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Willow's Cousin

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Willow Rosenberg calls in a favor from her favorite cousin.

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredMistofRainbowsFR15514,59942428,55622 Jan 0622 Jan 06Yes

Chapter two

Author’s notes: I don't own anything but the plot and any characters you might later see that you don't recognize.

The next day a small Luther Corps Jet touched down at a small semi private airport on the outskirts of Sunnydale. Lex was busy talking to the pilot about scheduling concerns as Clark, Chloe and various assistants to Lex got off the plane and headed into the main lobby of the small airport.

Clark looked around trying to spot his cousin Willow. He spotted Willow sitting talking to a brown haired girl wearing a black leather jacket over dusty jeans and a black t-shirt with white letters that said ‘Bite me’. He waved at Willow and headed over.

Lex headed out to the lobby after he finished telling the pilot to take the rest of the day off and to be here tomorrow afternoon at five o’clock for the return trip. Lex’s thoughts ‘That girl close to Clark’s cousin looks hot. She might be some fun on this boring company trip. I'm glad that Clark could come and lighten the mood. I hate this company. Maybe I can sell it off to someone else. They aren’t making enough money anyways.’

Lex walked over towards Clark and company as the girl with Willow checked him out.

Clark smiled “Lex, this is my cousin Willow and her friend.”

Faith grinned, “Names Faith,”

“Ah, nice to meet you Faith, Willow this is Lex and Chloe they have been good friends for a while. Lex was the one that helped give us a lift.”

“It was nothing, I had to come here for a company meeting anyways. Strange that this is the first time we ever met here but sometimes plans change. Well anyways I should get going if I want to make it to the meeting on time.” Lex smiled, pulled out a card and handed it to Faith. “Maybe after I get back from my board meeting we can get something to eat. I’ll see you around Clark.”

Lex winked at Faith before walking towards the exit with his assistants.

Clark looked at Faiths t-shirt, “Do we have time for a bite to eat?” Faith looked at her bare arm where a watch would normally go. “Don’t look at me, I’m just making sure Willow is safe. Yes the shirt is an inside joke.” Faith smirked at Willow.

Willow nodded, “Well we can grab something on the way home. The mall is close and the food court isn’t bad.”

Clark looked at Chloe and nodded when she did.

Chloe shrugged, “The food sounds good we haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

Faith walked over to a beat up van, “It’s the transport of the desperate, just don’t let B drive or it will be the transport of the damned.”

Willow shrugged, “She is getting better.” Faith raised her eyebrows. “Okay not much better. Pile in guys.” Clark and Chloe got in the backseat and put on seat belts after Willow hurriedly put hers on.

A bare few minutes later the crew found themselves at the mall’s food court. They found some empty seats after ordering hamburgers and soda. Clark turned to look at Willow. “Willow, you took some occult theory classes right? Have you ever heard anything about a cult that doesn’t have eyes and wears black robes and carries wicked looking knives.”

Willow sprayed her drink out of her mouth.

Faith cursed, “Bringers. How did you deal with them and why were they after you?”

Chloe frowned, “Well, I think they were after me they sort of chased me when I was in my car and I went to Clark’s place to hide out. We dealt with them the same way that all cultists should be dealt with in Smallville.” Chloe whispered “A shot gun to the chest.”

Faith blinked, “Wow I didn’t think of that, so if you saw the bringers that must mean you’re a potential hey Willow can you check that?”

“A potential what?”

After taking another sip of pop, “Well let me see Revelity.” Willow’s eyes glowed with a soft gold light for a second. “Hey, you know how to pick your friends Clark. I guess she is going to have to come along to Buffy’s house.”

Faith grinned, “Good we can blow this joint and get out of here before it gets dark and your cousin has to deal with the locals.”

Clark frowned “Locals? Can’t be much worse then Smallville can it?”

Chloe shrugged, “Well the death rate here is sure higher than Smallville even with the meter rocks. “

“Well it comes from a bit of a gang problem makes things interesting though.” Faith tossed her trash in the waste bin as she headed for the van with the others.

The sun was just starting to go down as the van pulled into the Summer’s driveway. Willow opened the door and walked in. “Rules of Sunnyhell; don’t invite people inside, they either come in or they don’t. Don’t go out at night, Chloe there are worse things than gangs here.“

Faith frowned looking strangely at Willow “Aren’t you going to warn your cousin not to go out as well.”

Willow smiled brightly, “No, I don’t really like vampires much. I think it would be funny if they.” Clark glared slightly at Willow. “Okay shutting up now.”

Faith raised an eyebrow at Willow. Clark looked around at the numbers of girls in the house. “Slumber party? How come I think you were holding back information on me?”

A smiling Dawn walked out of the kitchen “You didn’t say he was good looking Willow. So where is he staying? My room is open.“ She smiled and went to watch T.V. with a bleached blond guy that turned to Clark. “Be nice to Niblet, otherwise I will have to hurt you.”

Clark looked at Spike, “That her boy friend?” Spite choked.

Willow chuckled “No her sister’s current interest, best not to ask.”

Chloe looked at Willow “So is this the part where you explain why the Bringers wanted to kill me?”

Faith shrugged, “Short version is you’re a potential slayer or vampire slayer and some creepy preacher minion of the first evil wants to kill all of the potential slayers to end the line of slayers and thus stop a challenge against him/her/it something like that.”

Clark frowned “Ah so that is the preacher guy that you were talking about on the phone. He doesn’t sound like a very nice guy. Maybe we should go pay him a visit when we can find him.”

Faith looked at Clark like he was dropped as a child. “Ah did your cousin tell you he was wicked fast and strong not sure what it would take but Xander’s right a wrecking ball would be a good place to start first.”

Clark nodded, “She may or may not have mentioned that he was causing her friend some issues and that he tried to kill one of the girls here. So he sounds rather less than human. I figure if we work together we have a shot at taking him out.”

Willow chuckled “Well what do you say Faith, you up for a bit of fun?”

“You sure you're okay Willow? You're doing better with the magic right? You’re not planning something with magic to beat him are you?”

Willow smiled “Nope no magic required. I just figured my cousin could have a little chat with him.” Clark looked a little nervous.

Chloe shrugged, “Hey it’s okay Clark, they seem like nice girls and besides” Chloe leaned in and whispered, “I already know about your powers, I have for a while.” She leaned back and raised her voice back to normal “Why else do you think the wall of weird came down? Now if your will excuse me I think I should go mingle and get some more details from the rest of the girls.”

Chloe left a stunned Clark behind as she left the room.

Willow grinned at Clark’s blank look, “Yes, he really does have some nice powers that could help. He is stronger than a slayer and faster too. Should be easily strong enough to take out Caleb so you want to go test Buffy’s theory that there is something in that Vineyard?”

“You mean we have a chance at some pay back? Count me in I’ll just nick the Troll Hammer from B’s closet and we can be on our way.” Faith ran off upstairs to get the hammer.

Clark looked around in a daze for a minute or so before being snapped back to reality by a fist to the back of the head.

“What the bloody hell are you? That bloody hurt.” Spike was shaking his fist in pain.

“Spike, meet my cousin Clark.”

“You sure you’re related to Willow she is a good deal softer then that.” Clark looked down at spike “Next time a hello would work as well.”

“Damn it, I don’t suppose that hurt you as much as it did me.”

“No it didn’t but I did feel it.”

“Oh bloody hell. On second thought, I’m coming with you guys. I want to see Caleb’s face when he plays with your cousin Red.”

Willow nodded, “You can fight so yeah you can come, though I want to get this done before Buffy gets home. I’ll have to call Xander to baby sit the potentials as well as Dawn.”

Dawn pouted from the next room where she was eavesdropping, “I don’t need a baby sitter.”

Willow shook her head, “No I meant you’re helping Xander; You at least know how to shoot a crossbow.”

“Oh, alright we'll wait here.”

Faith came back in holding the large troll’s hammer. She was grinning like a loon.

Clark frowned “That hammer must weigh a bit.”

“Well you know what they say a girl and her toys.” Willow turned red.

Faith frowned at Willow “Okay too much info Red.”

Willow grinned, “Let’s go before Clark dies of embarrassment.”

Clark nodded blushing “Sounds like a plan.”

The night is cool for southern California. The three warriors and the witch girl walked into the vineyard looking around.

Faith shouted “Hey stupid demented preacher piss-ant-wannabe alter boy you here?”

Willow frowned, “You really like pissing people off don’t you?”

Faith smiled “It’s a talent!”

Caleb smiled as he stepped out from the shadows. “Well now if it’s not the girl with a dirty mouth and the unclean one and a girl that doesn’t know her place” he said as he looked at Willow. “And you brought something that looks like a farm boy and well the crazy guy. This is going to be fun killing you girls, for the wicked must die, clean souls you know. So which of you is the dirty whore?”

Spike frowned, “You know, you would give a demon a bad name.”

Clark glared at Caleb, “You really shouldn’t call my cousin names.”

Caleb grinned, “Oh so your girlfriend isn’t giving you any, is she then, that dirty whore.”

Clark vanished from view only to appear next to Caleb with his fist where Caleb’s head used to be. Caleb flew backwards before smashing into a wall. “You really shouldn’t say things like that about a lady.”

Caleb slowly got up and shook the stars from his vision. “What are you, you can’t be human. I have gifts from god. I will clean the world of filth like you and yours.” He charged Clark and hit him with a right hook that forced Clark to take a single step backwards.

Faith headed off looking around the vineyard for the something of value that Willows scrying had found the day before. Spike busied himself smashing heads and breaking the bones of the bringers that are hanging around working.

Clark smiled grimly and punched Caleb again in the face sending him flying. “I’m not going to let you hurt any more girls. People like you need to be stopped. And being that I have the power to stop you, I’m going to do so. A freak like you killed my girl not so long ago. I’m going to make sure you can’t hurt any more girls.”

Caleb tried another punch, which Clark merely grabbed and started crushing it as Caleb grimaced in pain. “You are nothing but a scared little alter boy that girls didn’t like, so you lashed out, isn’t that right?”

Caleb’s face twisted in anger. “The first will take care of you.”

Clark glanced over at Faith, “Faith, you done yet?”

“Yeah, I think I found it.” Faith reached down and pulled out a wicked looking scythe from some frozen black goop.

Caleb shouted, “No, don’t touch that it’s mine!”

“Hey, I got a new toy Buffy can keep the hammer.”

“Well that’s good I’m getting bored of holding this maggot, want to play with him for a while?”

“Five by five with me.” Clark smashed Caleb in the head again with his fist before holding him still so Spike could take a couple of swings into the guy’s face.

Clark frowned “I think we should let him go now.”

Spike had a look of shock on his face. “You can’t be serious.”

“Of course I am.” Clark tossed Caleb’s broken body into the path of Faith’s swing with the scythe, which cut Caleb’s head clean off.

Spike grinned, “Can I keep that as a treasure?”

Willow frowned with a disgusted look on her face, “Eww, yeah but not at the house.”

Clark frowned, "That guy was seriously strong, what did you say he made a deal with? Some type of demon?”

Willow nodded, “Something like that.”

Faith chuckled, “Now can we go home and gloat to B?”

Willow laughed, “Sure now that we have something to gloat about.”

End Chapter 2
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