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The Second Chance.

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Summary: Xander is sent 500 years into Japan's past. There he meets Sesshoumaru. Slash/Yaoi

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Anime > InuyashaSpiritravenFR21911,631106326,59920 Jan 0611 Jul 06No

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Chapter One

Title: Second Chances
Author: Spiritraven.
Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Warnings: This will be a yaoi/slash fanfic so if you don't like the pairing then please don't read.

Chapter One:

Naraku was dead and his body laid in pieces on the ground with Inuyasha looking very pleased with himself. Inuyasha defeated Naraku with the help of his brother Sesshoumaru and his sword the Tensuiaga. With both swords of the great Inu youkai Inu no Taisho working together Naraku didn't have a chance against such power. Kagome felt tears in her eyes as she looked over at Sango who was holding the body of her younger brother Kohaku close to her heart with Miroku and Kirara at her side trying to give her some comfort. So many people suffered because of Naraku and the Shikon no Tama, which was now completed setting in her hand. Inuyasha lost Kikyou and was sealed to a tree for fifty years because of Naraku. Miroku's family was cursed by Naraku and had to get through the pain of knowing he would one-day die by his own wind tunnel unless Naraku was killed. Shippo lost his father who was killed and skinned by the Thunder Brothers because of a jewel shard. Kagome looked over at Sesshoumaru and knew what it was he lost because of Naraku and that was his pride when Kagura kidnapped his young human ward Rin.

Kagome considered herself lucky because at least she had her mother, brother, and grandfather. She looked down at the jewel in her hand and could see the wishes of her friends floating through her mind. Inuyasha wanted Kikyou to return to life and be with him. Sango wanted her brother and Miroku wanted forever with Sango to never leave her side. Shippo wanted a family to love him like his father once did and Rin wanted to always be with her father figure Sesshoumaru. It was what Sesshoumaru wanted that surprised Kagome the most, he wanted the prefect mate, he wanted to be loved and to love in return. She would never had thought the cold youkai would even know what love even was.

"Kagome what are you going to wish for?" Inuyasha asked looking at the jewel with sad eyes knowing he wish for Kikyou to live again no matter how much he wanted too. "You have to make a wish in order for the jewel to disappear."

"I know." Kagome closed her hand around the Shikon no Tama. "I want to be alone for a while." She went off into the forest without anyone following her knowing she needed some time to herself. "What am I to do?" She asked herself out loud hoping someone would answer. Kagome smiled when an idea came to her. She held the jewel tightly and made her wish not knowing that she was being watched. "I wish for my friends and loved ones to have their wishes granted and to be happy." The Shikon no Tama began to glow a deep pink and then disappeared taking Kagome back to her time before disappearing for good.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha saw what had happened and the wish Kagome made for everyone she cared about. "She's gone."

Shippo was crying softly with Kirara in his arms. "Mama is gone."

Sesshoumaru watched with narrowed eyes when the dead human in the demon slayer's arms sat up shocking everyone. If not for the jewel he would have brought the boy back to life, but now there was no need. Inuyasha's dead miko walked into the clearing and Sesshoumaru no longer smelled death on her skin. He knew the Shikon no Tama had help because the jewel didn't have enough power to grant so many wishes. "Something more besides the jewel is granting these wishes."

"I agree." Miroku sensed another power then felt a change go through his body. It was a demon aura.

"You're a neko youkai!" Inuyasha yelled in shock at seeing his friends become youkai. "And so is Sango."

"Rin is also a youkai." Shippo stared at the new kitsune kit. "She's like me now."

Miroku's wish changed him and Sango into youkai so they could be together forever because of the youkai life spans. Even Kohaku had changed into a neko so he wouldn't be parted from his sister. Rin's wish was to stay with Sesshoumaru and so was changed into a youkai, but why a kitsune? It didn't make sense they would have thought she would become an inu youkai like her Lord.

Anya watched everything from the shadows pleased with herself for helping to make these people happy. She still had the wishes of the youkai Lord and kitsune kit to grant, but first she had to find Sesshoumaru's perfect mate. Lucky for him she had just the person in mind, but she needed him to agree first, not wanting to force him into anything he didn't want. Anya smiled knowing everything was going the way the Powers wanted it to be. After Sunnydale was destroyed and she died the Powers gave her a choice to either be reborn as a human or to grant wishes for those who deserved a second chance which was almost like her former job as a vengeance demon. Her job here was done for now and so she snapped her fingers and disappeared back into the future to finish part two of the Powers plans.
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