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GODZILLA FEST San Francisco 2010

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This story is No. 5 in the series "A Willow in Thorns". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Crossover in the Charmed/Buffy-verses. Godzilla is attacking San Francisco. What will the girls do? Cater the Underworld's biggest party, of course!

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Charmed > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Cole TurnerzillagirlFR13513,7010186,27917 Jan 063 Dec 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Charmed is the property of Aaron Spelling, Constance M Burge, and the WB; Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Godzilla is the creation of Inoshiro Honda and Eiji Tsurubaya and Toho Pictures.

Summary: Godzilla is attacking San Francisco. What will the girls do? Cater the Underworld's biggest party, of course!

Author's Note: This is kind of daydream of mine. I'm a big Godzilla fan. (Hence, the name zillagirl.) I know that this concept is totally ludicrous. Just a laugh of mine. This is a set in the same alternate universe as my other stories “A Willow In Thorns,” “A Knight Meets An Angel,” and “Get Me To The Church On Time.” It is primarily a Charmed-centric story; however, the Turners may appear in a supporting capacity. Furthermore, this story is set in 2010, a year later than “A Willow In Thorns.”

Chapter One: The Pre-Game Show

Part One

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige – the Charmed Ones – were glued to the television. The Emergency Broadcast System had been activated. The Army, Marines, and the National Guard were all heading to the Bay. It was crazy. Apparently some giant radioactive demon – a Japanese giant radioactive demon – was heading their way. Of course, the news called it a dinosaur – but the girls knew better. It was definitely a demon. The news wouldn't call it a demon, such things were unknown in the mortal world.

They had a shot of the creature in the water. You could see it clearly – it was huge. It was said to be 300 feet tall and estimated to weigh over 20,000 tons! The girls looked at themselves nervously. How do you vanquish something that large? They turned back to the television, listening to the update.

“...The Japanese have identified this dinosaur – or monster – as the creature they know as Gojira, or Godzilla. They allege that it was awoken and mutated by the 1954 hydrogen bomb tests conducted by the United States at Bikini Atoll. No evidence supports this allegation. The State Department denies all responsibility and claims the Japanese allegation is spurious and irresponsible...”

The girls jumped at least a foot in the air as they saw the familiar blue-white orbs of their white lighter coalesce between them and the television. Piper jumped up and embraced her husband. “Leo, thank God! What did the Elders say? Is there a spell to---”

“Piper, Piper.” Leo soothed. “Please calm down. What the Elders told me isn't very encouraging.”

Piper sat down next to her sisters. They exchanged a worried look. What is it? No spell? “The thing is... The Elders say you can't do anything. You have to leave this up to the mortals.”

“WHAT!” The three of them yelled in unison. Piper massaged her swollen belly, pregnant with the daughter she'd been waiting for. “Leo, it's a demon!”

“No.” Huh? “It's not. It's just what the broadcasts have said. It's a dinosaur. Just like the Japanese have said. It was created by the atomic blast tests in the Pacific. I met some white lighters that died the first time it attacked in Japan. They say it's karma. The Americans created it, now they will have to deal with the consequences.”

“What?” Phoebe erupted.

“Phoebe, calm down. It's like a hurricane or an earthquake. Godzilla is an act of nature. That's why you have to leave this to the mortals. Anyway, there is a good side to all this, believe it or not.”

“This I have to hear.” Paige groaned, popping another piece of ginger in her mouth. It felt like her stomach was continually upset. She really needed to see Xander. Why wasn't he here? She'd just discovered she was 6 weeks pregnant and she really needed to tell him. She was sure that her sisters suspected something. Thankfully, she didn't think Leo knew.

Leo groaned inwardly. Paige still hadn't told him what he knew to be the truth. He knew she was suffering, she wanted to tell the father first. Damn those Elders! Maybe Xander was right, they were too cut off from humanity. But now, he had to drop his real bombshell. He'd felt shellshocked when the Elders told him what was coming... “The thing is, apparently the Underworld is going to take a day off.”

“WHAT!” The girls could NOT believe what they were hearing. A day off? Evil? It was ludicrous!

Leo chuckled, he knew that would go over well. “Yeah, apparently, whenever something like this happens, they announce an Underworld-wide holiday. All demons and their families congregate in whatever city this is occurring in. They reserve all the parks and it's billed as the biggest party in the Underworld outside of the Underworld.”

“Oh. Dear. God.” Phoebe breathed. “You mean ALL of the demons will be in town?”

“Yes, nearly all, and their children. It's a big family event.”

Piper nearly choked. Leo was making this sound good, and yet... He was hiding something. “What are you holding back?”

“Well, white witches and white lighters in the affected area are tasked with catering the event.” Leo braced himself for the coming explosion.

Part Two

Cole shimmered just outside the high council chambers in the Underworld. He hadn't been down here in years. He inhaled the smell that was deeply Underworld – sulfur and brimstone. He basked in the heat that he hadn't felt in years. Aaaahhh. Wonderful. I haven't been this warm in so long.


Cole turned sharply at the voice. It wouldn't do not to be too careful down here. He'd made enough enemies to last several lifetimes. But this wasn't one of them. Ikarian. His brood-mate. “Ikarian!”

They clasped arms and patted each other on the back. “Damn! Belthazor! You should be on the council yourself! Hell! That mate of yours could---”

Cole put a hand up to stop him. He knew what they were suggesting and he'd never do it. “No. Ikar. I'm sorry I just can't do it anymore. I'm only down here because of the Godzilla Fest. What a party. Damn! When was the last one?”

“Well, I remember seeing you at Okinawa in 1975. That was a great show.”

“Yeah, three monsters at once. Although, that puppy was damn silly.” Cole snorted.

Ikarian nodded, motioning Cole towards the high council chamber. Not too long ago, Cole ruled this room as the Source. Now, he was just an observer. Not even that, really. Any other day, he'd have been killed if he tried to come down here. But not today. This was a time for all demons. He was still trying to convince Willow to let the children come. But she seemed to think it wasn't a good idea. Still, some of the best memories he had were at these monster parties. He turned his attention to the council. Ikarian was an attendant. Good for him! Not much farther and he'll be seated at the table.


Cole turned to face the head of the high council and bowed in respect. Yet not quite low enough to signify obeisance. It wouldn't do for them to get the wrong idea. “Lord Melchior. Greetings.”

The demon known as Lord Melchior snarled with disgust at Cole. None of these demons had been here at the time of Cole's reign as Source. Of course that had been because of the Seer and the Charmed Ones' actions. But it didn't stop many of the demons from blaming Cole for the events that took the Grimoire from its home. Cole thought this was ridiculous. If the council hadn't been destroyed, none of these demons would be here today. So Cole just sneered in response. He had survived many threats on his life and was still here.

“Greetings, Balthazor. This is a great time to live in San Francisco. A great show is in store for us all. What do you think of the Americans?”

Cole shrugged. The Americans believed that their military could solve anything. It was going to be quite a show. He was looking forward to the beast proving them wrong. “Pride goeth before a fall. Lord Melchior.”

Melchior narrowed his eyes at the way Cole distinctly refused to refer to him as My Lord. One day, they would bring this errant demon back into the fold, and then he would pay. Oh, yes. “I trust we will meet your children at the celebrations.”

“I fear not. My mate is unsure of the security at the celebration. I believe that she wishes us to have a private celebration.” Cole chuckled silently at the clamoring that broke out around the council chambers. He hadn't thought that would go over well. “However, I have not given up in the hopes that I may sway her. I'm sure you will all understand the danger of antagonizing a mate, especially a dark witch as powerful as my mate.”

“Quite, quite.” Melchior continued. “However, we have asked you to be our intermediary with the white witches and white lighters in the Bay Area. We had thought your previous... er... involvement would be useful.”

Cole raised an eyebrow at the the word 'involvement.' “Of course, Lord Melchior. I would be honored to act as the intermediary. Has the Elders Council been informed?” Cole paused waiting for Melchior's assent. It would be useless to handle this until the Elders Council had informed the parties involved. “Very well, Lord Melchior, I will keep you informed. Are there any specific arrangements that are needed? Or will it be the standard celebration?”

“You've been to enough of these, Belthazor. You know what is needed. You are dismissed.”

Cole nodded grimly and bowed. This WILL be interesting.
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