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Ficlets and Drabbles

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Summary: 1. Xander-Congo 2. Xander-Seasame Street

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Drabble One - Xander


We own nothing but the insanity that is Oasis_Fire! Buffy and Congo belong to richer people.

Those Dirty Apes

Karen Ross had seen a lot of strange things in her life but this took the cake. There were actually killer apes. She slapped a branch aside arriving at camp maybe a minute after the one-eyed man. She could see he was already loading up for a fight. She couldn’t understand why he had thrown down his machete until he pulled out a huge sword. Quirky but okay. But the wooden sticks, they were just odd. As she neared she could hear him muttering to himself.

“It’ll be like a vacation, Giles said. Just a quick jaunt to the Congo, he said. Easy, he said,” the dark haired man mumbled as he pulled clothes out of a large duffel bag.

“I could stand being shot down from the sky. Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. And okay it would have been better if there was a buxom blond feeding me grapes as we traipse through the jungle. All that I could stand. But the Demon Apes. That’s it I’m through. I’m done. Vacation time for the X-man,” he gritted out as he shoved weapons back in the bag. He slung the bag over his shoulder and glanced up at her. “You might want to set up a perimeter.”

Karen nodded and made her way to the TraviCom cases and began unloading the electronic sensors as the others finally caught up.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking