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Willow's Cousin

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Willow Rosenberg calls in a favor from her favorite cousin.

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredMistofRainbowsFR15514,59942428,57622 Jan 0622 Jan 06Yes

Chapter One

Author’s notes: I don't own anything but the plot and any characters you might later see that you don't recognize. I make no claim to copyrighted material.

Willow Rosenberg was busily looking through Giles' old books hoping for some type of lead on dealing with the First's minion Caleb. She sighed in frustration, she had been researching for hours and had found nothing of any worth outside of some extremely dark spells to rip his soul apart. She couldn't help thinking ‘Just one little spell and he goes away.’ In babble mode, she muttered to herself, "Not really much I can do about the stupid nasty preacher, he just moves too fast, is too strong and has something that reacts badly with Buffy's slayer powers."

Xander had been leaning against the door jam watching his old friend read through her book and mumble too herself for a while. After a few minutes of watching he did the typical Xander thing and blurted out the first thing that came to him. "What we need is someone that is faster and stronger than the slayer but isn't the slayer with that whole mystic thing going on."

She jumped in spite of herself and looked slightly scared. "Oh Xander no scaring the Willow. Maybe we can find a spell or something that would help make Buffy faster or something."

He raised his eyebrows, "Not that I don't trust you Willow but you think a spell is going to make any difference? What we need is some unstoppable Juggernaut or something to break that nut case."

She frowned in thought before smiling, "I think I might have an idea and it doesn't even involve magic. It just involves a phone, not sure why I didn't think about this sooner. Can you go get some lunch while I make a phone call?"

He looked at her a bit nervously not sure he wanted to know who she was going to call but at the same time sort of curious. After a bit of protesting he stepped out the door and turned to have a smirking Willow shut it not quite on his face.

He shook his head as he stepped out. ‘I know I'm going to get blamed for that. Only thing to do now is to get a sandwich maybe she will tell me later.’

He headed off towards the kitchen to get a sandwich. He worked on avoiding crashing into any of the many extra potential slayers running around as he made his way to the fridge. He opened the fridge to find some questionable meat products and one last pickle. He pulled them out as well as the ketchup and mustard. He looked at the label before sniffing the meat products. He sighed and tossed together a sandwich with the questionable ingredients.

Meanwhile Willow was chattering on the phone. "Aunt Martha, glad I could get a hold of you, I'm doing okay, I’m sort of seeing someone again, no not that serious yet. So is Clark there sort of need a favor from my favorite cousin. No we aren't going to light any fireworks this time, yes I know we lit a few too many last time.” She smiled as she listened to her favorite aunt update her on life in the small town. "Oh great put him on." She waited until she heard Clark pick up the phone. "Hey, Clark how are things going in your neck of the woods?” She listened for a few seconds as Clark talked. “Lana that's the cute girl you like right? Any chance she is?" She sighed, "No, well hey a girl has to ask. So magic eh? Well that's interesting, maybe once things blow over here I'll have to go lend a hand, speaking of lending a hand, we have a little bit of a problem."

Willow shifted to babble mode "We gotthis big nasty priestthingy that is kicking the tar out of a friend of mine can you please help." She paused, "Okay taking a breath."

Willow listened for a bit. "Yeah sort of like one of those meteor rock people you are always talking about and no he doesn't have one, just like it. So you think you could help your favorite cousin out with her problem?” She listened to the phone for a few seconds. “You will? Great, when can I expect you? I didn’t know Lex was going to a conference near here. So you think you can catch a ride with him on his jet?” She listened to Clark for a few more seconds while reaching for a pen and sticky note to write down times. “You can? Great, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon then." She smiled as she hung up the phone. She opened the door and headed out to the living room with a big smile on her face.

Dawn glanced at Willow‘s smiling face with a touch of concern, "What's up Willow? You look like you are a cat sitting in cream haven."

She smiled, "Well I think I found out something that might work on that freak Caleb. My cousin should be out here tomorrow with the solution to our problems."

Dawn looked at Willow with a hopeful look on her face, “Wow, that’s great Willow, using magic again and are you going to let me help?”

“I’ll tell you what Dawn, after this whole First thing is dealt with we can take a trip and start with the magic training, provided your sister agrees."

She frowned, "Buffy's not going to agree, she's probably too worried about Dark Dawnie or magic kleptomaniac Dawn."

"Well we can work on her after the First gets taken care of."

Dawn rubbed her hands together, "Great so much planning to do."

As Dawn ran up the stairs smiling, Willow turned to Xander as he finished dusting the crumbs off his clothes. "I've created a monster haven't I?"

He laughed, "Oh most definitely but that's okay we have to live through this whole thing first."

"Well as to that, I think I found something else that might help. According to one of Giles’ books there is a good chance that the Vineyard is where a mystical weapon of the slayer’s is hidden. Sort of makes Caleb guarding the Vineyard make more sense as well." She frowned at the look of doubt on his face. "Should I tell Giles that you doubt his books?"

Xander looked around quickly to make sure that Giles wasn't around. "No, that's okay, I trust the old books don't tell Giles he might go all ripper on me for doubting his books."

She smiled, "And come tomorrow night we should have the resources to take care of Caleb for good and get the weapon. But I'm going to go get some shuteye while I can with all of these girls around it's hard to catch some sleep."

Xander gave Willow a playful leer "Yeah right, you just want some alone time with Kennedy."

She smirked "Well, you and the ex-demon were keeping me awake last night with the bed springs, so I figure it is fair game to return the favor.” He sputtered and went red as Willow left.

Clark hung up the phone with Lex as he heard a car pull into the driveway and come to a screeching halt as someone slammed on the breaks. He heard the car door slam and the sounds of running footsteps. He rushed over and opened the door to see a startled Chloe barrel into him and fall backwards to sit down hard on the ground.

Clark frowned down at Chloe, “Where’s the fire Chloe?” Chloe was gasping for breath, “I got attacked by some cult members or something like that outside the Talon.”

“I know this is Smallville but cult members?” She glared at Clark. “Hey, guys with nasty pointed metal weapons and no eyes that can see well enough to chase me sort of sounds like something meteor warped to me.”

He looked down noticed a gash on Chloe’s arm. “Let’s get your arm taken care of. Should we call the sheriff?”

She glared at him. “Ah, right, she hates me and would ask too many questions.” He was about to lead Chloe inside when Jonathan Kent came outside carrying a shotgun.

Jonathan frowned as he held the shotgun, “I over heard you two talking and wanted to be prepared. You think that they might come here?”

She nodded her head, “They seemed rather driven to kill me. They even chased the car for a while. So yeah, I think there is a good chance they might show up.”

Jonathan sighed, “Clark get her cleaned up and I’ll go take a look around, how many did you see when they attacked you before?”

“There were two of them, creepy things and that’s saying something for Smallville.”

“Alright, I’ll just go take a look around.” He headed off as Clark and Chloe made their way into the kitchen to take care of the cut on Chloe’s arm.

He had just managed to finish bandaging the cut on her arm when the blast of a shotgun could be heard followed quickly by another blast.

Jonathan shouted “Clark, I could use some help out here!” Clark and Chloe ran out to see him standing not too far from where two bloody Bringer corpses lay on the ground with shotgun blasts through them. He finished reloading as Clark and Chloe got close enough for Chloe to identify the bodies.

“Yeah, that’s them, they don’t really look normal do they?”

Clark shook his head, “No they don’t, hopefully there aren’t any more of them, though I think we should leave town for a while just in case.”

She looked at Clark with one of those yeah sure looks. “So what do you suggest we do, hitch a ride with Lex on his trip to California for that business meeting of his?”

He smiled “I can’t get anything over on you and yeah why not I have to go visit my cousin anyways and you should be able to charm Lex into tagging along. Besides, I don’t really think you should be alone till we find out what brought those creatures out to kill you.”

“I wasn’t even working on a story this time. I think it would be nice to get the chance to go someplace else for a while though.”

Jonathan frowned at the dead people. “Well they seem like something Willow would talk about, maybe you can ask her when you get there? I’m going to bury these guys out in the back. I don’t really see a reason to call the sheriff about it. I suspect it would just give her more cause to dislike us. Think you can drag the bodies into the back woods before you head out to catch Lex?”

She shivered “Some times I wish I still had my wall of weird.”

He grabbed one of the bodies while Jonathan grabbed the other and dragged them out of sight. He looked around to make sure Chloe hadn’t followed him before blasting the dead bringers with his heat vision until they burned to ash.

He walked back up to Chloe after getting rid of the cultists. "You fit to drive or should I?"

"Let’s take your truck in case we have to run over any more of those things."

"Great, glad I asked."

Chloe and Clark while driving to Lex’s mansion, “So any ideas what those things were?”

He shook his head, “No but I might know someone that does. My cousin sort of deals with these types of things, she takes a number of religion and mythology classes at UCL Sunnydale. I was going to go see her anyways. I figure you can come with me and get your story on who or what she thinks those things were.”

“Well just as long as I don’t get left alone, I’ll be happy.”

The truck pulled up at Lex’s place just as Lex was leaving his house. “You’re late Clark and you brought Chloe, well okay I guess I’ll excuse your being late on account of excellent taste. So get in the back of the sports car Clark, the girl gets the front seat.” He smiled at Chloe.

End Chapter 1
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