again to put the light out. “Yep it still works and she is telling the truth as far as I can tell, as hard as that is to believe.”

Dawn groaned as she rolled over on the bed coming awake from the voices. She phased through the bed and hit the floor with a grunt. She stood up with a dazed expression on her face. She glanced at Willow and the rest of the people before glancing down and seeing that she was quite naked and phased through the bed like a ghost. She quickly sat back down on the floor, her head the only part of her body visible. “What’s with the no clothes and the walking through things? And who are these people?”

“Well sleepy head the young girl is Hermione Granger the slayer that we wanted to find and the other one is Nymphadora Tonks. Everyone this is Dawn. As for the no clothes thing it’s because we didn’t get fully into the world, though I think that is slowly fixing its self. So by morning in this world things should be fine.”

Tonks glared at Hermione for telling them her full name. “Call me Tonks, Not that I don’t want to hear the rest of this story but I’m going to go arrange things with Molly so that your friends can come with you.”

Hermione nodded “I want to see Harry and the rest so it would be nice if things could be arranged.”

Tonks disappeared with a loud bang.

Willow blinked, “Wow I didn’t know witches could do that. Maybe we should try to learn while we are here Dawn that could come in handy.”

Dawn stepped out of the bed and tried to sit on it without falling through. “How come we can sit on the furniture?”

Hermione looked at the girls suspiciously, “Oh knock it off you two, you didn’t look that surprised by the apparation. How did you know her name anyways, when I didn’t tell you?”

Willow blushed “Would you believe it was just a good guess? As for the furniture, I think it’s because it is more static and doesn’t move as much as other things so if we really try we can focus on things and touch them. That’s only a theory though.”

“I’ll take that for now.”

Hermione folded her arms and looked at Willow, “Well I won’t take that good guess crap. You know more then you’re telling.”

Willow sighed “Well yeah we did some background work on you with spells because you were the first person we wanted to go after, that and as far as I can tell your world mirrors a series of books in our world so I was taking a chance that it was the same. So while witches in the book can teleport, I didn‘t know if it would hold true in this world.”

“There are books about us in your world? “

“Well in a general sense though they are supposed to be books of fiction my guess is the writer is a far seer or something and wrote about what she saw. I’m not sure why there are books about you, and to answer your next question I don’t know what will happen or how reliable the books are to your real world.”

“So in other words there might be some book about your world in our world by random chance? Well that would be strange. I think I need to get some sleep, though that might be an issue with that barrier.”

Dawn looked up tiredly “Barrier? What Barrier is that?”

“When we get a short distance from Hermione we sort of get tossed back together again so yeah sleeping might be a problem.”

Hermione blushed “We just have to look at it logically. We will just have to use the same bed. It’s been a long day, and it’s not like I haven’t shared a bed with my cousins.” She thought, 'Yes but they were your cousins not two cute girls, breathe Hermione think about Harry and Ron okay so not helping. Just get some sleep it should be better in the morning.'

Willow looked at the large mattress, “At least it’s a large mattress, okay let’s get some sleep.” Dawn laid on her right with Hermione on the left, the bed while large was still not quite large enough for their uncomfortable tossing and turning that night.
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