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Sunlit Rayne

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Summary: What do you get when you have a 30 something merc, a 17 year old genius and a mystical energy orb? Sunlit Rayne. (done for crossovers100 - Dawn/Jayne/River)

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Firefly > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Multiple PartnersJmariaFR18135,90623125,51518 Jan 065 May 08No

Love Keeps Her Flying

Title: Love Keeps Her Flying
Author: jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Claim: Dawn/Jayne/River
Crossover: BtVS/Firefly
Prompt: 001. Beginnings
Disclaimer: Joss is god of his ‘verses - me, not so much.
Spoilers: pre-Serenity, but eventually will contain spoilers
Summary: Love keeps her flying when she ought to fall.
Words: 305
A/N: Set some time after ‘Objects in Space’. Inara and Book are still on board

Love Keeps Her Flying

Dawn Summers hated flying. The thousands of possibilities of what could go wrong were enough to keep her land locked, but she had a promise to keep. To the normal person, Dawn looked like your average Core born girl of eighteen. Fact was that she was nearly five hundred years old, give or take a few years, had lived on Earth-that-was, and on nearly every world spinnin’ since humanity had left Earth. Persephone was home right now, and if she didn‘t have business on Shadow, she wouldn‘t even be anywhere near the Eavesdown Docks.

But she had a promise to keep. She hated picking transport ships because there was always a lecherous hump on board who thought they could score with the prissified Core girl. Her eyes skimmed over the numerous ships, landing finally on one that brought a smile to her lips. A Firefly that was having the crispy remains of what looked like a mule hauled off.

Dawn smiled at the sight of two young girls who looked as if they were attending the said mule’s funeral. It reminded her of that time she and Buffy buried the dead cat in their backyard. . . the one that later came back to life because of that creepy mask. Suddenly the darker haired girl jerked her head up and frowned at Dawn.

“Ok, cuz that’s not creepy at all,” Dawn muttered squaring her shoulders and heading over towards them. “Excuse me?”

“Hi,” the lighter haired girl perked up a bit.

“Is this ship taking on passengers? I didn’t see a barker so I was -” Dawn started to say. She stopped mid sentence as her eyes landed on the person coming right behind them. She’d never thought she’d see him again. From the look on his face, neither did he. Dawn stepped back. “Jayne.”
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