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Willow's Cousin

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Willow Rosenberg calls in a favor from her favorite cousin.

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Chapter five

Author’s notes: I don't own anything but the plot and any characters you might later see that you don't recognize.

The bus and jeep pulled up next to an old black car with a brooding Angel leaning against the hood. Willow, Faith and Xander got out of the Jeep.

“Ah the walking dust bag, so glad you could join us.” Angel scowled, “For the last time Xander, stop with the name calling.”

Faith shrugged, “Don’t mind him, we have the girls and the stuff, we are ready to rock and roll.”

Angel pulled out a gleaming sword from the front seat of his car. “Well I’m ready for the chance to dust some vampires.”

“For once we agree.” Xander headed out to get Andrew, Dawn, Wood and himself decked out with military grade weapons.

Dawn grinned and grabbed the flamethrower out of the jeep, “Oh a flamethrower, that might work better than a sword. You trust me Xander?”

“Of course I trust you, besides I know you will do a better job than Andrew.”

“Hey I’m right here.”

Xander grinned, “Yes I know.” Andrew muttered for a minute before getting caught up looking over the flamethrower.

Buffy looked over the assembled mass of warriors, “Okay the plan is we go into the mouth of Hell and kick Vampire butt, we buy enough time for the amulet to do its work then we high tail it out of here after the vampires are dust. The flame crew will help as much as they can though it’s up to Kennedy and” Buffy looked around before her eyes settled on Chloe, “Chloe to make sure that the super vamps don’t overwhelm them while they do their work from a safe area.”

Kennedy scowled, “baby sitting.”

Willow frowned, “Hey, every job is important and needs doing.”

“Yeah, fine whatever.”

Willow shook her head trying to figure out what was up with Kennedy. She decided to have a long chat with her after the battle.

Clark looked around as the group headed through the school down the stairs into the basement and into the mouth of hell. It looked about like what the stories of hell would look like complete with large pools of stagnate sulfurous water as well as stalagmite and stalactites and a vast army of malformed vampire monsters out of some freak show or evil legend. “It’s going to be a long day I think. Good luck Chloe and stay safe.”

Chloe, Xander and a reluctant Kennedy headed up to a higher section with a drop off with a number of spikes at the bottom hoping that would keep the uber vamps from getting them. Xander smiled as he raised his rocket launcher and fired into the mess of uber vamps. He watched with glee as a good number of them burst into flames or simply disintegrated. He smiled as he dropped the rocket launcher, “Sadly that was a one shot deal but I have a flamethrower that should help with things.” Xander and crew got to work with the uber vamps that were charging the crew. The Vampires of the First’s army might be tougher and stronger then normal vampires but fire still burned them as if they were dry presto logs.

Clark, Buffy and Faith were a walking three person army as they caused swathes of destruction to any vampires in their path. Clark with his fists, Buffy with the Troll’s Hammer and Faith with the Slayers Scythe. The rest of the slayers were managing to hold their own with some help from Wood, Andrew and Anya. Wood was taking shots at Vampire’s knees with his sawed off shotgun and slugs. Andrew was happily flaming any vampire that got close to the group. Anya was slashing away with a gem-encrusted sword that sliced through the vampires with relative ease.

Willow watched the battle, now and then she tossed a ball of magical energy at the vampires where it would do the most good. She turned in surprise as she heard two screams from over head as Dawn and Kennedy were tossed off the ledge by a group of vampires.

Willow screamed, “No, not again!” As she ran time blurred and slowed as she used her magic to make stepping stones in the air. She grabbed Dawn out of the air as she blasted into the Vampires with waves of lightening. Time sped up as Kennedy had one last look of horror on her face that Willow didn’t save her before she crashed broken on the floor of the Hellmouth. Willow’s face scrunched up in anger, “ENOUGH!” She set Dawn down before turning to face the hoards of evil. White waves of eldritch fire lanced out of Willows gloves consuming any vampires that were close enough for her to drain of magic, power and un-life. Some of the gems on the gloves started getting darker as they absorbed the taint of the vampires.

Dawn looking frightened snapped out of her shock when she saw Spike’s Amulet start to glow as well. “Willow we got to go now!” Willow blinked as her magical fire died out. Dawn gathered up her crew and they started working on a controlled retreat.

Angelus smiled a cold smile from his prison inside Angel, “Ah some days it pays to be evil.” Angel looked over at Spike as the large gem in the necklace started to glow. He smirked and started running for the exit before the necklace burst with golden light. “Well at least he got what he wanted, a chance to save people.” He cut down a vampire as he ran by one of the baby slayers on his way out. “Tell Buffy I’ll be in L.A. if she needs me.”

The glowing light washed over the Vampires, it destroyed them as it flowed over them.

“I love you Spike.”

“No you don’t but it’s nice to hear. Now get out of here while there is still time and hit the bloody bastard for me, he bloody knew what the amulet did.” She nodded before running out with Clark and Faith.

The Hellmouth started shaking and falling apart as everyone save Kennedy made it outside and into the bus or in Xander and Willow’s case the jeep as they speed along trying frantically to out run the growing hole that was Sunnydale. The vehicles stopped outside of the border of Sunnydale as the ground stopped falling in and the earth quit shaking. The old time Sunnydale residents watched with some bleak amusement as the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign was the last thing to fall into the creator.

Faith smiled, “We changed the world today, how does it feel B?”

“It feels good to not be alone any more. To not be The Slayer, you think Giles will let me take a break?”

“Well you should ask him when he is done treating the girls that got hurt.”

“How many died?”

Faith winced, “You aren’t going to like it, remember that flash of fire from Willow?”

“Yeah, something bad happened didn’t it?“

“Yeah, Kennedy died.”

“Is she okay? Kennedy wasn’t as close as Tara was so maybe she will be okay.”

“You didn’t see what happened. Dawn and Kennedy were falling to their deaths.”

Buffy went white, “But, I just saw Dawn, she was okay.”

Faith nodded, “Yeah B she is okay, but only because Willow saved her over Kennedy. They both fell she had a choice to save your sister or her girlfriend she picked Dawn. I’m sure she can’t be feeling so great for losing Kennedy but I think she will get over it.”

“No dark Willow is a good thing, not sure we could deal with that right now.”

“B I’m going to go check on Willow, you should go check on the rest of the girls.”

Buffy nodded “That sounds like a plan, they really proved that they can handle themselves today.” Buffy went to the back of the bus. Faith headed over to a disturbed looking Willow. “Are you going to be okay?”

“Other then the noises from the back of the Jeep, I think I’ll be okay.” At Faith’s curious glance Willow answered with a forced smile, “Xander and Anya got back together in the official for them sense.”

Faith smiled “Ah, good for them more sex is always good.”

Willow winced. “I couldn’t save them both Faith, wish I could have. But I couldn’t reach them in time.”

Faith thought for a minute. “You made the right choice Willow, I know you don’t want to hear it, but something was off with Kennedy there was a lust for power there, something dark in her, not like you, you came back from darkness, she never understood duty it was a lark for her. Something she felt entitled too.”

Willow sighed, “I know, being powerful is what she talked about. She used to say that she should have been the slayer because well she deserved it or something. I was going to end it but that doesn’t mean I wanted her to die.” Willow wiped at her tears. “Does it make me a bad person that I choose a friend over her?”

“Hey don’t ask me, I’m not much good at the relationship thing, the longest thing I have had was with Wood and I think I’ll try to keep him around, he is a useful bloke. But hey, don’t feel so bad you forget to enjoy life. We won, think about it that way, she died a hero.” Faith thoughts went unvoiced ‘rather than her going dark or rogue.’

“Maybe it hasn’t sunk in but it’s not like Tara or Oz. I think I’ll be okay at some point. But I should go help with the wounded maybe there is a spell or two I can do.” She smiled slightly as she looked at her silver mesh gloves. “The gloves still have a lot of power in them enough to keep any more people from dieing, I hope.”

“Where did you get the gloves anyways I don’t think I have every heard of any thing like them.”

Willow blushed, “I made them, well Anya helped. They purify the energy coming in through them so that I can drain the power out of minor demons or vampires. You want to know a secret?” Willow smiled and leaned in and whispered, “There should be enough power to make a few of us ageless like a Vampire. Though I’ll let you know once I work out the details.”

Faith grinned, “Sweetness.”

Willow finally smiled as she headed to the bus to help with the wounded. She smiled at Clark as he sat in the seat talking with Chloe who is holding a slightly bleeding arm.

Clark glanced at Chloe, “Well for a first battle with monsters I think you did pretty good. You should feel happy the world got saved and you met some great friends. So are you coming back to Smallville after this or are you staying for the long haul here?”

“Well Buffy will need field agents in a number of places so I think I’ll get some training maybe pick up a watcher or something and go back to Smallville besides that’s where my life is. Not that I don’t like the superpowers or anything but I would rather be in Smallville with friends.”

Willow half smiled, “Friends are a great thing to have. Chloe, let me help you with that.” She reached over and a soft white glow healed the gash on Chloe’s arm. “See all better now. But I should help the rest of the people.” She plastered a smile on her face and started working on healing the other girls where she could. She ignored Andrew’s complaints about a minor cut on his arm.

Clark grinned, “Well it will be nice to have you back in Smallville, I could use some help with all of the problems the meteor rocks have caused. And besides you’re a slayer now you can help with all of the demons that we find that we thought were meteor rock mutated people.”

“You’re just being lazy you know that right?”

“Yes I do and for once I’m going to be lazy and enjoy the help.”

Giles cleaned his glasses again, “So where do we head now, I mean we have to figure out where to set up shop and somehow at the bottom of a creator doesn’t sound like a good idea and there is that little problem of money. Though I’m hoping Willow can help with that by getting access to the council’s accounts if I can’t. If that doesn’t work we are going to have some problems paying for everything.”

Buffy sighed, “Well what about going to England and setting up a new watcher’s council? Not that I really want to visit the land of tweed but it seems like a better solution then running off to wherever the next Hellmouth is.”

“Cleveland is where the next one is though it’s not nearly as active yet as the Sunnydale one was.”

Faith walked in smiling, “You’re a ray of sunshine aren’t you B, Wood and I will take a turn at Cleveland as long as you promise to send us some support and deal with the council mess while we are gone. We get the easy job of demon hunting and you get the hard job of playing nice with the council.”

“Damn, well okay I need a bit of a break from Slaying and I think tossing the council around might be nice so yeah you can take on the Hellmouth while we deal with setting things up. You have any suggestions as for how to set things up though?”

“Well I think we should set it up as a school for girls, there are slayers of all ages now and I don’t want to send girls out without being prepared. I don’t want the girls to have to experience what happened to us. So I think we should set things up that way. You and Willow are going to have to get some help. But I think you’re up for the job.” Faith smiled, “And well hey you have Xander to help you build the new school. Anya can make herself useful to get the best rates on things for the school. Call it practice and say that she gets to keep ten percent of the savings that she saves the new council. That should get her working hard.”

Buffy laughed, “It is all about money for her isn’t it? Well I think things are going to be okay it’s just going to take some work.

Dawn sat in the back of the bus her head down going over the battle in detail trying to figure out what went wrong. Her thoughts were racing to places she didn‘t want to go, ‘There were just too many of them they over powered Kennedy and I and swept us over the edge.’ She shuddered as her brain conjured up the images from the fight, ‘I should have died there, what happens if I die, is the Key lost, am I lost, or do I go to a heaven. It’s all too frustrating to think about. Why did Willow save me and not Kennedy, not that I’m sorry she saved me over her… Not really something I can thank her for either, ah well thank you for saving me over your girlfriend, yeah that would go over real well Dawn.’ She sighed.

Willow finished healing the last major injury of the hurt slayers then moved over to sit next to Dawn. “Well at least there weren’t more wounded, and you’re okay.”

“Thank you for rescuing me, I thought I was gone when they swarmed us, I guess having slayer strength was more important then I thought for dealing with monsters like that, though it didn’t help Kennedy.” She winced, “Sorry didn’t mean that Willow.”

“It’s okay, it hurts but it’s not a gapping hole we were going to be done after this battle anyways. She was hungry for glory, I guess you could say. Or well fame sense we don’t like talking about anything with the name of Glory.”

Dawn smiled half heartedly, “Yeah not so much, too many bad memories with that name. So you were saying there was a problem with the spell did we screw up?”

Willow frowned, “I’m not sure but I think we should talk more about it when we get to the hotel later and shouldn’t bother so many people with the details.”

She nodded and leaned back to rest her eyes.

Dawn woke as the bus pulled into a motel and stopped. The two old slayers and new slayers piled out of the car to rent rooms. Clark and Andrew ended up in the same room. Andrew talked about demons long into the night until finally Clark faked sleep at some point into the night as an attempt to get him to shut up.

Willow and Dawn got the last available room which happened to be a single. They dragged their stuff in and collapsed on the bed. Dawn looked around at the small room. “Okay now that it’s just us, care to explain what happened with the spell?”

“I think your paper cuts got your key blood on the scroll I used for the slayer spell. I’m not sure why but it seems like we activated more then just slayers here. I think we activated them in a large number of various worlds. I can feel all of the slayers Dawn and they aren’t all in this world.”

Dawn blinked in shock, “Well I might have said the spell with you, I really wanted to help and please don’t be mad or tell Buffy.”

Willow grinned, “I’m not going to tell Buffy but I am going to need some help with retrieving the slayers from the various worlds. Can I count on your help? Giles is going to be busy working on the slayers in this world and I don’t think I can get to the other ones without your help, at least not before they all go crazy with dreams that might be meaningless for their world.”

“Take a breath Willow. As long as I get to do something other then research, I’ll be happy. And I wouldn’t mind starting on the magical training if you are still willing to teach me.”

Willow took a deep breath, “Of course I’ll still teach you, I’ll need all of the help I can get tracking down the slayers. Well I’m going to go change in the bathroom.”

“What are we going to do about the single bed? There isn’t a couch and I don’t really want the floor, so I guess we can share it. I’m never going to hear the end of this from Spike.” Dawn frowned, “Then again the stupid guy got himself blown up.” Dawn started crying.

Willow put a hand on Dawn’s shoulder. “I’ll get changed then we can talk about the unfairness of life in Sunnydale. Willow headed into the bathroom to change into her fluffy white nightgown. Willow’s thoughts, ‘Get a grip Willow she is your best friend’s sister and not your type. Besides she is broken up about Spike, damn hero why did he have to use the Amulet that Angel sent? We had it under control for the most part of so we couldn’t have killed the First Evil without it but still we would have found something.” She walked out and her breath caught as she saw Dawn in her nightshirt t-shirt that just barely covered the things it needed too.

“I borrowed it from Xander, I didn’t think to pack anything like that I was more concerned with Photos and things I couldn’t replace.”

Willow choked a touch, “We can always go shopping in the morning and with Sunnydale gone I’m sure your crime spree isn’t recorded anymore.”

Dawn smiled and crawled into the bed. Willow turned the lights off and got into the bed as well. They spent a good part of the night talking about Spike and Kennedy finally falling asleep after they both got too tired to talk through their pain anymore.

In the morning Xander knocked on Faith’s door. “Hey I need some help with unpacking those special boxes from the jeep before you take it. And well Buffy would complain about the contents of them.”

“Just give me a minute.” Faith came out in jeans and a shirt with Mr. Wood following behind. “I still can’t believe you ripped off the bank Xander. I mean I know we expected the city to collapse but what if it hadn’t collapsed.”

“I’m calling it pay back for the years of work that went into saving the damn town and the world all those times. And I probably would have just dropped it off again. But I’m not going to let all that money go to waste. I figure we are going to need it for setting up the new council and to get things moving with the school.”

Faith grinned, “Well you mind if we take some to get set up in Cleveland, I’ll call it back pay as well.”

Wood frowned, “You think stealing is right?”

Xander shrugged, “It is not stealing it is money paid for with blood. Our blood, slayers blood, Miss Calendar’s blood, Jessie’s blood. So yeah I don’t have any problems having Sunnydale pay us back for the hard work. Besides, it would have been at the bottom of this sink hole anyways.”

Faith and Wood helped Xander unload a great number of the grates of money onto the bus. Xander frowned, “Keep the weapons and the Jeep Faith I know you will like having them. Besides we can’t really take the weapons on a plane and I think we are off to the land of tweed.”

Faith smiled “No complaints from me. I might be reformed but I don’t have B’s white knight complex. Take a care Xander and don’t let the others ride you too hard.”

The morning saw a number of the new slayers leave to head back to spend time with their families before making plans to meet up in England for the new watchers council and slayer school.

Clark and Chloe headed back to Smallville on the train the service was bad enough to get Chloe to write an article on the quality of service of public transportation. The next few weeks saw the start of a new council as well as a large number of frequent flyer miles as Buffy and Giles made a number of trips to find potential slayers all over the world. Willow and Dawn worked hard on the list of names and faces so that the slayers could be contacted. In the next few months the last of the earth slayers were located. The new council slowly built up its number of watchers again.

Buffy sighed after she got back from what was supposed to be the last trip. “We just found the last of the slayers on your list, we are working on making sure that they are safe and in training while we complete the school here. Xander says a few more months and it should be ready, how’s the Witch training going Dawn?”

“Still interesting and thank you for letting Willow train me with magic, it’s something I can use to defend myself since I don’t have slayer strength. But we aren’t really done Buffy.”

“What do you mean you have more girls on the list? How many more girls are there?”

Willow sighed, “I’m not sure, we have a large number from other worlds, other dimensions, places that we sort of messed up by making a slayer. We sort of messed up when we cast the spell, remember when I told you we had a problem? Well Dawn’s blood got on the scroll from a paper cut we think, I didn’t even notice till later after I looked at it again. I think her blood somehow messed things up and caused the spell to warp reality in strange ways. So for example there are worlds now existing that were only possibilities before, or places that existed that were never meant to have a slayer have one. Luckily in most worlds there isn’t going to be more then one or possibly two slayers. But we still have to find them and bring them back.”

Buffy’s eyes were wide with shock, “So you are telling me that we have slayers where they don’t belong and some of those dimensions aren’t even real other then the slayers?”

Willow blinked, “Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to say.”

Dawn hand a hand through her hair in frustration, “We have been working on a spell to bridge the dimensions and find the slayers but it’s hard we are going to have to go to each place by itself and find the slayer and figure out what to do about them.”

Buffy sighed, “I see, I’ll talk to Giles about this and start working on training ideas for the slayers that will have to go to collect the other slayers.”

Willow nodded, “I think we will have things ready to test in the morning. I’m not really sure which person we are going to go after though but I want some sleep before I try.”

Dawn nodded and started to leave the room, “I think I’m going to go help Giles out with some translations, I’ll see you in the morning Buffy.”

A peaceful night in England fell as the new council head Giles drank a light nightcap, “We have finished collecting the new slayers now we just have to train them and find new watchers for them all and things should move along nicely.” Little did he know about the effort collecting the rest would take.

End of Story: Well this section anyways.

The End

You have reached the end of "Willow's Cousin". This story is complete.

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