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The Saiyan

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Summary: Xander meets the Powers that Be's new champion. Slash. Raditz/Xander. This is being rewritten.

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Anime > DB/DBZSpiritravenFR2122,7565613,39020 Jan 0620 Jan 06No

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Chapter Two

Title: The Saiyan
By: Spiritraven
Warnings: Here there be slash.
Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonballz or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Chapter Two

"You do know you're wife is going to kill you for this, Kakarot?" Vegeta said looking at the younger Saiyan as he placed the dragonballs on the ground to get ready to summon the dragon. Kakarot had it into his head to bring Raditz back to life and give him another chance. Vegeta knew Kakarot felt guilty about Raditz's death believing there had to be away back then to give his brother a chance. In a way, Vegeta could understand Kakarot reason to do this since he was the cause of his brother's death. Vegeta and Gohan had tried to change Kakarot's mind about wishing Raditz back to life with no such luck. Finally, they had given up and could only hope for the best.

"Mom's going to go ballistic." Gohan groaned as he pictured his mother's reaction in his mind. He could only hope they would survive her rage. Chi Chi didn't like many people not even her husband though Gohan liked to believe that she did love him, she just had a hard time showing it. "Dad are you sure you want to do this?"

"I know what I'm doing." Goku told his son and friend his face serious. He knew Gohan was worried about him and in his own way so was Vegeta even though he wouldn't admit it on verge of death. "Vegeta you are my best friend because you understand my need to fight more then anyone. So surely, you understand why I want to give my brother a second chance. I gave so many others chances even Freeza and yet I didn't offer one to my own brother." Goku closed his eyes for a minute as guilt washed through his body. "I can handle Chi Chi just let me do this please." Goku knew Chi Chi was going to be angry, but right now, he just didn't care. After all, they hadn't had a real marriage in years ever since he died the first time. True they had Goten only because Chi Chi wanted another child and would not shut up about it so Goku gave in not that he regretted Goten. He loved both his sons very much and would do anything for them.

"It's your choice, Kakarot." Vegeta stepped back as Kakarot summoned the dragon. Maybe it would be nice to have another Saiyan around one who remembered the old ways and Vegeta sei before Freeza destroyed it. It was nice having Kakarot around now that they made peace with their past, but it was not the same because Kakarot did not know the Saiyan ways. "I can put up with Raditz seeing he isn't much of an idiot as you."

Goku smirked at Vegeta. "Thanks, Vegeta." He turned his attention back to the dragonballs, placed the last one the four star ball with its brothers, and watched as they glow. "Shenron I summon you!"

Vegeta, Gohan, and Goku watched as the sky became dark and dragon appeared it's red eyes glowing. Its voice shook the earth as it spoke. "What is your wish?"

"Will go on, Kakarot." Vegeta snapped as Kakarot waited and pushed the younger Saiyan in front of him. "Don't tell me you want to change your mind now."

"No, I don't." Goku told Vegeta before turning to face the dragon. "I have two wishes. My first wish is for my brother Raditz to be brought back to life. My second wish is for Raditz to be brought here with us."

Shenron's eyes flashed then he spoke again. "I cannot grant these wishes."

"And why not dragon?" Vegeta asked his voice angry. Why wasn't Kakarot's wishes being granted? It just didn't make sense.

"The one called Raditz isn't dead and cannot be brought here as it would break the promise of the Kais." The dragon explained.

"What do you mean, Raditz isn't dead?" It was Gohan's turn to ask he was confused. If Raditz was alive wouldn't he showed up by now?

"There is another Earth dimension ruled by beings called the Powers that Be. Thousands of years ago the Powers helped the Kais and were given a dept which was paid many years ago in the form of Raditz." Shenron remembered that day as he was summoned to wish for the Powers help. "Raditz is now a Champion of the Powers and cannot be wished back to this dimension. I'm sorry."

"So Raditz is a good guy now?" Goku smiled glad to hear that his brother was no longer evil.

"Yes, Raditz is now a true Champion." If the dragon could have grinned, he would have when the hero of Earth started to laugh.

Vegeta and Gohan looked at each other knowing this wasn't over yet because Goku was not about to give up. He would find away to see his brother even if he had to go to the Kais themselves.


Raditz had been in Sunnydale for almost a month and during that time, he had been watching the Slayer and her gang and was not impressed by what he saw. The Slayer acted to quickly and didn't think on her actions. It reminded him a lot of Napa. The ass never thought either if not for Vegeta he would have been dead long before. It was no wonder Vegeta killed him. Napa was such an idiot. The Witch was just as bad not caring what affect her magic had on others. If she wasn't careful, she was going to become addicted. Raditz wasn't too impressed with the Watcher either. True Rupert Giles was a very smart man and wise, but he let his Slayer get away with too much. He needed to be sterner with her. Raditz would worry about the Slayer and her friends later because he had his new business to worry about. He wasn't paid for being a Champion and needed a way to provide a roof over his head and put food in his stomach. Being a Saiyan Raditz needed a lot of food and food cost money. So he opened a dojo to teach others self defense. This being the home of the Hellmouth Raditz was sure he would get many students. Moreover, he was right having been open only two hours and already he had two full classes.

"Giles I don't need extra training." Raditz turned to where he heard the whining. It was the Slayer, Watcher and the Witch. He had to grin when he saw the blood stomp her foot in anger. "You thought me everything I need to know. There isn't anything this guy can teach me."

"Buffy quit being difficult." Giles rubbed his forehead he felt a headache coming on from Buffy's whining. "There is a lot you need to learn that I can't teach you. Raditz Bardock is the best in his field and I believe you can learn a great deal from him."

"Maybe Giles is right Buffy, it wouldn't hurt to learn new things." Willow told Buffy then flinched when she glared at her.

"Whose side are you on, Willow?" Buffy demanded not caring that they were being watched. She wasn't paying attention to anyone, but Giles and Willow."

Raditz shook his head in disappointment and walked over to the three finally getting the Slayer to notice him. He wanted to laugh when the Slayer took one step back as he walked near and had to stop herself from taking another step backwards. "I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you." Raditz said politely and forced a gentle smile on his face, which made him feel stupid. Saiyans were not gentle unless you were Kakarot. "I'm Raditz Bardock owner and sensei of this dojo. How can I help you?" Raditz was making himself sick by being nice. The things he did as a Champion of the Powers that Be.

Willow almost fainted as she looked at the man in front of her. There was no way he could be human not with that kind of power coming from him. This man was a giant and was built like a mountain. He wouldn't be easy to defeat. "Um...Buffy?"

Buffy ignored Willow keeping her eyes on the owner and like Willow, she believed this guy to be a demon. "What are you?"

Raditz raised one thick black eyebrow. "The last time I checked I was human." He lied through his teeth there was no way he could tell them he was an alien from another dimension. "Wasn't that a strange question to ask?"

Giles covered his Slayer's mouth before she could say another word. The Watcher's Council had heard of Raditz as he trained one Slayer in the past. It was the Council that recommended him to train Buffy. The Council still wasn't sure if Raditz was a demon or not. True he was stronger then a normal human, but maybe he was half demon. "You have to forgive her Mr. Bardock, she doesn't know what she's saying."

"She's a Slayer and from what I heard and seen not a very smart one either." Raditz smirked the whole nice guy act went out the door. "And call me Raditz, Mr. Bardock was my father." Oh, how true that was.

Buffy pulled her head away from Giles' hand and glared at the tall man or what she believed was a demon. "How do you know about the Slayer, I mean me."

"Buffy, Mr. Bar...Raditz was recommended by the Watcher's Council they knew he would be able to teach you more then I could." Giles admitted to his Slayer, he should have told her about Raditz before they arrived. "You need the training young lady."

"Why can't you teach me, Giles." Buffy pouted causing Raditz to roll his eyes. "You are my Watcher, it's your job to train me."

"However true that is, Buffy I have already taught you everything I know." Giles knew Raditz was the kind of teacher Buffy needed maybe he could succeed where Giles felled.

"I'm not doing this, Giles." Buffy walked out followed by Willow after she smiled sadly at Giles and Raditz.

Raditz watched as they left before he turned to face the Watcher. "I'm surprised at how your Slayer lived as long as she did with that attitude."

"Buffy isn't so bad Raditz I assure you." Giles defended his Slayer. "However, I am sorry by the way she acted."

"I won't train her with that type of attitude." Raditz narrowed his eyes at the Watcher.

"I know." With that, Giles left hoping to find Buffy and give her a piece of his mind. Things needed to change and soon.

Raditz knew things were going to get interesting. Tonight he would hunt and study the Slayer's gang more. Maybe he would change his mind about them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Saiyan" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jan 06.

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