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Happy New Year

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Summary: 20 Minutes With Spike Challenge. It's a New Year, and Spike contemplates his life over the past couple centuries, and what the future will hold. Very, very slight movie spoilers for Serenity.

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Firefly > Spike-CenteredNicolaFR131729091,60519 Jan 0619 Jan 06Yes
Title: Happy New Year

Author: Nicola

Rating: FR13

Disclaimer: Jos owns everything. Period. Nothing but the fic idea is mine

Summary: It’s a new year, and Spike is drunk and thoughtful, as always.

20 Minutes with Spike

start: 7:15

Prompt: New Years

It was officially 2519

He was drunk again.

He always started the New Year drunk.

He had experienced over 700 of them now, and they were all the same. Started and ended in the bottle.

He was, as always, stunned to have lasted so long. Even Angel had died, almost 300 years ago. When everyone was leaving Earth-that-Was.

He fought the demons destroying the planet to the last, even as he sent Spike and Dawnie away to a ship, making his grandchilde promise to care for the key.

Dawnie. She had gone to bed an hour ago, staying up until it was officially the New Year, then going off to be with that mercenary of hers. He still didn’t approve of that pair, but when a chit was over 500 years old, he really didn’t have a choice.

It had taken them over a decade to realize that Dawn wasn’t aging. She joked that she was well-preserved. It was Xander’s son, a few years after the whelp had passed on of old age, that found the writings of the monks that proved that Dawn was immortal. She had taken it hard, as all of her friends and family aged and died, and she remained a 19 year old girl. Spike had promised an 80 year old Buffy, on her death-bed, that he would always protect Dawn.

And he had, for hundreds of years.

And every December 31st, he got smashed as yet another year passed.

They had jumped from world to world, not staying anywhere for longer than a few years, as a girl who didn’t age tended to draw suspicion.

It had been on Persephone in 2315 that he had realized that it was only the Earth’s sun that made him into a crispy pile of ashes.

So for the second half of his existence, he was free to walk out among the humans during the daylight.

Dawn had taken care of his blood issue pretty early on. They had discovered that key-blood was very potent, and he could survive for weeks on just a small amount of Dawn’s blood. He took it from her inner elbow, so she could hide it when she needed to.

They had got on well for the past few centuries. They went where they wanted, did what they wanted. He had invested from the time of his death, so they had a large amount of money at this point.

But he wasn’t sure what to do now. The situation he was in was never solved lightly.

It had been almost 2 centuries since Dawn had last fallen in love. It hadn’t been pretty. Michael had loved her dearly, and she him. Spike had left them for 40 years, done some traveling on his own, until he had gotten a wave from a crying, sobbing Nibblet.

Mike though she was a witch. Seeing as he looked 70, and she didn’t look a day over 18, it wasn’t a ridiculous thought. Spike scooped her away, and Dawn mourned for the next few decades.

And now it had happened again.

His name was Jayne.

It was girl’s name. But mentioning that to the hulking mercenary was a bad thing.

They had been on the ship for six months, and Dawn was posing as a young looking 24 year old. But it wouldn’t last for long. By the time she was supposed to be 30, they would have figured it out. They’d have to leave.

But this time, it was worse.

Because Spike, too, had fallen.


How could he not, when she was so much like Dru.

She looked like his princess. Even acted like Drucilla’s lucid days, on occasion. He could deal with craz. He was used to that. It made life more interesting

And she was psychic. She knew every little thing about him and Dawnie, and still loved him.

He’d almost been killed by the good doctor when Simon found out. If it wasn’t for River’s kick to his stomach, Spike would have been a dead vampire.

But it was Mal’s reponse that settled it

“You really think we can stop our little albatross from choosing what she wants? ‘Sides, we need a pilot, and his sister’s got the creds, and a list of references as long as my arm. They stay.”

And here they were.

A new year, A new home.

For A while.

Fin 7:35

The End

You have reached the end of "Happy New Year". This story is complete.

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