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The Saiyan

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Summary: Xander meets the Powers that Be's new champion. Slash. Raditz/Xander. This is being rewritten.

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Anime > DB/DBZSpiritravenFR2122,7565613,39120 Jan 0620 Jan 06No

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Chapter One

The Saiyan
By: Spiritraven
Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonballz or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to their respected owners.

Notes: This is an idea that has been running around in my head so I just had to write it. The main pairing will be Raditz/Xander so don't read if don't like this sort of thing.

Chapter One:

Whistler had always liked to think of himself as a brave demon. He could face the Slayer during her time of the month and still live to tell the tale. Whistler had also faced Angel during a bad day and boy were those two scary especially Angel when he ran out of hair gel. Because Whistler always knew even though they threaten him, they would never really kill him maybe break an arm or two, but never kill. Then he met Raditz an alien from another dimension and knew he had to be careful around him. Raditz was given a second chance and was sent here to serve the Powers that Be. Raditz was no longer evil, but he wasn't exactly a good guy either no matter what the Powers believed. True Whistler knew the Saiyan was loyal to the Powers and would protect the side of good with his very last breath. There was something wild about Raditz that just cannot be called good. It all started when the Powers seen how powerful these Saiyans were and knew their dimension needed the protection they could given. Goku was the most powerful being in all dimensions, but he belonged to the Kais and the Powers knew they would never part with him. The Powers also knew that with training, Raditz would be able to rival his younger brother or surpass him and so the deal was made between the Powers and Kais. They were given Raditz and the Saiyan agreed to their terms to become their champion. It has been many years now since he first came to this dimension and Raditz was indeed very powerful equal to that of his brother. The Powers were very pleased at having such a great warrior. Whistler has seen what the Saiyan could do when angered and he did not want to get on his bad side. Now the Powers had sent Whistler with a new mission for Raditz one he was sure the Saiyan wouldn't want. Whistler took a deep breath and was about to knock on the door when it opened a smirking Saiyan on the other side.

"I wondered how long you were going to stay outside my door and do nothing demon." Raditz said with amusement. He knew the Powers servants were afraid of him and he liked it that way. It meant they didn't annoy him. "So what brings you here?"

"You have a new mission from the Powers." Whistler said simply, he really didn't want to be here. He would rather face Buffy in a screaming match and lose his hearing.

Raditz leaned against his doorway staring down at the balance demon. "Then tell me about this new mission?" Perhaps he get to kill something the Powers knew he was getting bored with nothing to do and vampires didn't put up much of an challenge.

"The Powers want you to move to Sunnydale and help protect the Hellmouth." Whistler watched Raditz's face wanting to see his reaction. It was a well-known fact that the Saiyan believed Buffy Summers to be a weak minded human. She was rash and didn't think before she acts and would attack anything that she believed to be evil. Not caring if they were or not. That was very dangerous in a Slayer, they die early with thinking like that. "Something bad is about to happen and the Slayer won't be able to handle it on her own even with the help of her friends. The Powers want you there in case."

Raditz wasn't surprised he always believed the Slayer was useless the Watcher wasn't as stern with her as he should be and the witch was to rash with her power. If she wasn't careful the girl was going to get herself in deep trouble. The boy if trained right would be the only one in that group that could actually be of any use. "I'm to be the Slayer's babysitter?" Raditz wasn't about to play nursemaid to some wet behind the ears Slayer.

"No!" Whistler saw Raditz's black eyes flash and knew he wasn't happy at all with this new mission. "They need you there in case something happens that the Slayer couldn't handle."

It wasn't like Raditz had anything better to do all of the demons he fought he was able to defeat in under a minute and it was getting boring so maybe there could be a challenge for him on the Hellmouth. Raditz has gotten stronger since he has been here maybe even stronger then his brother Kakarot. Raditz was able to transform into Super Saiyan 4 with no trouble, but he only has been in that form once since there was no demon even half as strong as he was when he first fought Kakarot and that Namekian. "Fine I'll go."

"Good." Whistler sighed in relief that he wasn't blown into bits. Raditz had one nasty temper when pissed off. "You have two weeks to ready yourself."

Raditz snorted. "I'll be ready faster then that Whistler." He smirked wondering how long it would take the Slayer to realize she would no longer be the strongest. He couldn't wait and maybe he would take up the challenge of training that human boy. "Tell the Powers that I will do this my way."

"Since when haven't you done it your way?" Whistler walked away not liking the look on the Saiyan's face, he knew things were about to get a whole lot more interesting. Moreover, the next time the Powers wanted a message delivered to Raditz then he was going to call in sick.
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